House of Cards Top Hairstyles of Season 4

Season 4 of House of Cards was recently released on Netflix and while binge watching the entire season in 24 hours time, I couldn't help but admire certain hairstyles on the show that really represented certain aspects of the characters very well.

1. Claire Underwood's Elegant Short Hair

Robin Wright as Claire Underwood

claire underwood short hairstyle

Robin Wright does an amazing job as Claire. Her character is driven, ambitious and fiercely loyal unless crossed. Her look and body language screams power throughout season 4. The elegant short side swept hair suits her so well you can't imagine her with anything but.

2. Francis Underwood's Presidential Side Part

frank underwood hairstyle

Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood

frank underwood

Frank Underwood's  Hairstyle in House of Cards represents that of authority and order. With a style dating back to JFK, it truly is as presidential as hairstyles go. The classic side part is clean, crisp and on the surface always orderly and neat, much like Frank himself.

3. Seth Grayson's Slick Back


Seth Grayson wears a medium length front parted slicked back hairstyle throughout the show. A hairstyle that some might attribute as a more 'mysterious' style which definitely fits the bill with Seth.

4. Edward Meechum's Close Crop


Edward Meechum's hairstyle is a great example of a style for a more receded hairlineNothing too crazy, same length all over and kept neat throughout the series.