High Top Hair Potential

Published By Brooke
Updated 10-13-2016

High Top Hair Potential


The high top and flat top hairstyle trend is in full force. You can expect to see a lot of people sporting this style in many ways. Here are a few variations that will have you inspired to make a stylish new change today.


High Pompadour

high top

Ah, the high pomp. There is so much to love about this retro style. It is seen paired with a bead fairly often now. A pompadour is easy for a barber to do and it offers you a lot of styling options. When you don't want high hair, you can slick it down or to the side for a completely different look in mere minutes. If you have thick or curly hair, you might not have to do much to it to keep it high up. Those with thinner hair or hair that lacks body may need to use a few products. Your stylist can help you find products that work best for your hair type and how high of a pompadour you are going for.


Classic Flat Top

high top

The flat top offers a lot of definition to the upper part of your head, so this is something to be aware of when deciding if this style is right for you. If you already have a square shaped face, then a flat top is going to magnify this effect. Taller flat tops draw a lot of attention and can take some time to style in the morning unless you have naturally kinky hair.


The classic flat top can be cut so you have very little hair except for on the very top, or if you want a bit more length, you can have your hairline start lower down. If you want to maintains something that is very short be prepared to go to the barber monthly or do some touch ups on your own.


Flat Top And Fade

high top

The flat top is often combined with a fade on the bottom. This fade can continue to a beard or just be worn on its own. Stencils and designs can be used to create a unique look. Some guys like to have very little hair on the sides of their head while leaving the top longer and flat whereas others like to leave a little more on the sides. Just be sure to let your stylist know how short you want to go since hair can take some time to grow back to a visible length.


Getting The Style That Is Right For You


A flat top or high hairstyle is a major decision that often requires a serious haircut. It is important that you considered all your options before going to drastic. Remember that a high style can be tamed down quickly but going too short can take awhile to get back to where you want it.


Going with this look is something you should discuss with your stylist so that you can get a version of the cut that fits your facial features and is manageable enough for you to style. You don't want to get a style that you find you are not interested in actually maintaining.

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