Hanz de Fuko Complete Product Line Review

hanz de fuko

Recently our friends over at Hanz de Fuko were generous enough to send us some product to try out! Here is our take on the Hanz de Fuko hairstyling product line.

Natural Shampoo

I typically do not like sulfate free shampoos, as they leave my hair with a greasy appearance. But, this one is the one I've been searching for all along. It smells great, makes my hair look better than it ever has before, and best of all, it doubles as a face and body wash so I get more bang for my buck.


Natural Conditioner

For a while, I used the natural shampoo without the conditioner. I will not be doing that anymore. Using the two together makes such a dramatic difference in the way my hair looks and feels! It's not a heavy product and will rinse out easily, leaving the hair not only clean, but shiny and strong.


Scheme Cream

I love this product! I use it when my hair is straight, and when I choose to wear it wavy. If I need to hold a style in place, this works wonderfully. My favorite way to use it is as a leave-in conditioner. I put a dab in and run it through my hair when damp, after using the natural shampoo and conditioner - then let it air dry. My hair is never softer!


Hybridized Wax

I have used a number of wax products to style my hair over the years, and have always hated the way they left my hair feeling crunchy and stiff. When I found this water based wax, I knew I had to try it. I love it! I get the style and hold I want, and my hair is still soft to the touch.


Modify Pomade

I've used many pomades in my day. After discovering my favorite was no longer available, I decided to give this one a shot. It's hands-down my new favorite. It leaves my hair shiny, gives excellent hold, and smells absolutely amazing, too. You cannot go wrong with this product, my friends.


Sponge Wax

I love this product because I get the best of both worlds. It's easy to work with, and offers the benefits of a pomade and a gel, without leaving my hair stiff or oily. I get a great hold, and it only takes a few minutes to style in the morning.



If there's one styling product you should have in your cabinet - it's this one! It's very versatile, and I will never go without. I've used it as a dry shampoo on mornings when I'm running late for work. It gets rid of the extra oil and makes for a quick and easy style. When I have more time, I use it on damp hair with a blow dryer for an extra punch of volume.



I love this product because I can style and restyle my hair throughout the day however I want, without the need to go back and use more product. I get a great hold, without having to weigh down my head with heavy product. I will always have some of this in my styling kit.


Gel Triq

If you need an extreme hold, definitely try this product. I was skeptical at first - wondering how on earth a sugar based product could do such a good job without leaving my hair full of residue, but I decided to give it a shot. It's my favorite gel, and the only thing I will use unless I'm stuck in a pinch without it.