Hairstyles for Teenage Girls

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Updated 06-17-2024

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The Braided Bun for Teens

The Braided Bun for Teens


If you’re looking for a 100% girly hairstyle, a braided bun is the best pick for small teens girls. If you can make a classic French braid, you’ll handle this cute look. Just lead the braid around like a crown, roll it into a bun, and secure it with bobby pins. However, this variant will hardly work for a short hair teen and won’t look at fine hair as cool as at thick hair.

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We know how picky about their appearance teanager girls are…And how challenging it can be to find the best hairstyles for teenage girls, which is trendy, quick, easy to do without hair styling stress, not «too childish», and still suitable for most teens’ outfits.That’s why we decided to gather all the best and fresh ideas of cool hairstyles for teen girls in one guide. Here, you’ll find cute short haircuts for girls, girl medium haircut options, cute teenage girls updos, braided tween girl hairstyles, sophisticated and super chic hairstyles for special events, and simple everyday teenage hair solutions.This girl hair tutorial will answer all your questions: What is the best hairstyle for a teenage girl? What is an easy hairstyle to maintain? What are some cute and popular hairstyles for teen girls?To learn more, just scroll down:

Cute and Easy Hairstyles for Teens Trendy

Cute and Easy Hairstyles for Teens TrendyToday, the trendiest hairstyles for teenage girls are usually based on braids and messy twists. These elements are often added to casual and evening trendy hairstyles. Besides the stylish vibe, braids and twists are super comfortable to wear.Other girls’ hair styles fad is colorful highlights - the brighter, the better. Thanks to this color pop, even an easy everyday hairstyle will look unique and cool. Find more teen hairdo photo references and styling recommendations for a stylish girl below:

The Braided Bun for Teens

The Braided Bun for Teens@glitzybraidsIf you’re looking for a 100% girly hairstyle, a braided bun is the best pick for small teens girls. If you can make a classic French braid, you’ll handle this cute look. Just lead the braid around like a crown, roll it into a bun, and secure it with bobby pins. However, this variant will hardly work for a short hair teen and won’t look at fine hair as cool as at thick hair.

Double French Braids

Double French BraidsNo matter what hair length and texture your teen daughter has, double French braids are a quick style and can save any long-locks image just in 5 minutes.

Loose Dutch Braid

Loose Dutch Braid@glitzybraidsHere is an idea of how to make Dutch braid cool hairstyles for teen girls loose but secure at the same time. Despite it looks rather sophisticated, it’s one of the easiest hairstyles for teen girls.To make such cute hairstyles easy, use a hair tie to fix each strand. This Pull-Through Braid Tutorial will speed you up and take the braided hairstyle for teenage girls up to the next level.

Tween Fishtail

Tween Fishtail@createdbykasiaCute tween fishtail braids are also among the popular easy trendy hairstyles for teenage girls. Such s braided hairstyle for teenagers work great with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, with a smart blouse and a suit, with a festive dress, and much more.It’s one of those simple hairstyles for teen girls with long hair that will look basic (if braided tight) or super bright (if you disconnect it a bit and add some hair color.)

Asymmetrical Bob with Highlights

Asymmetrical Bob with Highlights@muzafarova_annaTalking about short girl haircuts, we can’t but mention the good old asymmetrical bob. This teenage cut for straight hair is adored by both cute 13 years old girls and grown-up older teens.The secret of the success of such short trendy hairstyles for young girls is that they frame the face to girls’ advantage, also this cool girl hair cut doesn’t require extra styling time - just brush this quick hairstyle. And look, how fantastic the highlights work for asymmetric short girl amazing hairstyles.

Braid for Tweens

@styledby_kaylaPretty teenage girls and their teenage hairstyles can cause a headache… But if they’re tweens, making tween hairstyles is double trouble.If you’re looking for cute tweens teenage girl hairstyles that are not identical but will still work well together, here is a nice hair idea for teenage girls with long hair. First, make the teen hairs wavy, next, follow the tutorials of half-updo types of hairstyles, and finish the look with a careless French braid in your magical girl hairstyles. Secure with hair ties and let the remaining hair flow naturally down.

Curly Purple Undercut

Curly Purple Undercut@nicollelovescurlsIf your teenage girl is into experiments like most teenagers are, here is a win-win idea of how to play with teenagers’ hair in a bold but rather safe way.At first glance, it’s an average medium haircut for teenagers with a colorful vibe. However, if you pull the hair up, this cute girls’ hairstyle turns into one of those rebellious undercut teen girl hairstyles.

Cute Triangle Braid Crown

Cute Triangle Braid Crown@justbraidsinfoAmong all possible variations of braided hairstyle, triangle braided crown is the favorite hairstyle for 15-year-olds. Also, it is super versatile since it can become a solution of long or medium hairstyle for girls as well as short hair girls can get this look if add some hair extensions. With beads and blonde highlights, it’s one of the cute hairstyles for a black teenage girl too.

Basket Weave Braid

Basket Weave Braid@xasophoneWhat is the most attractive hairstyle on little girls? The one, which highlights the beauty and uniqueness of cute teen girls. Despite weave hairstyles for teenagers are not those quick easy hairstyles that you’ll make every day, basket weave braid hairstyles for teenage girls never look boring especially if you hold hair in a pretty bow, so you should definitely bear them in mind for some special occasion like a school dance.

Bob with Long Bangs

Bob with Long Bangs@tiffanylynnehairstudioSince short haircuts for teens are easy to maintain, bob teen girls’ haircuts are always a good idea for a lazy and careless teenager girl.So that bob girl short simple hairstyle doesn’t look old-fashioned, add some up-to-date vibes: long bangs will spice up teen hairstyles, and if it’s not enough, try some color experiments to achieve the perfect cool hairstyles for teens girls.

Short Bangs Updo

Short Bangs Updo@brooklyncardenasIt’s so typical for a pretty 15 years old girl to protest against all kinds of updo teens hair styles. The reason is that they wanna look older and not “too childish”, and those braided hairstyles for girls don’t always reflect their idea of “an adult girl.” However, properly-chosen and professionally cut bangs can make braid styles for teenager much more attractive.

Low Side Ponytail

Low Side Ponytail@im_tamara09Low-side ponytail has always been in the collection of easy hairstyles for medium-length hair. Such basic easy hairstyles to do yourself look simple but cute and neat. Parents won’t spend more than two minutes making such hairstyles for 10 years old, while older teenage girls can effortlessly get this popular teen hairstyle by themselves.

Curly Pixie with Bangs

Curly Pixie with Bangs@andy_doesyourhairPixie, like other short haircuts for girls/kids, is always a risky choice. However, sometimes, it’s exactly what a rebellious teenage girl needs.Don’t even try to get the idea of such popular girl hairstyles - just let their imagination jump out of the box and create their style. Put up with the fact cute haircuts for teen girls may be far away from your child’s taste - let them express themself through a new hairstyle.

Side Swept Ombre Bob

Side Swept Ombre Bob@yulissimo_Ombre is another way to refresh good old bob teenage girl haircuts. And who said ombre haircuts for teen girls can be only blonde? Green, blue, pink, and orange are amazing hair ideas for teens.Just choose the right color, which suits your cute teenager, and take any hairstyles cuts for girls up to another level.

Fauxhawk Braid for Medium Hair

Fauxhawk Braid for Medium Hair@chloeysdoofthedayThis Fauxhawk braid doesn’t come from the category of simple hair styles for girls. It rather belongs to the category of haircuts designs for girls from Instagram or top Pinterest hairstyles. Whatever you call it, such cute hairstyles for medium hair will attract a lot of attention. No doubt, such cool hairstyles for girls head the charts.

Messy Side Braid With Bangs

Messy Side Braid With Bangs@dfwtimelessbeautyMessy teenage hairstyles like this look so sophisticated, however, these pretty hairstyles are rather easy to do. Take 3 strands at the crown, twist them separately, and fix them together with a scrunchie.Next, take two strands from the sides, twist them to the center, and tie over the previous pony. Repeat this action following down the side and wrap the last hair tie with a strand of hair.

Bubble Ponytail

Bubble Ponytail@glitzybraidsWow! Bubble ponytail teenagers’ hair styles enter the chat! Such teenage girls’ styles never go unnoticed! You can make these easy hairstyles for short hair adding some colorful hair extensions, or use only your teenage girl’s hair for easy cute hairstyles like this.

Top Knot

Top Knot@asideofsisterAnd welcome another variant of cute and easy hairstyles girls really love! Forget about those irritating strands falling to the face and covering the vision. Take a minute and just a hair tie or a hairpin for quick and easy hairstyles. Hair dos and hair ideas for girls don’t have to be smooth and sleek anymore - enjoy the mess!

Waterfall Braid

Waterfall Braid@glitzybraidsCute simple hairstyles and pretty hairstyles for a girl are a win-win choice. If your teenage hurricane is in a romantic mood today, use this rare opportunity and make a new hair style for girls, which is “decent and nice.” Waterfall braid with a ribbon is a hairstyle teens don’t often ask to wear, however, such cute hair styles look perfect on teenage girls.

Very Short Shaggy Pixie

Very Short Shaggy Pixie@nourishandco.hairPixie hairstyles for teenagers look great on oval, square, and heart-shaped faces. This haircut for girls softens the face shape. The cool thing about such teenage haircuts is that there are lots of ways to style such teen haircuts without much effort. Since the hair is very short in these cute haircuts for girls, even a young teenage girl will cope with it.

Sleek Ballet Bun

Sleek Ballet Bun@dari.prokofievaProbably, there are no easier and more basic hairstyles for younger girls than a ballet bun. When you don’t wanna complicate things and overload the image, sleek ballet bun hair styles for girls will save the day!

Beachy Waves

Beachy Waves@balay.mamaIntricate haircut designs for a girl are often good, but sometimes there are days when every hairstyle in the world looks wrong. That’s when the time for beachy waves hair for girls comes. To get such cute easy hairstyles for girls, use a hair texturizer to give extra volume and texture to the hair.

Princess Jasmine-Inspired Updo

Princess Jasmine-Inspired Updo@yukalinanaPrincess Jasmine likes bubble ponytail-based soft girl hairstyles. You can experiment with this teenagers cute idea, especially if your teen has long hair. These two pull through braids into bubble ponytails look so charming with gorgeous hair accessories. Save this pic, as it’s one of the best cute tween haircuts.

Cute Twisted Braid

Cute Twisted braid teenages hairstyles never look too eccentric but also don’t seem overly trivial. Save this idea of cool haircuts for girls that will look great with any outfit.

Side Dutch Braid for Girls

Side Dutch Braid for Girls@glitzybraidsIf you can make Dutch braid hairstyles for teenager, you have an endless list of haircuts designs for girls for any occasion. Here, you can see one of the numerous options: the side crown Dutch braid hairstyle girls like so much.

Braided Ponytail for Teens

Braided Ponytail for Teens@hairtodreamIf traditional ponytail teen girl haircuts are too boring, spice them up with some creative braids pony. Actually, the style on the photo is not quick and needs a few practice sessions but it's worth it.

Bantu Knots

Bantu Knots@reagansanaiHaircuts styles for teenage girls with bantu knots never look the same. Especially good for naturally thick and curly hair, bantu knots can be made of tiny braids to be fixed more secure in such cute hairstyles for black girls.

Flower Crown

Flower Crown@burlapandbordeauxWhen it comes to special occasions, cute hairstyles for girls with curls, and braids, and floral decor come into chat. It’s essential not to overload these romantic and nice hairstyles for a girl. So, just curl her locks and add a flower crown.

A-Line Lob with Braid

A-Line Lob with Braid@hrctlvrsCreative braids make this A-line lob hair cut for girls more unique and personalized. You can leave edgy bangs in front and add the mermaid vibe as well to completely stand out of standard 13 years old hairstyles crowd.

Mermaid Streak on Wavy Lob

Mermaid Streak on Wavy Lob@joshcomeauxhairAnd this mermaid streak on wavy lob will leave nobody indifferent, for sure! If you’re looking for popular haircuts for a teenage girl, search no more. Make sure you have a talented professional hair colorist and this color will make all hairstyles cutting for girls.

Easy Double Braids

Easy Double Braids@suiavagirlThis half updo girls hairstyle design is actually two simple braids coming from the forehead back to the nape, fixed at the back of the head, and each strand of the braids are slightly loosened. Beautiful hairstyles like this one are suitable for teens of all ages.

Messy Fishtail Braid

Messy Fishtail Braid@_sofiia__official_Even a simple double fishtail braid hairstyle for girls can stand out if you use your imagination a bit. Messy braids look much more creative than tightly braided girl hairstyles, indeed!

Long and Flowing Hairstyle

Long and Flowing Hairstyle@knyazeva_anastasiya_officialLong and healthy hair allows for numerous cutes girls’ hairstyles. Even basic waves with a nice hairpin will look magnificent. On special days, choose the hairstyle ideas that let your teenage girl’s hair flow naturally.

Classy Chignon

Classy Chignon@hairandmakeupbytovahDecent and nice haircuts for a girl are often based on a classy chignon. However, this good old hairstyle can look rather modern if you add some movement to the shape. Also, you can add some cute accessory to add the teenage mood to classic girl hair styles.

Long Highlighted Layers

Long Highlighted Layers@didi_reicharzWe’ve already mentioned that lucky girls with long hair can hardly find a girl’s hairstyle design that will spoil the look of their hair. Thus, obviously, long highlighted layers and ombre highlights will work magic for long girls’ haircuts.

Messy Short Ponytail

Messy Short Ponytail@cali.kiraA messy high ponytail is probably the most popular of all girls’ short hairstyles. Simple and casual - the hair style girls enjoy so much.

Tight Knit Side Braid

Tight Knit Side Braid@glitzybraidsIf you’re in the mood for some intricate braided 12-year-old hairstyles, here is one more idea for you.

Long Tousled Ombre Layers

Long Tousled Ombre Layers@nikki_nakinoOmbre layers give extra texture and thickness to the hair cuts for girls. Choose such girls hair cuts for naturally thin and straight hair - the WOW effect is guaranteed.

Braided Tousled Ponytail

Braided Tousled Ponytail@traceytennant_hairTo achieve this incredible volume and shape in tousled ponytail hair styles girls should use some texturizing hair product, a sea salt spray, or dry shampoo first. Such pull-through ponies are good hairstyles for girls who are active: thanks to hair tie fixation at each strand, this hairdo is guaranteed to last long.

Tousled Side Parted Bob

Tousled Side Parted Bob@kvitoslava_klasnaNaturally curly and tousled hairstyles teens can even ignore combing - just look how magnificent they can look with unruly undone locks.

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