Hairstyles For Brunettes With Highlights

Brunettes are some of the best candidates for highlights because they can wear the whole range of colors out there in some stunning combinations. Here are some hairstyles for brunettes with highlights that can go a long way.

 Asymmetrical Bob With Red & Gold Highlights

brunettes with highlights


Red hair color is popular but going all red is not the best look for everyone. This brunette bob offers a lot of sparkle with coppery red highlights and spun gold. For fans of short hair, this is a beautiful and low maintenance look.  Wash and wear hairstyles are not always this lovely and chic. The side swept bangs make this a posh and sharp looking little bob that would work well on practically any woman.

Beautiful Balayage

brunettes with highlights


Hair color has come a long way, and balayage is a European trend that has changed the way a lot of women think about hair color. The whole range of chocolate and brown tones combined with blonde highlights can be stunning. Balayage is definitely custom color at its finest and looks a lot better than going for a very light all overlook when you are a natural brunette. Balayage is more expensive than other color but doesn't require touch-ups every few months like another color so that needs to be considered.

Wavy Layers & Highlights

brunettes with highlights


The stylist that did this deserves some recognition that is for sure. This heavily layered cut and gorgeous highlights frame the face perfectly. If you have an oval face shape or strong jawline, then this should be an easy look to pull off. Getting this highly defined texture and volume will take a few minutes to style in the morning, but the results will be well worth it. This style can be grown out to a much greater length as well.

Burnt Cherry Highlights

brunettes with highlights


If you like some of the hot color trends that are out there but have been afraid to take the plunge, then this look might change your mind. While this red color is a bit out of the norm, it is not so much that it does not work friendly or too attention grabbing. The asymmetrical cut is charming and a good choice for thick hair with a lot of volumes. If you have lighter brown hair, this could also work or the color changed a little bit to accommodate.

Planning Your Color

The color is quite an endeavor to undertake. Making major color decisions should be done with your stylist. The looks we have included here are gorgeous, but they are not something that you are likely to achieve at home with any degree of success.

Balayage color is one of the most complicated colors you can get, and if done incorrectly it can be hard to fix so do yourself a favor and go to an expert for this one. Colors not found in nature are another look that can be hard to do if you are doing anything besides coloring your entire head. Some techniques and colors may require double processing as well if you have very dark or resistant hair.