Hair Products Every Man With Hair Should Have

Taking care of the hair on your head is not an option, it's a must. But if we're being honest, a lot of men don't know where to start when it comes to hair care or products. From pomades to clays, waxes, and creams, what's the difference? Every man's hair needs a tailored regimen, but there are a few staple prodcuts that all of us need in our cabinet. No need to fret or turn to Google to find the answer. We've got your ultimate list of starter hair products that every man with hair should have. Let's get down do the basics, shall we?

Hair Products Every Man With Hair Should Have | Man with Comb |


Pomade is a men's hair product that provides a strong hold and shine for high volume styles like pompadours or slicked-back looks like combovers. Basically - any style you want to add shine to.

Keep in mind, you want to be careful not to overdo it with pomade because it's typically an oil-based product, which means it will be harder to wash out. If you use pomade for your everyday style, pay attention to product build-up so your hair doesn't start to look and feel super greasy.

Side note: you can find matte pomade, but it's generally a shine-enhancing product.

Our Pick: Suavesito Firme Hold Pomade - $12

Hair Products Every Man With Hair Should Have | Suavesito | Hairstyle on Point


Just like it sounds, this men's hair product has a thicker, creamier consistency. It is meant to add thickness and texture to your locks, as well as a shine or matte finish depending on the product. When applied, it looks a bit more natural than a shine-enhancing product like pomade. The best hair clays keep your hair in place all day once it's styled.

Hair clay is a bit newer, so you'll find brands experimenting with different recipes quite often. One that has finally gotten it right? Layrite Cement Matte Hair Clay.

Our Pick: Layrite Cement Matte Hair Clay - $19

Hair Products Every Man With Hair Should Have | Layrite Hair Cement |

Dry Shampoo

The hair industry really missed the mark on this one, if you ask us. Dry shampoo has always been a female-targeted product, with bottles covered in flowers and product smelling like you just rolled around in baby powder.

It's a shame because it's truly a miracle worker. But not to worry gentleman, not all dry shampoos are made for the ladies - there are unisex and men's products, too.

If you have longer hair, we recommend washing it every couple of days, rather than every day. When the grease starts showing? Spray this translucent dry shampoo on your roots and style as usual.

Our Pick: Paul Mitchell Dry Wash Shampoo - $22

Hair Products Every Man With Hair Should Have | Paul Mitchell Dry Wash |



If you've got wavy, curly, or frizzy hair, hair cream is a must. It has a thick consistency and moisturizes strands before you start styling. And though it sounds like it might weigh your locks down, a good quality hair cream will do the opposite. They should be lightweight enough to be used as a pre-styler, but strong enough to tame unruly curls.

Our Pick: Smooth Viking Hair Cream - $12

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Hair paste varies from brand to brand and is generally used as a style aid that holds hair in place. You can find paste with a medium or strong hold depending on your hair type and preferences, as well as a finish that is matte or shine enhancing.

Typically, pastes are water-based, so they're easier to wash out than pomades and other oil-based products.

Its thick consistency adds texture and weight to your hair but is lighter and more natural-looking than an oil-based product. When applying the paste, you can rub it between your fingers to warm it and make it softer.

Our Pick: Osensia Hair Paste - $13
Hair Products Every Man With Hair Should Have | Osensia Molding Paste |


After using a paste or another styling product, use a powder to soak up some of the oils and create a nice finish. It also adds volume, texture, and lift, creating that tousled look you try so hard to replicate.

Our Pick: American Crew Boost Powder - $12

Hair Products Every Man With Hair Should Have | American Crew Boost Powder |


Fiber is a men's hair product that is a mix of clay and pomade. It is used for thickness and texture. Fiber is usually water soluble, so you can use it on wet or dry hair, which you know is a huge bonus for guys who frequently use product.

Our Pick: American Crew Fiber - $8

Hair Products Every Man With Hair Should Have | American Crew Fiber |

Styling Brush

A round brush is super versatile for wet and dry hair - especially if it's a boar bristle brush. The fine teeth smooth through any tangles and imperfections in your 'do, remove excess product, and serve as a perfect blow-dry tool.

Our Pick: Conair Pro Round Brush - $5

Hair Products Every Man With Hair Should Have | Conair Round Brush |

Blow Dryer

If you ever get your hair wet - you need a blow dryer. It's one of the most underrated styling tools for men's hair and can completely transform your locks. Flat hair? Use some thickening cream on wet hair and style with a blow dryer and round brush. You'll be shocked at how much volume you get and how long it lasts.

Our Pick: Revlon Infrared Hair Dryer - $22

Hair Products Every Man With Hair Should Have | Revlon Blow Dryer |

And for the Bearded Men...

Beard Oil. If you are blessed enough to be able to grow facial hair - rock it. It's so much more than a sign of masculinity. It's a fashion statement and completes your look if it's groomed in the right way. Beard oil provides nutrients and moisturizing oils to the hair that gets the least love.

Our Pick: Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil - $22

Hair Products Every Man With Hair Should Have | Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil |

Once you build up your product selection, it's a good idea to think about your hair type and what specific formulas you need. To help you out, check out the best hair products for each hair type.