How To Choose The Best Hair Color For You

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Updated 11-25-2022

Maybe you’re over-coloring your hair the same shade every six weeks, or maybe you’re a newbie to this whole coloring-your-hair-thing. Before you decide to trade in your jet black for an ash blonde, let’s take a look at the ultimate hair color chart that includes a list of hair colors with pictures to help you find the excellent way to add a perfect shade that won’t leave you hiding under a hat and calling your hairdresser for an emergency color correct.

Using A Hair Color Chart

Considering your natural hair color and skin tone is a must when determining the right hair colors and shades. To avoid looking washed out, first choose a hair color that isn’t too close to the same shade as your skin tone, as well as one that doesn’t jump more than two shades darker or lighter than your base color. Here's a quick look at the best hair color for skin tone chart before we get into the details:

How To Choose The Best Hair Color For You - Hair Color Chart | hair color chart | Hairstyleonpoint.comSee something you like? Keep scrolling to see which hair color trends in the hair color chart are perfect for you. Find the right hair color and a flattering shade below:

Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Platinum Blonde Hair

Platinum Blonde Hair


Fair tones, as well as pale skin with yellow hues work well with this icy hair dye. Platinum blondes tend to appear washed out, so adding a pop of color to your lips and cheeks helps avoid looking ghostly. If you're interested in the next shade lighter than platinum, check out our guide on How To Get White Hair.

Light Blonde

Light Blonde


This vibrant shade is one of our favorites on the hair color chart and isn’t exclusively for fair skin tones and light eyes, although that is a classic combination. Features like Selena Gomez’ (dark eyes and medium skin) complement the light blonde hair color as long as your colorist blends it with your natural color and roots. If you’re concerned about going too light, don’t do an overall color, and try giving caramel highlights add depth and dimension.

Golden Blonde

Golden Blonde


Warm tones for blondes are compatible with light and medium skin tones, with the exception of yellow and red skin undertones. Golden blonde is one of the shades that tends to fade into a brassy hue, so it is recommended that you use a purple shampoo to protect your color and avoid unwanted orange hues.

Ash Blonde

How To Choose The Best Hair Color For You - Hair Color Chart | Ash Blonde |Hairstyle On Point

Ash blonde and silver hair are the hair color trends that have been the most popular for blondes and brunettes equally in the beauty industry in recent years. Gray-blonde hair colors help cancel out redness in the skin and is a great color to add dimension to a dull shade.

Medium/Dark Blonde

Medium/Dark Blonde


Typically, medium and dark blonde hues are blended with other shades of dark brown hair to create the “bronde” look. Adding either of these warm blonde tones to your hair will look best on medium and darker skin colors, creating depth and dimension on dark hair.

Brunette Hair Color Ideas

Light Brown

Light Brown


This is a go-to summer look for many brunettes. Opt for a light brown if you have warmer skin tones or have a sun-tanned glow (think J-Lo).




Similar to light brown, caramel color compliments warmer, golden skin tones and darker eyes and does not work well with red skin undertones. You can get a total caramel color, ask your hairstylist to give you highlights or blend this shade smoothly into your dark brown hair in an ombre technique.

Ash Brown

Ash Brown


This cool shade of brown is natural-looking on those with cooler complexion. Ash tends to clash with red hues in the hair or skin, but blends beautifully with cool blonde highlights.

Chocolate Brown

Chocolate Brown


It seems like most brown hair colors fit warmer complexion, but chocolate brown is a standard brunette shade perfect for fair skin and light eyes. This slightly reddish brown can cover even black hair.

Dark Brown

Dark Brown


You can find these shades being called espresso or mahogany – each of them complimenting olive skin tones. Dark eyes paired with a deep, rich brunette makes striking images.

Red Hair Color Ideas

Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry Blonde


When found naturally, this underrated red hair color is typically paired with fair skin. This reddish mix combines well with light eyes and warm skin tones. Keep in mind this is one of the shades that tends to wash out fair skin tones, so adding a bit of blush or bronzer to your daily images wouldn’t be a bad idea.


How To Choose The Best Hair Color For You - Hair Color Chart | Copper | Hairstyle On Point

Copper is a vibrant red and may look unnatural as an all-over color. Blending with other shades of red like auburn hair color works well with warmer skin tones and creates a more natural look.

Red Brown

How To Choose The Best Hair Color For You - Hair Color Chart | Red Brown | Hairstyle On Point

This color is typically achieved by dying a head of medium brown hair with a deep, red hue and looks natural with a medium skin tone. Since this shade of red fades rather quickly, it is recommended that you use an anti-fade shampoo. (We love Pureology’s Reviving Red for color treated hair.)

Violet Red

How To Choose The Best Hair Color For You - Hair Color Chart | Violet Red | Hairstyle On Point

There’s nothing trendier than rocking a violet red hue, which compliments cooler, darker skin tones.

Black Hair Color Ideas

How To Choose The Best Hair Color For You - Hair Color Chart | Black Hair Color | Hairstyle On Point


Going with black hair is risky if it isn’t your natural shade. But, if you have a cooler skin tone, this look can be achieved. If you’re not quite ready to go jet black, there are a number of warmer black shades with brown and purple undertones that look beautiful next to warmer, darker skin tones.

Bold Hair Colors: Blues & Purples

How To Choose The Best Hair Color For You - Hair Color Chart | Lilac Hair Color | Hairstyle On Point

Vibrant colors like blue and purple have gone in and out of style over the years, but celebs like Gigi Hadid and Bella Thorne have been seen rocking the bold shades recently. With lighter skin tones, you can pull off colors like lilac and light blue, while darker skin tones match well with dark purple and bright blue.

These shades on the hair color chart are easiest to achieve when coloring lighter hair and don’t typically turn out as bold or vibrant on brunettes. Though it’s an added step, lightening your hair prior to putting in the color will ensure an overall brighter, edgier look.

Metallic Hair Color Ideas

How To Choose The Best Hair Color For You - Hair Color Chart | Rose Gold Hair Color | Hairstyle On Point

Using metallic hair color works a lot like blues and purples, but rather than the matte of a bold color, you’ll get a shimmering, exotic look. The lighter your natural hair, the easier it is to see the difference metallic hair dye makes, but dark natural hair will still take to the shimmer; it just won’t be as bold unless you choose to lighten your natural hair beforehand. In fact, we love this hair color ida so much we created an entire metallic hair dye guide about it for you.

Found your perfect shade with our hair color chart? Now it's time to find the best hairstyles for your face shape and book your next salon visit.

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