Growing and Maintaining the Perfect Beard

Published By Brooke
Updated 11-23-2014

What do you need to start growing the perfect beard?

Generally you will need these 4 things to begin your journey towards a new luscious beard.

1.  You need to stop shaving! Obviously.

2.  You need a good beard oil!

3.  Small hair-trimming scissors

4.  A beard comb


How do I achieve a softer beard and eliminate split ends?

Believe it or not much of your beard health comes from within. Maintaining a good diet, exercising and keeping your stress levels low will all do wonders towards growing an awesome beard. With that said, there are some things you can do to keep your beard in top condition.

    1. Keep your beard hydrated and conditioned. This will help with flakey skin around the beard area and dandruff whilst also giving you soft and luscious facial hair.
    2. Keep the Shampoo to a minimum. Too much sudsy chemicals will damage and dry your facial hair out.
    3. If you need to neaten up your beard use scissors whenever you can instead of trimmers/other electrical shavers.
    4. Stop tugging and touching your beard excessively, this does not apply to letting females touching your beard.
    5. Use beard oil, see point 1 for why!
    6. Get rid of those split ends. The best way is to use scissors and cut them off.


Why do I need beard oil?

Beard oil is an essential part of having a healthy, soft, conditioned and hydrated beard. Not only does beard oil give your facial hair a great look, it also gives it an awesome scent and eliminates dryness and dandruff. Generally the best reviewed beard oil we recommend is Beardbrand Tree Ranger Beard Oil



How do I apply beard oil?

You can apply beard oil to either dry hair or damp hair (Most effective). Poor a small amount onto your hand (No bigger than a dime) and spread it all over your fingers, once you’ve done that you can begin massaging the beard oil into your skin, usually starting at the base of your facial hair. Applying the oil will help create healthy hair and eliminate pesky beard flakes and dandruff. Once you’ve got a healthy amount of oil worked into your skin it’s time to move your fingers like a comb through your beard and distribute it evenly whilst separating the hairs. If you live in an area where the weather is mostly dry (like I do) try to apply beard oil at least once a day. If you’re lucky and live in a most or humid climate, you can get away with applying oil only 3 days a week.


I want a thicker beard!

Good news and bad news. The bad news is, the thickness or density of your beard is mostly up to genetics. The good news is there are some tips to help give the appearance of a thicker beard.

  1. Fluff it. Take your fingers (or a beard comb) and gently start fluffing your beard, but don’t go too far to the point your beard looks cartoony and ridiculous.
  2. Wear dark clothing. This will help conceal patchiness in your beard. Also avoid bright lights as this will also reveal patchiness.
  3. Beard oil will volumize your beard. Take a small amount of oil and run it through your fingers, than use your fingers like a comb and run it through your beard fluffing it out, once you’ve applied a nice amount evenly distributed make sure to smooth down your beard giving it a dense and thicker look.tumblr_ndrvz9yHRg1s7t05ao1_500

Trimming the beard neckline

No one wants a neck beard, that’s for sure. They look gross and make you look unkempt.

How to properly trim your beard neckline

  1. DO NOT follow the jawline. Take two fingers and put it on your Adam’s apple, the top of your second finger is where your neckline should be. Follow the curve and trim accordingly.b333e977c192d668abed10627c36724f

How do I trim my beard?

This is something a lot of guys seem to have trouble with. Maintaining your beard is really important because facial hair grows sporadically with different lengths making an untrimmed beard look unkempt and messy. Getting rid of split ends is also important for a great looking beard as split ends will give you a frizzy troll doll look. For maintaining the perfect beard you need 3 things.

  1. A Comb
  2. A mirror
  3. Small beard cutting scissors


The important thing here is to make sure you’re trimming your beard in a way that mimics the natural contour of your face. What you want to do is keep a rounded shape whilst trimming the hairs at uniform length. The easiest way to use hair trimming scissors is on a dry and already styled beard, making sure to go slowly, cutting off only a small amount at a time. When you’ve successfully trimmed the edges of your facial hair it’s time to use our comb and fluff out the beard looking for hairs that are too long and out of place. Once you’re finished with this process soften your beard and admire your new manly look.


Dealing with Beard hair loss

If you’re experiencing shedding facial hair you’re doing something wrong. A lot of factors can contribute to beard hair loss, these include:

  1. Excessive brushing
  2. Too much shampoo
  3. Heat damage
  4. Pulling/Playing with your beard too often


Work on improving these aspects and you’ll be sure to put a halt to your beard hair loss.

Hope you're now geared with the knowledge to grow the perfect beard!

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