40 Gorgeous Blonde Balayage Color Ideas to Kill

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Updated 06-13-2022

Blonding, bronding, or balayaging – no matter how you call it, the core is the same: all beautiful blonde balayage types are meant to create a natural-looking hair color, which is brighter and more defined than your natural color, often with an effect of sunkissed hair.

Highly-contrasting black to blonde balayage won't look too extreme since the dimension has to be as smooth and gradual as possible. Thus, in softer champagne blonde balayage, ash-blonde balayage, beige blonde balayage, and caramel blonde balayage on brown hair, emphasis on natural beauty is a must and out of question.

However, blonde balayage is not for hot brunettes only. Beautiful blondes and charming red-haired girls can add blonde or colorful shades in the balayage technique to their long or short hair equally.

Omg, we've got soooo many balayage blonde hair ideas for you. Hurry up to explore the gallery below and make your hair stylist appointment.

blonde balayage introductiondoganishere

The Beauty of Blonde Balayage

Any balayage hair blonde shade is meant to soften and spice up natural hair colors, brighten the look, and visually add thickness and depth to the hair. To achieve the perfect balance and the best effect, it's crucial to find a 100% suitable hair shade. It's usually chosen based on your natural hair color, skin tone, and eye color by a professional stylist.
Usually combined with relaxed waves, white-blonde balayage will also bring beauty to curls and straight smooth hair.
The best photos of all possible blonde balayage variations are here for you:

Sun-kissed Balayage for Natural Brunettes

Sun-kissed Balayage for Natural Brunettesricardoalonsobeauty

And let's begin the trip around this gallery with a gentle, incredibly natural blonde balayage with a sun-kissed effect on very dark hair. This soft blonde balayage is perfect for ladies who don't want anybody to guess their magnificent hair color has been performed by a talented colorist rather than the sunrays.

Caramel Blonde Balayage on Choppy Hair

Caramel Blonde Balayage on Choppy Hairhairbymorganrennie

Choppy haircuts provide volume, texture, and movement, but the caramel balayage blonde touch-up boosts this effect. It's a perfect combo for girls with thin or fine hair. Such a warm blonde balayage will work for warm skin tones only.

Layered Light Blonde Balayage

Layered Light Blonde Balayagehairby_evieg

Layering and slight waves also work as volumizing and thickening agents. Thus, this brunette-to-blonde balayage will also have a double hair thickening effect, like the previous one.

Ashy Blonde Balayage Highlights with Beach Waves

Ashy Blonde Balayage Highlights with Beach Waveshairbyanaaa_

Ash-blonde balayage blonde shades are cool and hardly associate with the sun, beach, and summer. However, the beach waves change everything. By combining so incompatible cool-toned blonde balayage hair and super relaxed wavy texture, you get a unique and creative style to stand out.

Beige Blonde Balayage on Short Hair

Beige Blonde Balayage on Short Hairabbeyprestonhair_

This medium blonde balayage blunt lob with a wavy texture is all about playfulness and charm, while the beige blonde color makes it more classic and office-appropriate. This is another catchy example of a successful combination of two different spirits in one gorgeous balayage hairstyle.

Curly Caramel Hairstyle

Curly Caramel Hairstylehaireinspaziert_by_laura

Oh, this warm blonde balayage is a yummy cookie dream for a young girl. This curly caramel natural dimension poured on darker hair is a win-win solution for summer days.

Light Brown Balayage Ombre Hair

Light Brown Balayage Ombre Hairhair_bynikki85

This balayage blonde ombre doesn't really look like sunkissed hair. Indeed, contrary to the general rule of blonde balayage hair, this is an exception, which supports the rule. Whatever, this still is a cool light brown balayage idea to try out.

Long Platinum Blond Locks

Long Platinum Blond Locksjadebyida

Dark root platinum blonde balayage always looks expensive and luxurious. Platinum is the mother of all blonde shades. The downside is that this high-intensity color is also high-maintenance. But probably that's the price you pay.

Effortless Blonde Waves

Effortless Blonde Wavesdoganishere

This brown blonde balayage hair is a typical natural-looking balayage with a sunkissed effect. No drastic contrasts, no deep blonde tones or extremely dark ones – just some wind in the hair and a total chill vibe.

Choppy Blonde Bob

Choppy Blonde Boblilaandallan

A dark root short blonde balayage is not always about mid-length or long tresses. Sometimes, it can be an extremely short bob with a temper. Of course, the chin-length won't allow for a smooth and gradual transition, however, the balayage technique still makes a difference.

Straight Hair with Dark Roots

Straight Hair with Dark Rootshairbythelma

This out-of-this-world long hair provides an ideal material for blonde balayage straight hair experiments. All brunette hair colors can be paired with a suitable light blonde hair color to make a perfect match. The only challenge you need to face in order to keep such a gorgeous blonde balayage on dark brown hair is to never neglect all hair care and color-maintenance procedures, including hair masks and special colorful shampoos.

Half Up Blonde Balayage

Half Up Blonde Balayagejacinta.peinados

A dark to blonde balayage and a half-up hairstyle can become a perfect marriage of aesthetics and function. On one hand, the game of dark roots with platinum blonde balayage highlights creates the illusion of volume and depth, on the other, a sophisticated combination of braids and twists to upgrade a casual style into a wedding hairdo.

Subtle Balayage Blonde

Subtle Balayage Blondedoganishere

Just another subtle brown to blonde balayage for long hair. The beauty is in simplicity, isn't it?

Ultra-Dimensional Balayage Blonde

Ultra-Dimensional Balayage Blondehairbyvalerien

This balayage for dark hair kick starts from deep dark roots and ends in a lighter blonde hue. Ultra-dimensional but still not extraordinary. Blonde balayage highlights are meant to keep the balance.

Volumizing Blonde Balayage

Volumizing Blonde Balayagebeautyby.tl

We've already mentioned several times the fairy volumizing effect of blonde balayage hair solutions. Thus, here we go with another proof: super cute full balayage blonde-brown hair with charming face-framing bangs and flirting waves.

Red To Blonde Balayage

Red To Blonde Balayagebalayagegoddess

This is a bright blonde balayage that looks even brighter thanks to the hot red base. Have you called a fire brigade yet?

Icy Blonde Balayage with Dark Roots0

Icy Blonde Balayage with Dark Rootsdreamhair_t

Brr, it’s chilly in here – that's what this ash blonde balayage 'do can do. Cool blonde highlights are the most highly-requested worldwide due to their noble graceful vibe. Remember though that you'll need to follow the tips on creating a customized home hair care routine to keep it ash blonde.

White Chocolate

White Chocolatepeachstockholm

This beach blonde white balayage is as sweet as a bar of fine white chocolate. But also, just like with chocolate, you have to be concerned about the consequences: beautiful blonde highlights require proper home care and salon magic. If you're not ready for that, skip the idea of getting platinum balayage.

Dark Brown to Honey Blonde Balayage Ombre

Dark Brown to Honey Blonde Balayage Ombreanahisbeautynspa

While ash-blonde and platinum balayage are all about frosty and frigid colors, honey blonde balayage is a warm but light blonde hue that looks very natural. In other words, your balayage medium ombre hair will be the standout wherever you come

Sandy Blonde Balayage for Naturally Curly Hair

Sandy Blonde Balayage for Naturally Curly Hairslickback_buttahtoast

Brown and blonde balayage magically integrates into dark hair curls and make a breathtaking dance together.

Mid-Length Blonde Balayage on Dark Hair

Mid-Length Blonde Balayage on Dark Hairdumblonde_hair

Ash-blonde balayage lob length makes for a variety of styling options that flatter most if not all face shapes.

Straight Silvery Blonde Hair

Straight Silvery Blonde Hairhairpointbyselina

The power of silver color on straight hair is invaluable and timeless. This high fashion granny vibe needs a skillful colorist's approach though.

Beachy Bleached Waves

Beachy Bleached Wavesvividsalondv

Flip your hair and enjoy every moment because summer loves this golden blonde balayage on brown hair look. Chop it to a lob cut, add long layers and some sea salt spray for the desired beachy texture.

Sleek Balayage with Bangs

Sleek Balayage with Bangsfarbspiel.hair

There are two things making this smooth straight hair cut not so trivial. Firstly, it's balayage dark roots blonde hair for the color saturation. Secondly, these are curled ends and bangs, which add a peculiar accent to the whole look.

Hue and Style for Thin Hair

Hue and Style for Thin Hairdoganishere

Give your thin hair the volume and texture it requires. Add beige blonde highlights, some texture with a curling iron, and some movement with a texturizing spray.

Blonde Balayage Top Knot

Blonde Balayage Top Knotkimberlyvanhoorn

This simple top knot idea is represented to show how cool white blonde balayage long hair looks in an effortless updo.

Blonde Balayage With Statement Clips

Blonde Balayage With Statement Clipsblushxcranford

A statement clip is another juicy accent able to catch the eye even of the most inattentive person. Blonde balayage hair and a personalized clip create a unique style.

Short Dark Blonde Balayage

Short Dark Blonde Balayagevoilahairsalonbrighton

This shoulder-length balayage is neither too much nor insufficient. Just the perfect length and balance of dark blonde and dark brown.

Black-to-Blonde Balayage

Black-to-Blonde Balayagecelimar.hairstylist

Platinum balayage with a hue of granny-grey color is extremely trendy. This fad will take up to 5 hours in a hair salon, though.

Brown With Blonde Balayage

Dark Brown to Honey Blonde Balayage Ombremane_ivy

The art of bronding is implemented in this balayage blonde and brown hair: three different colors are involved to make that desired gradual blend.

Light Strawberry Blonde Balayage

Light Strawberry Blonde Balayagetiffanyphillips28

Looking for a summer hair blonde highlights idea? Integrate the copper strawberry blonde to balayage.

High Contrast Balayage with Cold Babylight

High Contrast Balayage with Cold Babylight_misslilas

This high-contrast graduation also comes in three colors. Surprisingly, warm blonde highlights in the middle and cold babylights at the ends are combined here with a freehand painting technique.

Moneypiece Balayage with White-Blonde Hair Shades

Moneypiece Balayage with White-Blonde Hair Shadesthekitextensionsalon

Moneypiece means an extremely bright accent on the face. Next, the dark blonde hue is spilling over the brown hair.

Golden Blonde Balayage with Dark Roots

Golden Blonde Balayage with Dark Rootsdkenvy

This balayage black hair with blonde highlights and dark roots releases you from monthly hairstylist appointments. Set free your dramatic roots in a light blonde balayage.

Natural Looking Balayage on Blonde Hair

Natural Looking Balayage on Blonde Hairmessylittlepainter

Here is how honey balayage can work on colder blonde roots. But remember that the royal blonde needs the royal treatment.

Balayage Lob on Wavy Hair

Balayage Lob on Wavy Hairlive_love_dohair

Another variation of the brunette blonde balayage with a minimal dishwater blonde touch-up.

Sleek and Gorgeous Medium Hair

Sleek and Gorgeous Medium Hairkat.loves.colour

The benefit of straight and sleek hair is that it looks simple but gorgeous. The disadvantage is that any mistake in the coloring will be obvious on straight hair. Risky, yep. But so worth it.

Dirty Blonde to Light Blonde Balayage

Dirty Blonde to Light Blonde Balayagemaddiemelts

Balayage on dirty blonde hair with a light blonde refreshment. White also has myriads of shades, indeed.

African American Golden Balayage

African American Golden Balayagebravincreative

Afro locks get even more playful with a touch-up of golden highlights.

Light Brown Ash

Light Brown Ashcolourme.steph

These days, a cool blonde balayage is everything. The bright balayage ash-blonde shade is incredibly popular both among regular people and celebrities alike. It just proves how versatile light brown ash balayage can be.


What is a blonde balayage?

To cut it short, it’s a low-maintenance, effortless way to go blonde to a preferred degree. The aim of a colorist is to create a graduated, natural-looking effect that seamlessly blends with your natural hair color (usually, it's darker roots). Blonde balayage is meant to alter the visible look of face shape, enhance the skin tone, and make your eyes and other facial features brighter.

Is balayage better than highlights?

Balayage blonde hair ideas guarantee a graduated painting of the color onto the hair in random sections. Thus, balayage is better than traditional foil highlights if you're looking for more natural hair color with non-uniform chunks, versatility, and ease in maintenance. Concerning the last point, you'll constantly need to update the usual highlights since they start from the roots. In the case of balayage, roots grow out naturally without the need for a monthly hair appointment.

Are Ombre and balayage the same thing?

Ombre and balayage are often easily confused, nevertheless, these two coloring techniques are actually very different. Firstly, balayage is a highlighting technique, while ombre is achieved using a hand-painted method. Balayage creates a gradual color fade from roots to ends, while ombre usually starts in the middle of strands and gets lighter at the ends. Also, balayage creates a more blended, seamless appearance, while ombre is more about a color gradient leading to a rather dramatic final look.

Is balayage still in style?

Absolutely! Balayage is like a basic white t-shirt or a little black dress – it's been around for many years, and is gonna keep its position. Blonde hair balayage is a versatile low-maintenance style you can always rely on, and since modern trends tend to be more and more comfortable and practical, balayage is going to be around in its various interpretations.

Should I get highlights or balayage?

It all depends on your final result request. What are you striving for? If it's a seamless, blended look, a soft balayage aka light brown to blonde balayage is exactly what you need. If you're up for contrasts, dimension, and bright accents, ask your hairstylist to give you classic highlights.

How much is a blonde balayage?

The cost of your blonde balayage hair is not fixed and will depend on several factors. Firstly, on how dark your natural hair color is and how white-blonde balayage shade you wanna get. The bigger the contrast, the more money you'll have to pay (for bleaching and treatment.) Also, the price depends on the length of your hair, and the type of balayage you wanna have. Is it just about front moneypieces and a subtle shade at the tips? Or you wanna get a total full head balayage? Schedule a consultation with your colorist for a better understanding of the process and the final cost personally for your case (it can vary from $50 to over $200 on average)

How long does a balayage last?

Light balayage for brunettes means special products to maintain the color like a purple shampoo. If you follow all the recommendations of your colorist, you can wear your blonde balayage without regular salon appointments for up to 12 weeks or so.

How do you care for blonde balayage?

No matter if you go golden blonde or icy blonde, your hair care routine won't be the same as it used to be with your natural hair color. Your hair is bleached now, so it needs extra moisture and nourishment to avoid breakage: you'll need to use a hair mask to treat and care for your fragile blonde locks. Also, you'll have to replace your regular shampoo and conditioner with a system formulated for color-treated hair. Finally, if your blonde is from the cool shades palette like platinum blonde or silver-blonde, you'll also need a purple-depositing system (aka purple shampoo and conditioner.)

Can a blonde get balayage?

Definitely. A blond woman also has a lot of options in terms of balayage hair. Firstly, it can be another hue of blonde that complements the natural blond. Next, your colorist can make darker lowlights adding gradation and texture to your hairstyle. Finally, the whole never-ending colorful palette is yours. Every bright color will easily cover your natural blonde. Create your unique style and you'll be racking in endless compliments.

What is the difference between bleach and balayage?

Balayage is not the same as bleach, and here is what the difference is: while bleaching, a colorist gives you an all-over blonde (mostly, platinum blonde,) while the balayage technique offers more natural-looking blonde resembling babylights or sunkissed hair. Another difference is that the bleach requires a root touch-up every 3-4 weeks, while with balayage blonde hair the gap between the salon visits is up to 3 months.

Still, thinking whether or not to get a bright blonde balayage style? If you're ready to change your daily care, it's a definite YES! You can hardly find another hair color that is more popular or higher requested these days. The painterly technique allows you to wear your grown-out balayage for 3 months with grace, while others will read in it "I've just returned from my beach holiday". Doesn't it sound like a victory, huh?

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