George Clooney's Hairstyle: Simple and Classy

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Updated 06-22-2023

George Clooney hairstyles are one of the best examples of 'trends come and go but style is forever' I can think of. Famous for his classic salt and pepper gentlemen's hairstyle, not only for his illustrious career, George Clooney really carved an image that will never go out of style.

So, ​​what is George Clooney haircut called?

Undoubtedly, it’s his signature side-part comb-over style, which he adjusts to medium length and short hair, plays with the texture (from slight disorder to a perfect slick), and wears gracefully his gray color. Probably, it is his cool hairstyle that has landed George Clooney the title of the Sexiest Man Alive twice.

Below, you’ll find some classic examples of George Clooney’s hairstyle ideas, which are versatile, sophisticated, and stylish:

Classic Hairstyle

Classic George Clooney Hairstyle


The hairstyle is truly a gentlemen's cut, it looks great with no product, or adding a little bit of product can make you movie awards-ready instantly.

Side-Swept Textured Hairstyle

Side-Swept Textured George Clooney’s Hairstyle


A side-swept haircut will shine in new colors if you add some texture and movement to it. Here, you can see how the medium-length hairstyle George Clooney regularly wears is texturized with a small amount of hair gel and a comb.

As for the volume, first, you need to apply some hair pomade and sweep the top hair to the side with a round brush and a blow dryer. And only after that add the texture.

Close Crop Haircut

Close Crop George Clooney Haircut

How do you achieve this hairstyle? Easy. Go to your barber and ask for a 'close crop' with some length of the top. Taking a picture showing different angles of the haircut is also very helpful to get your desired result. This is a great hairstyle for middle-aged men.

Hard Part Hairstyle

Hard Part George Clooney Hairstyle

You can hardly find a fade haircut George Clooney wore – he does prefer scissors crop on the back and sides. This easy trick helps him to balance his face shape and harmonize the whole look.

The same job is done by the hard part, which is almost an integral detail of every George Clooney haircut. Thus, if you decide to copy any of the hairstyles you find in this gallery, first discuss with your barber whether the chosen style flatters your head and face shape.

Salt and Pepper Hairstyle

Salt and Pepper George Clooney Hairstyle


Most George Clooney Hairstyles feature a salt-and-pepper vibe. And it never spoils the fun and glory of the haircuts. On the contrary, the gray color adds sophistication and brutality to the best George Clooney haircuts.

By the way, if you carefully look through the photos of famous Hollywood male celebrities, you’ll discover that a lot of them also show off their gray hair with pride.

Military Haircut

George Clooney’s Military Haircut

George adopted short hair styles only for some roles in the movies. For example, this unexpected change was made for the mini-series Catch 22. Short and simple, this George Clooney haircut is easy to achieve with a number 4 clipper guard, as well as easy to maintain because all you need to do is to wash your hair sometimes.

Faux Hawk Hairstyle

Faux Hawk Hairstyle George Clooney


A spiky haircut like this is not an average bear for George Clooney. You can hardly catch George with a haircut like this, but it doesn’t mean we can’t use this sexiest man photo as George Clooney haircuts inspiration for handsome men.

Sharp Side Part with Comb Over

Sharp Side Part with Comb Over George Clooney Haircut


The side part makes this hairstyle disconnected and the rest is done by comb over. To maintain this look throughout the day, you’ll need to fix it with a styling gel. This George Clooney’s hairstyle is a must-adopt for men with thick hair. Men with a receding hairline can also benefit from this slicked hairstyle George combines with a shaved face.

Haircut with Beard

George Clooney Haircut with Beard


If you wanna experiment with the short haircut George Clooney wears, adding a beard for extra personality can always be a plus! Another benefit of this style statement is that a shaved face is not your everyday concern anymore. Good luck on achieving the George Clooney haircut!

Bottom Line

The styles we’ve gathered in this collection are the most recognizable haircuts George Clooney has ever worn. However, you can also get inspiration from the hairstyles George used to wear before the actor’s rise – you can find variations of curly hairstyles for long hair, caesar haircuts, and slicked-back hairstyles. Like these:

George Clooneys Hairstyle classy

George Clooneys Hairstyle Simple

So, even when copying your media favorites, try to adjust those Hollywood hairstyles instead of blindly copying them. Add your own accents, play with the details, bear your individual features in mind – and you will get your perfect unique hairstyle, which will only recall others that iconic haircut George Clooney or another celebrity wore.

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