Finding The Right Barber

The most difficult part of getting the hairstyle you want is finding a barber that can actually cut your hair properly.

We've all been there, we're at a salon or barbershop and we try to explain the haircut and how it should be done in exact detail as best as we can, some people even bring a picture of the style - even so, we never really get it the way we want, do we?

Here are some mistakes guys make when trying to select the right barber

1. Going to a chain store

If you're risking your doo at a chain store which is meant to cut for the average 5 year old and middle age person, I've got some bad news for you. The poor person working their is 99% of the time NOT experienced in cutting trendy styles. They know basic haircuts for the basic person. I guarantee you will not be satisfied if you try to get a stylish haircut at a chain store. More so the poor middle aged women you're trying to explain the latest undercut style or blowout style to will feel terrible when she inevitably messes up your hair.

2. Expensive Hairstylist

Most guys have this misconception that all these trendy haircuts they see on social media and the internet are done at an upper-class hair salon that charges over $100 for a haircut. WRONG. Whilst most salon's (If experienced with male haircuts) can pull off these hairstyles, you don't need to go to them unless you got money to blow. More importantly salon's are usually geared more towards a female demographic and the hairstyle you're looking for might not be their forte.


Look at the demographic of the shop/salon. If it's mostly women, kids, old people than you MOST LIKELY know this place does not have experience to cut your hair the way you want to.

So where do you go?

You go to a barbershop.

A legit old school FOR MEN by MEN barbershop.

There are barbershops in every city -  where everyone goes to - to get the latest hairstyles, guaranteed.

They're not expensive, $15-20 is the average price range.

They KNOW how to do the hairstyle you want. You won't need to bring in a picture, you won't need to explain it to them for 5 minutes, they will know.

How To Find A Legit Barbershop

It's very easy and works in pretty much every city.

You type "barbershop + yourcity + instagram" into google.

Why Instagram Is Important

Most barbershops that cut trendy hairstyles will showcase them on social media.

Take a look through their gallery and decide which shop is the most ideal suit for you.

Try it!