Finding Celebs' Hairstyles for Men to Mimic

Finding Celebs' Hairstyles for Men to Mimic

Many celebs regularly change up their hair, finding new styles that suit them well. These hairstyles are often imitated by fans hoping to achieve a similar look. Some opt not to make a change, keeping a signature style all year-round. Celebs Hairstyles men have to choose from come in a wide variety.

Long and Loose

Former star of the show, Lost, and current start of the show, Colony, Josh Holloway is a star to mimic. He changed his style up for a short time, cutting off his longer locks while working on the show, Intelligence, for one season. He is back to his signature style, letting his locks flow freely. He has medium length blonde hair that he lets hang loose. He typically keeps his bangs parted slightly in the middle so they fall to either side, although sometimes he pushes it all back and lets it fall however it may. Men with long hair can follow suit.


The Ivy League

Jensen Ackles is well-known for his Ivy League haircut, as much as he is for his role on the show, Supernatural. This style lets him keep his locks a little longer on the top, allowing him to spike up his bangs. He can also add a side part if he chooses, and keep the sides a little shorter. Men hoping to look stylish with little effort can try this cut.


Short, Straight, Casual

Short, straight, and casual, that is the look Liam Hemsworth pulls off on a daily basis. He has always seemed to keep his hair short, allowing it to sit casually atop his head without much effort seemed to be put into it. Many men want to achieve this simple look while looking just as good.


Parted Curls

Many men are blessed with curly locks, but are often unsure of how to style them appropriately. Diego Boneta, the actor from such TV series as Scream Queens, Pretty Little Liars, and 90210, has got the look down pat. He keeps his curly medium-length hair parted slightly to the side, letting his curls fall.

arrives at the premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures' "Rock of Ages" at Grauman's Chinese Theatre on June 8, 2012 in Hollywood, California.

Slicked Back

Rather than finding some unique way to style, numerous men simply choose to have their slicked back. Leonardo Dicaprio has mastered this look himself, slicking his hair back in the front, and keeping a small part along the side. He sometimes slicks his hair to the side as well, creating a slightly different look. The hairstyle can be achieved easily with the help of some gel.


Celebrities often set trends that people follow. Hairstyles are no different. Men mimic many of their favorite celebs' hairstyles, hoping to find the same successful look for themselves. With so many male celebrities to choose from, both from television shows and movies, and even musicians, any man looking to change up his style can find one to make his own.