34 Best Faux Hawk (Fohawk) Haircuts For Men

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Updated 03-18-2023

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Short Faux Hawk Taper

Short Faux Hawk Taper


Faux hawk hairstyle is not only about high, messy, and disconnected tops. If you want a neat and classy hairstyle, try this short taper undercut faux hawk with a super clean pomp-like crown.

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In the early 2000th, the undercut Faux Hawk hairstyle came in fashion as an updated and more classic variant of the mohawk style. Rocked by celebrities and world-known athletes like David Beckham, the faux hawk (or fohawk) quickly became an overnight hair trend. Despite the long faux hawk went out of fashion in a few years after it boomed, today the faux hawk style is making a comeback, having evolved a little bit and absorbed some of the modern extras: shaved sides, taper fade, sharp and edgy hairline.Short and long, curly and straight, messy, textured, and disconnected, hawk hairstyles are meant to break the border between perfect casual and crazy haircuts. And you’ve got a chance to get inspired by the best faux hawks for guys in 2023! Just scroll down the article.

Faux Hawk Fade

Faux Hawk FadeInstagram:__darth_fader__Short fohawk with fantastic sharp skin fade and the upswept front hair is one of the most classical, versatile, one-size-fits-all styles that will never be out of fashion.

Short Faux Hawk Taper

Short Faux Hawk TaperInstagram:fauxhawk7Faux hawk hairstyle is not only about high, messy, and disconnected tops. If you want a neat and classy hairstyle, try this short taper undercut faux hawk with a super clean pomp-like crown.

Low Skin Fade Faux Hawk

Low Skin Fade Faux HawkInstagram:fauxhawk7This is a win-win combination of low skin fade and thick textured long faux hawk style. The best part is you won’t spend more than two minutes in front of the mirror to fix your long hair like this.

Long Fohawk

Long FohawkInstagram:fauxhawk7This extreme blowout haircut will leave no one indifferent. Extremely short buzzed sides, a high, bold hawk, and a razor-shaved sharp side part - this fohawk for long hair is an absolute game-changer.

Modern Faux Hawk

Modern Faux HawkInstagram:fauxhawk7Taper fade, side part, and a sleeked back top - so simple, clean, and easy to style!

Asian Faux Hawk

Asian Faux HawkInstagram:fauxhawk7Taeyang faux hawk is a great solution for men with straight thick hair. Remember to use a strong-hold hair product to create this spiky look.

Fohawk Mullet

Fohawk MulletInstagram:james_stjamesAnd what about such a crazy throwback? This fake mohawk A.K.A. fohawk with a ducktail and natural disheveled crown looks so old school and creates a retro vibe.

Texturized Faux Hawk

Texturized Faux HawkInstagram:fauxhawk7A long faux hawk is a perfect style to play with textures. Just blow-dry the hair on the crown, take some texturizing product and spread it carefully combing the hawk up.

Faux Hawk with Beard

Faux Hawk with BeardInstagram:erlandouGuys with the oval and oblong face shape can also experiment with beards and stubble as a complement to the undercut faux hawk. Make the fade work in two directions: up the sides of your head and down your beard.

Fohawk Taper Fade

Fohawk Taper FadeInstagram:ailorfadeTaper fade, short blonde hair, and a little bit of creativity make this casual short faux hawk style.

Fohawk with Design

Fohawk with DesignIf you’re bored with your typical faux hawk, a shaved line or two may completely change the rules of the game. Freestyle design is a space for your creativity and imagination. It can turn even the most trivial hairstyle into a magnificent piece of art.

Full Hawk Haircut

Full Hawk HaircutInstagram:adryanhengThis full fade faux is pretty bald and risky - much more dramatic than an ordinary half hawk haircut. Wanna stand out? Just go for this high fade faux hawk.

Buzz Cut Fohawk

Buzz Cut FohawkInstagram:robertt4cutzzSpiky hair on top turns a usual buzz cut into a trendy fohawk style. This faux hawk is not for casual wear as it requires a lot of effort to create that perfect texture on top.

Frohawk Fade Hair Cut for Men

Frohawk Fade Hair Cut for MenInstagram:bonthebarberThe FroHawk or the faux hawk for Afro hair is always authentic and unique. Since naturally curly and textured hair can easily keep any shape and volume, your faux hawk can be whatever you want it to be.

Short Faux Hawk Fade

Short Faux Hawk FadeInstagram:fauxhawk7The short faux hawk fade is the favorite style for most men. Why? Obvious enough: all you need to make it look sexy is to sweep your short faux to the side with a wet hand or with a little bit of hair wax.

Fohawk Comb Over

Fohawk Comb OverInstagram:omarthabarberThis smooth slicked back faux hawk has absorbed the best features of a pompadour hairstyle, having mixed them with the simplicity of good old fohawk.

Blonde Faux Hawk

Blonde Faux HawkInstagram:ginos.barbershopThis short faux hawk with its sharp texture, contrasting blonde highlights, and bald fade sides is rather close to a traditional Mohawk hairstyle.

Mid Fade Faux Hawk

Mid Fade Faux HawkInstagram:javi_thebarber_Experiment with the volume of your medium-length hair by building up a playful and trendy faux hawk in the front.

Bald Fade Fohawk

Bald Fade FohawkInstagram:maxprivilege_Bold fade faux hawk always looks win-win as those sharp and edgy lines always make the right effect. Ready for a brighter image? Texturize the top.

Tapered Burst Fade Faux Hawk

Tapered Burst Fade Faux HawkInstagram:bosnea_barberProbably, the most outstanding detail of this taper fade fohawk is that crazy drop at the back and asymmetrical sharp lines. Wanna make your faux hawk unique? Get inspired by this cool fade.

High Fade Fohawk

High Fade FohawkInstagram:fauxhawk7This high fade fohawk could look rather basic, even despite those white highlights on the crown. It is the razor side part that makes all the difference.

Medium Faux Hawk

Medium Faux HawkInstagram:ambarberiaMessy hair is at the top of popularity these days and the faux hawk style is not an exception. Keep it trendy by disconnecting it in the morning with some texturizing spray.

Curly Faux Hawk Male

Curly Faux Hawk MaleInstagram:elevatedundercutsNatural curly hair looks completely different in the faux hawk. This texture makes the whole style more romantic. Lucky guys with naturally curly hair should try rocking fohawk at least once in a lifetime!

Faux Hawk Pompadour

Faux Hawk PompadourInstagram:willsalonA little extravagant, clean, and eccentric, this taper fade faux hawk style is mixed with another popular retro hairstyle - the Pompadour. They both work great together, especially with this modern fade twist on the sides.

Wide Faux Hawk

Wide Faux HawkInstagram:cheobarberprThe wide faux hawk should be considered by men with triangle face shape when the lower part of the face is significantly wider than the cheekbones and forehead area. To harmonize and balance the look, use a wide fohawk like this.

Military Faux Hawk

Military Faux HawkInstagram: hiero_clipzStill can’t decide whether to get that crazy fohawk or not? Start safe with such short and tight fade faux hawk. It’s a military cut with a casual twist that has won the thousands of women’s hearts.

Shark Fin Haircut

Shark Fin HaircutInstagram; fauxhawk7How dangerous and unpredictable are you? Let your shark fin fohawk speak for you. This fade faux hawk isn’t meant for everyday wear - this “teethy” texture need some time and effort making it. However, for special occasions, this one is definitely a win-win variant.

Shaved Side Faux Hawk

Shaved Side Faux HawkInstagram:peinadoshombreShaved side faux hawk will look especially bright if you have a tattoo on your head. However, thanks to the contrast between the skin fade and the thick, textured, long crown, as well as the gradual blend, this faux hawk works great anyway.

Textured Bro Hawk

Textured Bro HawkInstagram:hairbythelionThe best thing about the faux hawk is that there are no rules and limits: you can do whatever you want. You can make the hawk as wide and as long as you want, you can spike it up, slick back, sweep to the side, or just mess up. You can have absolutely bold sides, skin fade, or taper fade; you can build a pomp with your hawk. Feel free to create your individual style with faux hawk haircut.

What Is a Faux Hawk Haircut?

What Is a Faux Hawk HaircutInstagram:pedrodaltrooFaux Hawk is a great hairstyle that's easy to do and get. It combines faded or high skin sides and longer hair on the crown. Usually spiky, the hawk perfectly complements casual outfits and adds some charming carelessness to the image.

Faux Hawk vs Mohawk

Faux Hawk vs Mohawk - 1Instagram:reyesthebarberFaux Hawk vs Mohawk - 2Instagram:a.leerichThe faux hawk copies the main features of a traditional Mohawk except extending past the top of the head: while the Mohawk goes back down to the neck, a typical Beckham faux features some fade at the back of the head too. Also, the fauxhawk is often shorter than most old school mohawks.

How to Choose the Right Faux Hawk?

How to Choose the Right Faux HawkInstagram:iisakkinummiThe two crucial things to consider in order to get the ideal faux hawk that suits you are:
  • your face shape
  • your lifestyle
Choose long faux hawk hairstyles with maximum volume if you have a round, square, or heart face shape (the face is wide) to visually make it more oval and provide balance. For men with longer face shapes (oblong, triangular), it’s better to opt for a middle -length or short faux hawk. Also, these guys should avoid too tight shaved sides and the skin fade since these add more length.As for your lifestyle and habits, just answer one question: How much time are you ready to spend styling your fohawk? The longer your top hair is, the more time and effort you need to style it like David Beckham. If you’re short of time, you’d better keep your hawk short too.

How To Style A Faux Hawk?

If the first thing that springs to your mind when you hear about the faux hawk hairstyle is an endless flow of industrial-strength hair gel, you are partially right. It is essential to pick up and use the best hair products for a faux hawk to style it daily and keep it on point.Here are top-3 faux hawk hair products recommendations from us: However, there is another “must-do” to get an ideal texture of your faux. The preparation of the hair is one more key.So, here is a step-to-step guide on how to style a fohawk:
  1. Wash your hair.
  2. Slightly rub it with a towel.
  3. Let your hair dry combing it with fingers if it’s fine, straight, or thin. Use a hairdryer and a brush for thicker, naturally wavy or curly hair to get a sleeker finish.
  4. Take a pie-size amount of strong-hold hair wax, warm it in your hands, spread it across the palms, and apply it all over the length, pushing the hair up.
You can experiment with the last stage depending on what finish you expect to get. If you wanna be completely spiky, use more hair product and separate the crown into individual spikes. However, it’s more popular to keep the faux hawk haircuts slightly messy, a bit careless, and not overdone.


  • Is the faux hawk out of style?
No. But only if you adjust your fohawk to the 2023 tendencies, which is not a hard task. All you need to do to make sure that your faux hawk doesn’t look old-fashioned is to rock an undercut faux hawk with a sharp skin fade or a soft taper fade (whichever you like).
  • How do you say faux hawk?
Fauxhawk consists of “faux”, which is pronounced like “foe” and “hawk”. Because of that, the hairstyle can also be spelled “fohawk”.
  • How do you ask for a faux hawk fade?
It’s not a good idea to give your barber total freedom unless they have been cutting your hair in the same way for years. That’s why you have to consider several things when asking your stylist for a faux hawk fade: your lifestyle, your face shape and hair type, and, most importantly, the specific words to describe the hair cutting technique and hairstyle you want. If you’re not good with the hair terminology, just show the barber a picture from our gallery and ask to adjust the hawk on it to your face and hair. But never be too vague like “I want a fohawk like David Beckham used to have”.

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