The Most Fantastic Brunette Hairstyles 2017

Brunette Hairstyles 2016 multi

Brunettes can look stunning there is no question about that. If you are looking for a new look or just want to know your future options than this list is going to help you a lot with your style needs. So here we go with the hottest Brunette hairstyles 2017.

Feathered Hair

Brunette Hairstyles 2017 feather


While some may think this screams the 70s, it is a very flattering look that a lot of women can totally rock. There is a lot to be said for this style because you can utilize any length you choose. This means if you choose to go short or long, you can still keep some elements of your style. An occasional visit for a trim is a given but the way you style it is up to you. A round brush and hairdryer can allow you to make hair feather out more dramatically. Highlights can make the feathered hair of all lengths pop out there.

The Holly Go Lightly

Brunette Hairstyles 2017 holly

If you have seen Breakfast At Tiffany's, then you are familiar with this look. Those with jobs where professional style is required would do well to use this look at some point. A smoothing treatment can help this hairstyle go better for you. If you have hair with a bit more frizz, then consider a gloss treatment, or if you have even more unruly hair, a keratin treatment is a good option.

 The Miss Page

Brunette Hairstyles 2017 page

A Bettie Page haircut can be stunning and allows for a retro look that gets attention. Dark haired gals can get this look by asking for blunt cut bangs and all one length around the head. Alternatives to this look are blunt cut bangs and then some face framing layers. Make sure to leave enough bangs so you can use a curling iron or round brush to style and shape them for when you want an extra touch.

 Super Short Pixie

Brunette Hairstyles 2017 pixie


For a low maintenance look, the Pixie cut can be the solution if you have great facial features and bone structure. With this cut, you are going to get a lot of people noticing your eyes and skin so be prepared. This is a style that requires commitment because once you go this short, it is going to take some time to gain length without extensions.

Multi Faceted Brunette Color

Brunette Hairstyles 2017 multi


There are countless shades of color out there, and it goes without saying that a stylist can mix and create tones that are specifically made to compliment you and no one else. Custom color can cost more but most women that get it say it is worth it for the results that they achieve. Highlights and lowlights in combination can create multi-dimensional looks and draw attention the facial features that you want others to notice the most.

With 2017 almost over it there is a whole other year of style to look forward to. Celebs and everyday gals alike will no doubt be sporting some innovative and hot new looks to inspire us all!