Editorial Standards

Our Vision

A perfect hairstyle is not a miracle – it’s proper care, the right choice of a cut and styling products, and a little bit of inspiration mixed up together.

Our vision is to change the way people feel about hairstyle fashion through step-to-step tutorials, product recommendations, hair life hacks, and little secrets from our team of stylists and editors. We keep saying that style is inclusive and attainable by all. At Hairstyle On Point, you’ll find the latest haircut ideas to inspire you. Join us and enjoy your hair!

Why Trust Us?

  • All our recommendations are sincere. They are always driven by editorial standards only, not by affiliate deals or advertising relationships. We are not paid for our reviews, recommended products, companies, professionals, and places.
  • We provide only up-to-date and trendy photos of hairstyles from the best hairstylists and barbers.
  • We aim to give you verified, relevant, and useful information only, so we always thoroughly proofread all the tips and advice we share with our readers.

Our Editorial Policy

Everything we post on Hairstyle On Point is created with our main editorial principles, values, and ethics in mind:

To make sure we get it right, Hairstyle On Point works closely with professional hairstylists and follows a thorough editing protocol before publishing. Since authority and expertise are the key principles, we keep up with the most respected barbers’ tips, style ideas, and advice. See below for more about our editorial quality standards.

Every product featured on Hairstyle On Point is independently researched, tested, or editor-approved. Our vision is to put the consumer first, so we only recommend the products we truly love and stand behind. For now, we don’t receive any financial compensation for the coverage. All the tags are driven by our editorial standards only, not by advertising relationships or affiliate deals.

We strongly believe that personal freedom of expression is essential, we embrace the diversity in all of its forms. That’s why we provide our useful inspirational content for people of all genders, ages, and races. Everyone is welcomed here. You are appreciated here!

It is crucial for us to stay current and up-to-date with the latest trends, fads, and events. Thus, we do our best to find the most relevant photos, videos, and information for you and regularly check all previously posted content to find and renew the outdated data.

We keep our content clear and concise to stay maximally helpful for all of our readers. Each article is reviewed by a proofreader before being published.

The quality of the content is one of our main goals. We strive to publish the best-looking photos and write useful, entertaining, and error-free content.

We maintain a strict privacy policy since we appreciate the trust our readers have placed in us and care deeply about you.

We want our content to be helpful and inspirational for those choosing a new hairstyle, haircut, hair color, or looking to improve their existing look. Our tutorials, guides, and step-to-step instructions are written in an easy language so that each reader can take advantage of visiting Hairstyle On Point.

Our Editorial Content Quality Requirements

The quality of the content we provide is one of our core editorial principles. We have been building a robust editorial process over many years to ensure that our content meets our quality standards.

Before and after every publication, we proofread and correct the next issues so that our readers are focused on the content itself only:

  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Names of people, products, locations, businesses
  • Days and dates
  • Start and finish times of events
  • Style of the article

Hyperlinks & References
We add only relevant links within our articles to make the content more helpful and deep. These can be internal links, leading to related articles on Hairstyle On Point, or external links to other websites (to learn more information about a hair product, check out extra pictures of a specific hairstyle, YouTube tutorials, Instagram profiles of the best colorists, hairstylists, barbers.) This allows us to give our readers an opportunity to explore more and promote talented hair artists at the same time.
We always quote all sources of our facts, which aren’t written by us.

Photo Illustrations
We use photos sparingly in order not to confuse or deceive the readers. We never combine several images into one and choose a wide range of photo illustrations to reflect the diversity of hair types, lifestyles, ages, and skin colors of our readers.
The majority of the illustrations we use comes from the pages of talented barbers, hairstylists, and colorists as well as beauty influencers, bloggers, and celebrities.

Updating Content
We review for accuracy and make all the necessary updates to each article several times a year. The process starts with updating photos and fixing grammar issues (if any) and finishes with checking if the information is up-to-date with the latest stylists’ advice and hair tendencies.

All the articles we write are original unless it is a quote. As for the photos we include, we use only properly credited pictures and seek permission to share someone’s works on our website.

How We Source Content

The Hairstyle On Point has great hair experts, well-known hairdressers, and talented colorists as sources of our accurate and original content.
We get in touch with creative hair experts on Instagram and develop our relationships, which often leads to long-lasting cooperation.
Also, we have some top hairstylists on board as our editors, who have trained under the industry’s leading professionals and just enjoy sharing their extensive knowledge and love for everything beauty on HairstyleOnPoint.com.

Our Writers and Editors

Our writers and editors have deep expertise in hair products, hair care, haircuts, hairstyles, trending colors, and various techniques for different hair types. The cooperation with professional hairstylists, we are able to check the facts, learn about the upcoming trends, and get accurate information.

A Protocol for Addressing Problems

We deeply respect the opinion of our readers, so your feedback is greatly appreciated and welcomed anytime, concerning any issue. While we strive to be as accurate in our content as possible, if you notice an inaccuracy, feel free to notify us by email at admin@hairstyleonpoint.com. We promise to fix any problem quickly.