18 Hottest Dark Brown Balayage Styles

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Updated 10-11-2022

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Dark Brown to Ash Blonde

Dark Brown to Ash Blonde


Face-framing pieces and that alluring contrast between the roots and ends make this dark brown to ash blonde balayage a perfect example of an ideal color match with cool tones that definitely refresh the hair. However, this contrast will require high maintenance: it’s no secret that to keep the ash cool shade, you’ll need numerous daily hair products as well as regular color-maintaining procedures in a salon.

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Dark Brown Balayage Styles introduction @themaneartistryA dark balayage in cozy coffee shades is the safest and extremely gorgeous way to go with brunette hair. If you’re looking for a change without reckless moves, wanna get a kind of summery vibes on your dark brown hair, and add perfect dimension and movement to your natural hair, there is no better way to get all these virtues than having a brownish balayage done.From natural balayage to extreme brown to blonde balayage, this coloring technique is so customizable that every hair texture, skin tone, and face shape can benefit from a subtle balayage on dark brown hair.Another reason to love balayage on light brown hair is the minimal maintenance it requires: no monthly visits to a hairstylist to fix the roots color are needed. Brown hair balayage grows out naturally and gradually.Keep scrolling to find the trendiest and hottest dark brown balayage color solutions that will make you wanna have a quick refreshing change of your hairstyle.

Dark brown balayage hairstyle ideas

Dark brown balayage hairstyle ideascharmainedollsBrunette hair is mostly associated with elegance, tradition, classics, and rules. Also, for most girls, darker shades mean looking older their age. You choose if it’s a good thing or not, but if you’re craving a bit of carelessness and lightness on your strands, getting lighter tones highlights is the best way to do it. We’ve gathered the best and the hottest ideas of subtle highlights for naturally dark hair in countless variations of the brunette balayage style.Sun-kissed natural finish, copper balayage, eye-catching highlights in chocolate tones, blonde balayage on dark brown hair, and much more… Scroll down to see the up-to-date collection of brunette balayage hairstyles.

Dark Brown to Ash Blonde

Dark Brown to Ash BlondehairbykaylajonesFace-framing pieces and that alluring contrast between the roots and ends make this dark brown to ash blonde balayage a perfect example of an ideal color match with cool tones that definitely refresh the hair. However, this contrast will require high maintenance: it’s no secret that to keep the ash cool shade, you’ll need numerous daily hair products as well as regular color-maintaining procedures in a salon.

Dark Chocolate Brown to Light Chocolate

Dark Chocolate Brown to Light ChocolatethemaneartistryMeet this luscious balayage dark hair with highlights that shines with beauty. This subtle balayage merges black hair and deep brown highlights like in a bar of 85% dark cocoa and 15% milk chocolate. This yummy black hair balayage solution will have fewer issues with treatment and care as well as it won’t make you visit your colorist too often for color support since it doesn’t include any blonde highlights - so, this is a win-win option.

Brown and Blonde With Honey Highlights

Brown and Blonde With Honey Highlightsstyles_by_breannaAnother trick you can play to achieve a perfect mix of a low-maintenance look and a natural texture is incorporating several shades of balayage together. For example, to blonde highlights add highlights of honey color.

Dark Ash Brown

Dark Ash BrownletstalkhairrUnlike the previous ash balayage on long hair, this one is done on black hair and with minimum ash brown balayage inclusions. Consider this brunette hair update if you’re not up to changing your dark hair too much. If you’re planning to use this photo as a reference, make sure your colorist is a pro since there is a risk to get an effect of aging greying hair instead of a cool balayage vibe you see in the picture if the hairstylist makes a mistake.

Dark Brunette Lob

Dark Brunette LobthemaneartistryWho said mid-lengths are not meant for dark brown balayage? This textured blunt lob with deep brown roots and contrasting light brown at the ends shouts that everything’s possible. The only issue with balayage on short hair you should bear in mind is that your hair will require toning and color correction earlier than longer brown and black hair. That is explained by the fact the shorter your hair is the less space for color fade is, thus the dark part will soon prevail in the hairstyle breaking the harmony of the look.

Blonde and Dark Brown

Blonde and Dark BrownnatalieaustonhairBrown hair blonde balayage shows all its power on long hair. With a bigger hair length, you’re free to play not only with the balayage coloring process but also with the texture: no curls or waves will steal too much of your hair length.

Dark Burgundy and Brown

Dark Burgundy and Browncharlottek_beautyDark roots balayage doesn’t always end with a brown color, which is a couple of shades lighter. Say yes to burgundy or pink balayage on brown hair - let your dark hair live a new life. The darker hair you have the deeper the burgundy color should be. Also, don’t forget to match the highlights with your skin tone.

Caramel and Dark Brown

Caramel and Dark BrownhairbyleenakorjaCaramel-brown balayage is a well-blended option for those striving for a rather natural color. This style incorporates some hints of golden color throughout the hair making it shine as you walk by.

Red and Dark Brown

Red and Dark BrowndanixraeDark brown hair with red balayage stands out in this gallery and it will also stand out at the streets of your city when you’re passing by. This is one of those untrivial but so juicy dark hair balayage variations that are meant to turn heads. With red and dark brown balayage, don’t overdo with makeup not to overload the whole image - here, your hair color is the catch.

Black to Dark Brown

Black to Dark BrownangelatanghairRather predictable for dark hair, this brown-black balayage still is a good way to refresh your hair color. This neutral bronde balayage is subtle and soft - perfect for women who adore natural sunkissed looks.

Subtle Dark Brown

Subtle Dark BrownricardoalonsobeautyAnother way to get your brunette balayage something subdued is to incorporate super-thin ashy blonde highlights on top of black hair. Despite the huge contrast between the colors, this technique allows to create a subtle balayage dark brown hair for your small but meaningful color transformation.

Light Brown to Dark Brown

Light Brown to Dark BrownthemaneartistryShow all the brunette richness in dark brown to light brown balayage hair. It’s nothing to deal with drastic color changes. These milk chocolate brown delicate highlights are called to liven up your style. “Less is more” is the motto of this gorgeous dark hair balayage.

Dark Brown and Silver

Dark Brown and SilverfgdollsAsh balayage dark hair is probably the most challenging balayage type to achieve and every colorist will agree with this statement. Keeping up this cool cold blonde on naturally dark hair is another challenge you face. But all the suffering is worth this out-of-this-world balayage fade!

Dark Brown balayage short hair

Dark Brown balayage short hairrob.leviAny hair type and length is good for performing a dark brunette balayage - and short hair is no exception. You don’t have to grow out your hair extremely long in order to enjoy the beauty of light brown balayage gradation. A double shot of espresso? - Yes, please!

Medium brown balayage straight hair

Medium brown balayage straight hairlindseybridgeshairAnd here is another short hair light brown balayage option for straight brunette hair. Soft caramel balayage highlights on brown hair make the hairstyle more sophisticated and the front highlights frame the face in a flattering way.

Caramel balayage on dark brown curly hair

Caramel balayage on dark brown curly hairthemaneartistryFor a glorious balayage hair color, opt for a soft caramel balayage on dark brown hair. This subtle combo is a very natural one. With that smooth transition of hues, this caramel balayage will keep looking fresh as your hair grows out. To get the maximum out of your new balayage hair color, style long beach waves with a hair straightener.

Chocolate caramel honey balayage hair

Chocolate caramel honey balayage hairpaollosagerahNow you know that a chocolate brown balayage is not the only way to go with balayage highlights on top of dark or black hair. All shades of blonde will work as well to achieve the balayage hair's desired depth and texture. Also, don’t forget that balayage highlights perfectly cooperate with curtain bangs or just shorter and lighter pieces near the face to frame the facial features.

Auburn balayage on dark brown hair

Auburn balayage on dark brown hairblondsalon_Auburn and ginger balayage on brown hair means making your own rules of the game. If you’re a brunette with a warm tone of skin, these burning colors are a guarantee of success for you. Balayage hair like this is meant to grab all the looks.

Frequently asked questions

What balayage looks good on dark brown hair?

The win-win choice of balayage highlights for dark hair is light brown, honey, or caramel balayage hair. But it all depends on your skin and basic hair tone mostly. Thus, a bronde balayage, lighter tones of usual gold, subtle blonde, even ashy blonde, maroon, or copper balayage highlights can suit the brunettes.

How do you do dark brown balayage?

Remember that it’s essential not to ruin the harmony between your hair and face, thus step one of the whole processes would be to choose your balayage color carefully. Otherwise, you’re risking wasting a boatload of money on your new balayage and not getting that alluring effect of the style, which you’re striving for.To avoid any inappropriate contrasts and maintain the harmony of the look, keep in mind your skin tone, face shape, and your eye color.

Does brown balayage fade?

With proper care, balayage hair can last up to 4 months. However, due to the fact that brown balayage is typically accompanied by a natural, sun-kissed effect with lighter tones fading from the darker base, you can easily wear your balayage hair and look awesome for months! However, in this case, don’t neglect to keep the light color with special hair products in daily care.


If you’ve got stuck with the feeling that your natural dark hair is rather boring or even dull, think no more and dive into a brunette balayage highlights experiment. With the balayage technique, the lighter tones woven into your natural color rebrand your trivial dark hair, making it more exquisite, playful, textured, and low-maintenance.Mixing colors is fun: brunettes can try out different shades from brown highlights which are just a bit lighter tones to bold and bright red tones or ash blonde balayage.So, it’s high time you checked out our gallery of brunette balayage styles and booked an appointment with your colorist.

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