The Best Cristiano Ronaldo Haircuts

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Updated 03-1-2020

Cristiano Ronaldo is not only known for his amazing soccer skills, he's also known for his immaculate fashion sense and killer haircuts. Ever since his debut, the soccer star has inspired millions with his different hairstyles year after year. So, to give you a little inspiration, we've put together a collection of the best Cristiano Ronaldo haircuts and hairstyles of all time.

Cristiano Ronaldo Haircuts and Hairstyles

Ronaldo Mohawk

cristiano ronaldo hairstyle 2014 1

One of the most classic Cristiano Ronaldo haircuts is his mohawk. This look is more like a faux hawk with his shaved sides and purposefully-messy hair on top. He still manages to make this look appear dapper with his clean-shaven face and gelled-up hair. It's a fairly easy hairstyle to maintain and style – just keep the sides shorter than the top and use a gel or pomade to tousle the top.

Ronaldo Combover

cristiano ronaldo hairstyle 2

When Cristiano Ronaldo isn't wearing his hair in a mohawk, you can often find him rocking a slick combover. It's an easy short men's haircut – just keep the sides buzzed and at least an inch and a half of hair on top so you are able to comb it back with some product.

Short Ronaldo Haircuts

cristiano ronaldo hairstyle 2014 3

This is one of our favorite Cristiano Ronaldo haircuts. It's clean, simple, and classic and only takes minutes to style. For athletes like him, it's great to have a haircut that will stay out of your face but also look good off the field. This one is a winner.

Shaved Sides and Hard Part

This Cristiano Ronaldo haircut is a bit higher maintenence than his combover. It is buzzed on the sides, long on the top and in the back, and has a hard part – all elements of a haircut that start to look funky as soon as they grow out. Expect to visit your barber at least once every other week if you want to rock this Ronaldo cut.

Ronaldo Spiky Haircut

cristiano ronaldo hairstyle 2014 5

Ronaldo's spiky haircut is one of his classics and is perfect for game time, everyday activities, or going out at night. This look works best for guys with thicker hair and can be replicated with the help of some pomade.

Fauxhawk and Shaved-in Line

cristiano ronaldo hairstyle 2014 7

Years into his career, Ronaldo started experiementing with more adventurous hairstyles like this fauxhawk with a shaved-in detail. Not everyone loves taking clippers to the middle of their head, so you can always opt out of the detail and do something a bit more subtle.

Short Spikes

cristiano ronaldo hairstyle 2014 9

This Cristiano Ronaldo haircut is for the everyday man. It can be worn for any occasion and requires little to no styling. In this photo, Ronaldo has subtle highlights at the tips of his hair, adding dimension and the illusion of texture.

Gelled Fauxhawk

cristiano ronaldo hairstyle 2014 10

Not every man is into hair gel, we get it. But this Cristiano Ronaldo haircut is legendary, and we applaud any guy who will try it out.

Shaved Sides with Design

cristiano ronaldo hairstyle 2014 11

Nothing is off limits for Ronaldo when it comes to experimenting with his hair. This simple men's cut is spiced up with a shaved design.

Classic Combover

cristiano ronaldo hairstyle 2014 12

Even in the middle of a game, Ronaldo's hair still looks perfect. Some of us will never be so blessed, but we can always try. Use a strong-hold pomade and a blowdryer to style your hair. Finish off with a hairspray to ensure this look doesn't budge (even if you don't have a soccer game to win).

Asymmetrical Spikes

cristiano ronaldo hairstyle 2014 99

Ronaldo is famous for his purposefully-messy look, and it's a hairstyle tons of men are still trying to pull off this year. To achieve it, you have to long enough hair on the top and buzzed sides. Use a gel to make strands stay up and in place, but be careful not to use too much or your hair may look greasy.

Highlighted Tips

cristiano ronaldo hairstyle 2014

If you are tired of the same hair color you've always had, try adding some sublte highlights like Ronaldo does from time to time. It doesn't have to be anything durastic – just enough to add a pop of color and some dimension.

Slicked Back with Small Pompadour

cristiano ronaldo hairstyle 2014 104

If you are going for a cleaner look, try Cristiano Ronaldo's slicked back small pompadour. It's not obnoxious like some pompadours; it's simple and timeless.

Frosted Tips and Shaved Sides

cristiano ronaldo hairstyle

Ronaldo is no stranger to highlights, so if you are comfortable going for more than a subtle color job, try these refreshing frosted tips. We love this Ronaldo haircut.

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