Choosing The Perfect Hairstyle and Beard Combination

Published By Brooke
Updated 10-13-2015

I'm gonna let you guys on a little secret that will help you out whether you sport a manly mountain man beard or no beard at all. The secret is balance.

If you keep your long and manly beard, make sure your haircut on top is extra precise and up to date. (This is how hipsters combine clean cut trendy and a masculine beard and why it's such a popular look – because it works in perfect harmony!) On the other side, the opposite holds true – if your hairstyle is more akin to a 'bed head' style, you'd best be clean shaven or close. 

Now I'm going to show you guys some examples of what I mean when I say manly beard and precise haircut, take a good look at how conscientious they are of their hairstyles and proper grooming of their beard.



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Hows that for inspiration? Now at this point you might have some questions, like 'What is this hairstyle called over here?' or 'How do I achieve this certain hairstyle?'.

The hairstyles featured here range from undercuts, modern bowl cuts, to classic side parts. My best advice to you is to take the picture to your barber and have him work off that.

Good luck!

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