Changing Looks of the 1960s

Published By Brooke
Updated 09-15-2016

The 1960s freed men of the conservative hairstyles they had worn for so long. New changing looks offered different, edgier styles for those that wanted to branch out and try something new. The 50s started the movement, and the 60s truly got it going. Rock and roll changed the way men saw hair, and many started using it as another accessory to show off their personalities.

The Flip

Increasing in popularity since the 50s, the flip was even more favored by 1960. This look was inspired by rock stars, and has the hair flipped down and around over the forehead. It is an edgy look that many men became to enjoy showing off.


The Pompadour

The pompadour became famous after Elvis made his debut, and became one of the most popular 1960s hairstyles for men. In previous years, men had a center or side part. This look has no part in the hair at all, already making it unique. The hair is also raised off the forehead, giving it an edgy twist that many enjoyed. This look works well for men with medium hair.


The Crew Cut

What is known as the crew cut hairstyle was a popular choice for the more conservative men back in the 1960s. This was actually a shorter style rather than the straight and short cut that was previously seen. No oil and product was needed to keep the hair in place like former styles required.


The Mop Top

Another longer style inspired by musicians, the mop top became well-known in the 60s. This was essentially a shaggy style that had the hair roughly medium length and left sitting around the top of the head. The hair came down to the eyebrows at least. It fell near the neck in the back, making it one of the longest styles men in that time period had ever worn.


African American Short Styles

By 1960, numerous looks changed throughout the United States. This included African American styles that were now becoming more common to see. Musicians were taking the stage and making names for themselves when that had not been done much previously. Many short styles were kept for those in the community. This included a crew cut, and even a previous conservative look with simple straight hair oiled up and waved back.


Many changing looks developed in the 1960s. It was a time of rock, roll, and a new look at how hair could affect life. Some shorter, straight styles that were deemed conservative still remained, but the edgier choices became more prominent. The 60s hairstyle men incorporated most, the pompadour, was thanks to the rock legend, Elvis Presley. The look is now a regular occurrence in today’s society, and has been since this decade.

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