Celebrity Curly Hair For Women

Published By Brooke
Updated 11-28-2016

Getting celebrity curly hair is within your reach with all the fabulous products out there. If you are interested in anything from big curls to tight and voluminous ones, then you are in the right place. Wigs and extensions can help you get any look you want in minutes. Heat styling and rollers can help offer temporary looks but take more time overall than other methods of getting curls.


curly hair celebrities beyonce

Over the years Beyonce has been seen in a lot of curly looks, and they all have suited her well. She is not afraid to add in some extensions when she wants ultra length for shows or other events. When seen on an average day she goes more for the look seen above which is long but not the waist length curls she sometimes has. Blonde caramel highlights make her curls even more interesting.

 Anna Lynne McCord


curly hair celebrities anna

These are a gorgeous dark blonde highlighted curls. Anna is not afraid to use layers with her curls which are an important point when it comes to styling curly hair. The length of this look is enough that it is not too overwhelming and voluminous, but she can put it up for a beautiful updo of romantic curls. These larger curls are a good choice for straight haired girls that have hair past their shoulders, want curl but don't want a super short look suddenly.

 Taylor Swift


curly hair celebrities taylor

This look was one of Taylor's earlier ones, and we miss it. These medium tight curls in a luminous light blonde tone are an Old Hollywood classic that always makes a woman look glamorous even when in jeans and a t-shirt. The looseness of the curl on top adds some more versatility to this style.

 Meg Ryan

curly hair celebrities meg

Meg lets us in on how to wear short curls with style. This is a good cut for those that like the look of curls but want an easy to manage style for daily wear. With hair of this length, you can always add in a few extensions to get extra length. If you have great eyes and bone structure, then this is a look you might want to play with.

Finding The Right Curl

Tightness Matters

If you are looking to go curly with your naturally straight hair, then you need to remember that it takes a lot more length of straight hair to get the same length curled. The tighter the curl pattern, the shorter your hair is going to look when curled.

Permanent Versus Temporary

Getting a perm is a big commitment. Many women that are not naturally curly choose to go with less permanent methods such as heat styling or using rollers at night. If you find you are curling your hair often, then you may save a lot of time going with permanent curls.

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