Celebrity Blondes: Secrets To Great Color Every Time

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We have all seen the gorgeous blonde shades in all lengths that celebrities strive for, and we have seen hair disasters when some try to duplicate this look themselves. With our guide to getting the look of celebrity blondes, you will be able to get the exact color you want. Here are some tips to getting blonde color.

Ask to See a Portfolio

Not every hairstylist is the greatest at color, especially color that goes above and beyond just typical color. A stylist should never be offended if a potential new client wants to see their previous work. A lot of salons post portfolios on their website and Facebook pages, so you likely won't even have to ask personally.

 Listen To Your Hair Type & Condition

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Some looks are going to require a lot more processing then others. If you have darker hair, then you are going to need more work, and your colorist will have to use higher lift products. If your hair is not in the good condition they may suggest you wait until it is or choose a darker shade, then you initially wanted to go for. Sometimes cutting off damage areas can help as well.

Fake It

With the quality of wigs out there and their amazing affordability, it may be worth it to you to get a wig rather than a color service. Going very blonde is a big step, so a wig is also a way to make sure you like the look on yourself before you choose to process your natural hair. Extensions can sometimes be enough to get an ombre look or just add length to your shorter blonde hair when you want some extra glamour added to your look.

 Consider Balayage

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This gorgeous technique for coloring hair is time-consuming but offers a look that doesn't look harsh and off-putting as it grows out. You are going to get a lot of different tones and shades that will blend to create a stunning look. Balayage is a special way of dyeing hair that not every hairdresser knows so make sure you are going to a salon that does this type of hair coloring and asks to see previous work. Balayage that is not done right can be hard or expensive to fix due to the time and processes involved.

Go For A Shade That Suits You

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Blonde doesn't always mean light platinum shades. There are so many shades and combinations of blonde color out there that it only makes sense to find one that looks the best with your skin tone and even natural hair color. Caramel and dark blonde color is seen on plenty of celebrities. Very light allover shades do not offer a natural look for most.

Playing With Blonde Color

If you go too light, it is usually easy to have a darker shade applied, but you will still have to deal with the consequences if you overprocessed your hair. This is one reason many women gradually lighten hair until they get the shade they want.