22 Best Buzz Cut Hairstyles for Men in 2024

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Updated 01-13-2024

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Classic Buzz Cut

Classic Buzz Cut


Nothing extra. Nothing odd. Just a classic buzz cut for men in its legendary simplicity. By the way, if your head has already started losing hair and you’ve got a receding hairline, ask your barber for a traditional buzz cut – it makes those balding spots look so powerful.

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Buzz cut is the best all-time solution for men that are looking for an extremely low maintenance version of a timeless look. This short cut style has always been associated with sportsmen and army recruits - no wonder, as an induction buzz cut looks clean for a long time without any extra effort.And though on the face of it the butch cut may seem too basic, these days a barber can create real masterpieces using the variations of fades, hard parts, and color pop on top of a traditional induction cut.Wanna see fresh buzz cut style ideas before you get a buzz cut? Check this gallery:

What is a Buzz Cut?

What is a Buzz Cut?@buzzcut50The main characteristic of all buzz cuts is the length: this hairstyle is supposed to be short all over and achieved entirely with clippers. Actually, this leaves plenty of room for creative interpretation, that’s why so many celebs like David Beckham, Frank Ocean, Chris Evans adore the butch cut hair style.The induction cut was born in places where strict grooming conventions applied, but now it has developed into a huge, powerful, and versatile variation of low maintenance style for guys.

Best Buzz Cut Styles

Best Buzz Cut Styles@jeyemviThe best buzz cuts today include the butch cut, crew cut, flattop, taper or classic fade. Below, you’ll find a bunch of references to modern buzz cut style ideas for different face shape and hair type.

Burr Buzz Cut

Burr Buzz Cut@philuc.courtoujoursBurr buzz cut is a bit less extreme version of the induction cut. You can even give yourself this hair cut at home with a #1, #2, or #3 clipper length.Remember that if your hair thinning and receding aggressively, this is not the best option for you as it will accentuate that patchy hair. However, you can always keep trimming shorter, so just start with a burr and if it doesn’t work for you, graduate down shorter.

Buzz Cut Fade

Buzz cut fade@naoki_nohiraThis is an example of how to make a buzz cut juicy and unboring. This buzz cut fade is a perfect example of a modern approach to a classic look. This style isn’t strict on length, and you can choose from a high fade, low fade, mid fade, taper fade too. There is an issue though: with this one, you’ll need to refresh the cut every 2 weeks to make it look goooood.

Buzz cut with beard

Buzz cut with beard@beard.universityA game with contrasts and extremes always pays off. This messy beard and mustache add extra flavor to the classic short hair cut, making it more dashing. This note of brutality balances the perfectly clean look of the hair and suits men of different ages.

Long Buzz Cut

Long buzz cut@dany_the_barber87Longer buzz cut styles allow for a wider range of experiments: a soft side part or a hard part will look awesome, also, a skin fade buzz cut will be more outstanding too. You can also go creative and play with different artistic cut-outs. And, finally, the longer your butch cut is, the more styling options you have: to texturize the top, to slick it back, to sweep it to the side, or to spike up.

Military Induction Buzz Cut

Military Induction Buzz Cut@shearfadesThis is the shortest buzz cut - get it using the clippers with no guard attached, which is also known as the 0 clipper setting. Military induction cut is the closest you can get to completely shaving your hair off.This extreme buzzcut variation is often seen on Zayn Malik. Pair it with a fresh skin-close shave to add a personalized vibe to it.

High & Tight Buzz Cut

 High & Tight Buzz Cut@realmanhaircutsAnd if you want to go even more extreme than a military induction buzz cut, try the high and tight recon for men. It implies that the whole head except for a strip on top of the head from the forehead to the vertex is clipped with a #0 hair clippers grid.The “landing strip” is usually not more than the number 2 haircut. The high and tight buzz cut maintenance is effortless indeed!

Short Crew Cut Buzz Cut

Short Crew Cut Buzz Cut@daniel_giovane_Well, well, well. Here we come to the favorite look of the greatest sportsmen: the crew cut is the feature hairstyle of David Beckham, Conor Mcgregor, and more. Modern crew cut buzz styles have blending on the sides with extra fringe up top.With styling products, you can give it various looks from messy and textured to sleek and side-swept. A crew cut is also often paired with a classic beard that never goes out of style.

Asian Buzz Cut

Asian Buzz Cut@naoki_nohiraAs we’ve already mentioned above, a modern fade buzz cut works magic for all hair types and textures. But Asian slick hair is just meant for the buzz cut style since it stands up as needed, without any natural partings or swirls. The skin fade will make you visit your barber more often, but this clean edgy look is definitely worth it.

Butch Buzz Cut

Butch Buzz Cut@edelle_brassandboneWith a butch buzz cut, your head has 0 risks to look like a tennis ball. Also called a brush cut, the butch cut is a mid-length variation with 3-4 hair clippers setting. This style offers fullness, extra volume, the ability to correct the shape of the head by means of the hair length, as well as to add an extra couple of inches of height. A freshly shaved face in turn will contrast nicely with the hairy top.

Line Up Haircut

Line Up Haircut@naoki_nohiraThis line-up haircut is a typical Drake style: with that amazing skin fade that goes in a curved short shaved line. Hairstyles like this are fairly easy to achieve: you’re unlikely to lack the hair length for a 1 or 2 clippers cut on top and a razor on the sides. Wanna spice up the style? Add a side part and sweep the hair with a comb and some pomade.

Buzz Cut Taper

Buzz cut taper@thefadestationThe taper buzz cut is the best solution for naturally curly, textured, Afro hair. In this way, you’ll achieve that desired gradual transition on thick locks, and the razor shaved sides and back will bring that neatness, which Afro hairstyles often lack.To give the look even more perfection, add the edgy geometric hairline at the forehead area.

Jarhead Buzz Cut

Jarhead Buzz Cut@ammars_barbershopSimplicity and versatility are not everything you get from a buzz cut style. Among other benefits you get are that styling your hair won’t be your daily problem anymore - it’s enough just to get out of the bed; an induction cut won’t be ruined with a beanie, and the amount of shampoo and other styling products is significantly less as well.

Brush Cut

Brush Cut@naoki_nohiraThe brush cut won’t require much more maintenance than a traditional high and tight buzz. Since it is longer, you might need to use some styling product to make the locks keep the shape, but even without any wax, your hair won’t look too messy. Another thing to consider is the skin fade.Especially for men with beard: it looks so alluring when the beard fades into the sides and then the blend gets more intense again up to the top.

Textured Crop Buzz

Textured Crop Buzz@dany_the_barber87This fresh yet casual textured crop buzz is a great example of how unique and personalized your style can look. Though most hairstyles in this article are rather traditional, this one demonstrates how a color pop, a hard part, and some movement on the top turn an eternal classic into the latest fad. If paired with a contrasting dark beard and stylish glasses, this burr cut is meant to stand out.

Disconnected Buzz Cut

Disconnected Buzz Cut@zaebis.haircutsIf you feel that it’s time for a change, but not ready for too eccentric experiments with your hairstyle yet (or just don’t have enough hair length for that,) consider adding some shaved-in design to your good old buzz cut.Such disconnected and edgy style looks masculine on every man - everything you need is just to add a small but loud accent.

Ivy League

Ivy League@barbergregThis unboring buzz cut and Ivy League mixture is cut in the same way as a crew cut, but with a feature noticeably longer front part of the crown. You can keep the length of 1 inch on the top of the head, buzz the sides, make scissors blending on the temples, and sweep the long fringe up and to the side.

Caesar Cut

Caesar Cut@jpattiasina20This one is a mix of the Caesar cut, crew cut, and a burr cut. With edgy dramatic lines, a style for men like this one heads the charts of trendy hairstyles these days. It will be a great complement to a smart-casual clothes style.

Classic Buzz Cut

Classic Buzz Cut@laulhusNothing extra. Nothing odd. Just a classic buzz cut for men in its legendary simplicity. By the way, if your head has already started losing hair and you’ve got a receding hairline, ask your barber for a traditional buzz cut - it makes those balding spots look so powerful.

Mohawk-Inspired Buzz Cut

Mohawk-Inspired Buzz Cut@arq.vitorcerviThis one is also a cool recommendation for men who lose their hair. To hide a widow’s peak, opt for a mohawk-inspired buzz or burr cut like this. Some funky angles to your hairline will make this look even more exciting.

Pocky Spiky Top with Faded Sides

Pocky Spiky Top with Faded Sides@thefadestationThis playful buzz cut with an ideal fade on the sides and back is always a good idea, especially if you wanna spice up your everyday trivial look and add some juice to it. Grab your favorite hair styling product and weep the longest part of your crew cut up.


Despite the buzz cut is one of those basic hairstyles that every barber in the world knows, you may still have some questions about styling, wearing, and getting a buzz cut. So, here we go with the answers to the most popular questions about the buzz cut style:

Do buzz cuts look good?

Yes! But only if you choose the right length and shape. If you have some bumps and kinks in your head shape, it's best to avoid super short buzz cuts - opt for longer options that will balance the head and face. However, buzz cuts look really good on guys with a receding hairline. Do buzz cuts make you look older? On the contrary! They help you mask those bolding spots giving you a cool masculine look.

What number is buzz cut?

The original buzz cut features 0 clipper length all around, while modern variations go longer with a number 1 and 2 clipper. These styles require zero stylings but will need a regular touch-up at least twice a week. What does a number 3 buzz cut look like? If you prefer more hair, you can get a “3 on the top and 2 on the sides” look. It’s rather tidy and grows out looking nice and natural.

Buzz Cut vs Crew Cut

Both buzz cut and crew cut are done with clippers. But in a classic buzz cut, the length of hair is the same all over the head, while a crew cut has a varying length of hair: usually, it’s shorter at the back and sides, and longer at the front.

What do I need for the buzz cut?

One of the biggest advantages of a buzz cut is that a man can have any hair type, length, texture, color, any face shape to get some random burr cut and look good.To get this versatile and easy style, you’ll need only your barber. Just tell them you want a buzz cut, specify if you want it extremely short or a longer one, would you prefer to have a fade or not… Or just show one of the pictures from this gallery. That’s it. Because of its simplicity, you can even cut it at home… if you’re confident enough about that.

How to Get the Buzz Cut

To get the right buzz cut, before going to a barbershop, make sure you know which variation of a buzz cut you want. Burr cut is about setting the right length of the clippers and actually… that’s it!

How to style a buzz cut

To style a buzz-cut hairstyle, you don’t have to be a top hairstylist. Actually, in most cases, all you need is simply give it a rub with a towel after the shower.However, you may need to do a bit more if you choose longer variants of a buzz cut. But mostly, it’s enough just to grab some wax, rub it between the palms and sweep the hair in the direction you want it to be.You should also be mindful of your face shape when styling a buzz cut. Oval and rectangle face shapes are the most suited to the proportions of the buzz cut. Men with other face shapes should balance the look with varying hair lengths.

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