Brad Pitt Fury Hairstyle: The Iconic Undercut Guide

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Updated 08-3-2022

If you've seen the Fury movie, you couldn’t help but notice Brad Pitt's haircut which has already become an iconic Hollywood hairstyle and outshined the famous 90's Brad Pitt's long hair.

Brad Pitt’s Fury haircut is a military variation of the disconnected undercut, which features short buzzed sides and a longer slicked back amount of hair on top.

It is a remnant of the early 1900's undercut, which was popularized during World War 2 and often coined the term "SS Cut".

In this guide, we’ll go over some of the fundamentals and techniques that you need to know to get that very “furious fade” and what to tell your barber when you're sitting in the barber chair looking forward to getting this wild movies haircut for yourself.

Today's fashionistas have reinvented the wardaddy haircut so that you’ll also find numerous ideas of Brad Pitt’s Fury hairstyle with a modern twist.

What Is Brad Pitt's Haircut In Fury?


While filming Fury, Brad Pitt haircuts list was updated with a kind of slicked-back undercut, which was something brand new compared to the iconic Mr. and Mrs. Smith buzz cut or Thelma and Louise long style.

Easy to maintain and pleasant to look at, Brad Pitt undercut hit the top charts of trendy men's styles ideas.

The top longer section is swept back but not slicked with a gel or some other oily hair products. Instead, a medium to strong hold pomade is used to sweep the hair backward with fingers.

The closely shaved sides and tapered back are the details that make the difference. And the top section is prolonged at the back in a kind of small tail, letting the up and down combine harmoniously.

Another point that many barbers notice is that the long hair is slightly highlighted to add the necessary texture to the cut. How could the WW2 officer have his hair bleached? No clue. But this trick is definitely worth a try.

What Should You Ask Your Barber For?

What Should You Ask Your Barber For

Firstly, remember that your request should always depend on your hair type and personal preference. But if we talk about the exact copy of the Fury Brad Pitt slicked-back hair, you need to keep a lot of length towards the crown, slick it back, and blend it in the occipital bone area. And this is the first thing to emphasize when talking to your barber, especially if you have coarse and thick hair.

Also, mention the fade type you would prefer. The original Fury cut features a classic taper. But you can go for a nicer cleaner fade to modernize the look a little bit.
Another thing is to discuss your face shape vs Brad Pitt's face shape.

Brad Pitt has a rather wide face and jaw – his square face shape is perfectly balanced with the right fade position. The same thing should be done depending on your face shape.
Finally, choose and show them a photo from this gallery that depicts your goal Brad Pitt style and ask them to adjust it to your hair.

How To Style This Cut?

How To Style This Cut

Fury Brad Pitt hairdo is not only sexy and alluring, but it’s also super easy to style with a small amount of hair pomade, which will enhance that very shine and keep your hair in place as well.

However, before we come to styling tips, let’s do some hair analysis:

  • Brad Pit has fine to medium hair, which is pretty typical;
  • The density is high, we can see a full hairline in Brad Pitt short hair and long hair equally;
  • Throughout the movie, the hairstyle is worn rough, which is obviously done intentionally through texturizing or layering.

An undercut is disconnected by its nature, so it’s not the best way to characterize the Brad Pitt Fury haircut. The first thing that distinguishes the Fury undercut is the lack of volume. It’s not necessarily slicked back – it’s just directed backward in a free-flowing way. Here, the texture does all the job since you can hardly do something like this on coarse and thick hair (if you tried to, the hair would just pop up and fall back to its usual position.) So, before styling, make sure it MAKES SENSE for YOUR hair type.

The sides are clean taper, which is pretty logical for the war officer movie character. In more up-to-date styling interpretations, you can play a lot with the fade.

And what is the Brad Pitt Fury haircut product? As for the products for styling, a medium to high hold pomade is exactly what you need. Avoid gel as it won’t make the necessary effect and texture. Apply some pomade and comb the crown backward with your fingers first, and after that fix the unruly areas with a comb.

Learn How To Get And Style Brad Pitt’s Short Hair

Learn How To Get And Style Brad Pitt’s Short Hair


Even into 2022, Brad Pitt’s Fury hairstyle is a great short hair alternative for a boring crew cut and a buzz cut. For a guy with fine to medium straight hair, we’ve got numerous variants of the Fury cut worn with a modern twist.

Getting this cut wouldn’t be a problem – we’ve already told you how to explain to your barber what you want. But, just in case, save a pic or two from this guide to be maximally specific.

Modern Brady Pitt Fury Hairstyle

Modern Brady Pitt Fury Hairstyle


The truth is that you can grab a classic Fury cut and create your own version of it. If you’re in search of upgraded Fury hairstyles, we have some styles to choose from. For example, this Viking Fury haircut.

The original style has a rather flat top with high faded sides – this one adds some height to the top, which is greasy and pushed all the way to the back. The high faded sides bring a neat point to the hairstyle. The beard balances the whole look.

The beard balances fury


Another way to bring some real-life vibe to the Fury-inspired haircuts is to go rough and rugged, increasing the length on top, and getting a mid-fade on the sides. Plus, with some facial hair or even a full beard, you’ll achieve a brand new look.

brad pitts fury beard style


Opt for this casual slicked-back option among other styles. Open forehead and slight slick back volume on top will add some height and visually elongate your face, which wouldn’t hurt to guys with wide face shapes.

Get Brad Pitts styles


Get Brad Pitt’s styles with a messy wave along the length and some salt and pepper to spice up the style.

fade fury haircut


This fade fury haircut is great for men with a receding hairline. Accept the changes in your appearance, don’t be shy, get Brad Pitt hairstyle variation, and age gracefully.

formal fury hair


This cut is neater with just a bit of a rough texture around the top, it’s slicked with style. More sophisticated than the one Brad Pitt wore in the film. Such haircuts will look more formal than the original.

on point hairdo


Highlight the edge and boldness with this on-point hairdo.

Finally, you can see that to get Brad Pitt’s Fury hairstyle, you don’t need to reinvent something super sophisticated. Alongside famous Brad Pitt hairstyles like Brad Pitt low bun, Brad Pitt messy hair, Brad Pitt comb-over, or Brad Pitt crew cut, the Fury haircut with a beard or without it makes a lot of fuss around.

You can’t go wrong if you choose a professional to rock this Hollywood trim that is not getting old.

Enjoyed these hairstyles? Then you’re sure to enjoy the disconnected undercut.

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