Brad Pitt's 5 Greatest Hairstyles

As we all know Brad Pitt has some of the best hair aesthetics of any celebrity. He's able to pull off all types of hairstyles from short and buzzed bad ass to the long locks of a Roman warrior. Check out Brad's 5 greatest hairstyles ever.

1. Brad Pitt's Hair in Fight Club

There is no denying of how great Brad Pitt's hair looked in the movie Fight Club. A short spiky hairstyle remnant of the 90's that would still look great in 2015.

brad pitt fight club hair

brad pitt fight club haircut brad pitt fight club hairstyle

2. Brad Pitt's Hair in Inglorious Basterds

Rocking a classic undercut of the early 1900's, this World War 2 inspired hairstyle has now been a trend amongst guys for the last year. Brad pulls off the undercut wonderfully.

brad pitt inglorious basterds hair brad pitt inglorious basterds haircut brad pitt inglorious basterds hairstyle

3. Brad Pitt's Hair in Troy

Not many dude's can pull off short hair and long hair both so exquisitely like Brad can. At this point I'm starting to believe you can take a lawnmower to the guys hair and he would still pull it off.

brad pitt troy hair brad pitt troy hairstyle

4. Brad Pitt's Hair in Oceans 11

Brad Pitt rocked both a short messy style and a buzz cut during Oceans 11, unsurprisingly he looked great in both hairstyles.brad pitt oceans 11 haircut

brad pitt buzz cut

5. Brad Pitt's Hair in Fury

Brad Pitt's fury hairstyle is perhaps one of the sought out haircuts of the year 2014. The style is a World War 2 "extreme" undercut that's a lot less conservative than the undercut in inglorious basterds.