Cutest Braided Hairstyles for Little Boys

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Updated 12-3-2023

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All Lined Up

All Lined Up

Cornrow braids with an undercut combination guarantees a stylish result. Thanks to the contrast between less hair on the sides and loner hair on top, those small plaits stand out and don’t fade into the background. You can add a zig-zag parting, when leading those two braids to the back. And if the shaved sides seem too boring to you, here is an idea of a design that will level up a traditional lined up hairstyle.

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Do braids on boys look good? - Oh, this eternal question.And the answer is YES, for sure - otherwise, braid styles wouldn’t have been so favored by boys and their parents for such a long time.Boys’ braid styles look awesome on young boys with medium-length or long hair. Even easy braided hairstyles for boys look on point, but apart from creating a trendy image, protective braids styles like cornrows for boys are also perfect to keep natural long hair healthy and strong. Besides, braided hair for boys helps to wear the hair up, taking it away from the face, which is a necessity for active little boys.So, how to make kiddies' braided hairstyles aka plaits hair for boys with extra length eye-catching on top of being extremely comfortable and versatile? We’ve got some ideas and we’ve listed the best braiding hairstyles for toddlers, older boys, and teens in the gallery below.

The Best Little Boy Braids in 2023

The Best Little Boy Braids in 2021 @blackhair_flair_prince_crownBoy braids gathered in this guide combine style, functionality, and protection. Braided hair ideas come in lots of different unique styles and designs: from beginner easy braided hairstyles to sophisticated top-notch braids for boys with design.Go beyond the limits of well-known braided styles for little boys - experiment with hair extensions, beads, zig-zag braids, mixed boy braids, cornrow braids,, a braided ponytail, a braided bun, thin braids, braided mohawk, french braids, spider braids, long box braids, thin twists, fishtail braids, inversion braids, faded sides, and shaved-in design with a braided top knot on the crown.If you’re curious about how far you can go with boys' braids hairstyles, scroll down and bring these ideas to life:

All Lined Up

All Lined Up @curlsandbraidsstudioCornrow braids with an undercut combination guarantees a stylish result. Thanks to the contrast between less hair on the sides and loner hair on top, those small plaits stand out and don’t fade into the background. You can add a zig-zag parting, when leading those two braids to the back. And if the shaved sides seem too boring to you, here is an idea of a design that will level up a traditional lined up hairstyle.

Long Braid Style at the Back

Long Braid Style at the Back @curlsandbraidsstudioLong braids are directed from the forehead to the vertex in an edgy Dutch cornrow braids style and tied into a slightly disconnected top knot, a braided ponytail or man bun. This cute blackboy haircut with shaved sides, which disconnects this braided style is cool for young men.

Tie-less Braids on Natural Hair

Tie-less Braids on Natural Hair @morae._.hairTraditional long box braids are one of those cute easy braid hairstyles that work great for all hair types. This braided hairstyle is a good solution for thick hair - it simplifies the braided hair care process significantly minimizing the need to detangle coarse hair texture. Natural Afro hair is also likely to curl forming such authentic braids for boys. If you don’t like this effect, just weigh the cool braids down with beads.

Thin Mohawk Braid

Thin Mohawk Braid @hairbytakiyyahWho said male braids have to flow in one direction or must be styled into a single braids design? Man braids allow for freedom of creativity - and mohawk braid styles prove this fact. This braided version of a bold mohawk hip-hop style is even more daring than the original look. And it’s also more versatile and long-lasting. Choose a sides intricate pattern you like and enjoy a cool hairstyle that doesn’t require any extra effort on a daily basis.

The Fishtail Braid

The Fishtail Braid @ymbookA single braid will be a win-win choice for little boys with extremely long hair. Long braids take a lot of time. So, crafting one braid can be a way out. To diversify this basic braid style, try a fishtail braiding pattern. Check out this video guide on how to make a fishtail braid step-by-step and start braiding from the forehead to secure all the hair strands away from the face and provide your kiddo with maximum comfort.

The Dutch Braid

The Dutch Braid @cederriahklassydollhouseDutch braids feature an inverted braid pattern, they are more textured compared to a classic French braid. However, Dutch braids style is neither more time-consuming nor complex. Thus, with these inverted individual plaits, you’ve got a chance to level up quick braid hairstyles. Combine usual box braids and double braids cornrows in Dutch manner to diversify blackboy hairstyles. And this is the kind of men’s hairstyles you can put together in a braided bun.

Natural Twist Hairstyle

Natural Twist Hairstyle @mataelebrosTwisted braids for boys are an awesome alternative to classic long braids for straight hair. Unfortunately, this unusual braids style is less durable but it’s such an amazing complement to a special occasion outfit. To keep it more long-lasting, use a medium-hold hair styling product on each strand before making the twists.

Zig-Zag Braids

Zig-Zag Braids @newnew_braidsA zig-zag pattern can spice up and revive any, even the most trivial braided style. Here you can see a variation of box boy braids with a zig-zag pattern. Looks unboring and innovative. Make sure you use enough hair gel to keep the hair sleek closer to the head.

Huge Side Braids with Center Designs

Huge Side Braids with Center Designs @____braids_by_girlieIn this futuristic braid style, the sides are slicked apart with huge reverse braids, which form a circle like a crown braid to highlight the central top section of the hair. Here, the intricate designs are more angular and detailed, with small braids forming a kind of pyramid.

Half Braids for Long Hair

Half Braids for Long Hair @keepingupwithkhamFor a little boy with long hair, a braids hairstyle is always a good idea. When little boys wear braids, they don’t notice that their hair grows since it doesn't bother or distract them. You can rock half braid styles like this one - braided down till the tips, or fix the cornrows with hair ties and let the rest of the hair naturally flow down the shoulders.

Braid Extensions

Braid Extensions @szini_braids_and_hair_styleBraid extensions are a way out for boys with fine hair as they help visually enhance the thickness of the hair. Also, colorful extensions can be incorporated into men hairstyles just for fun.

Shaved Ponytail

Shaved Ponytail @tishas.gentle.touchNowadays, the best haircuts with braids for little boys are still believed to be based on an undercut. Indeed, the shaved sides and back help to keep the hairstyle neat and clean for a longer time in a fraction of effort. Also, it’s easier to style the rest of the hair and create intricate boy braids.

Short Braids

Short Braids @realtor_nicole_Can you braid short hair? As long as your little boy has enough length to capture the hair in the braid, you can braid short hair. You can start with basic short braids like in the photo and use a styling product to make the hair easier for adjustment.

Thin, Complex Designs

Thin, Complex Designs @blackhair_flair_prince_crownFine hair allows for thin, complex, and sophisticated designs with minimal effort. After rocking a hairstyle like this, you can forget about taming coarse hair for a fairly long time.

Braids with Beaded Ends

Braids with Beaded Ends @aniyahazariandusBeaded ends are a popular detail or accessory, which helps to make a braided hairstyle more unique and personalized. However, there is also a practical benefit from beads: they weigh curly and textured hair down so that the braids don’t roll.

Back Crown Braid

Back Crown Braid @_styledbyjtThere are lots of ways to braid the crown of a little boy - and here is another popular style idea for your inspiration.

Little Boy Cornrows

Little Boy Cornrows @tishas.gentle.touchCornrows are probably the most predictable braided hairstyle for little boys due to its practicality and versatility. However, we couldn’t have gone here with an ordinary cornrows hairstyle. Tight and clean, this creative cornrows design is as compact and easy to maintain as a traditional variation of the style.

Funky Braid Styles

Funky Braid Styles @jattas_hair_braiding_Just copy popular funky braid hairstyles for men with the fashionable edge between clean faded sides and a braided man bun on top.

Braided Locks for Little Afro Boys

Braided Locks for Little Afro Boys @blackhair_flair_prince_crownNo matter how much coconut oil and curls cream you apply on the natural hair of your little boy, protective boys’ braided hairstyles do a better job anyway. And you can go really very creative with braids for little boys.

Rattail Braids

Rattail Braids @ponytrickWe can hardly forget about a rattail hairstyle - a cool alternative for those boys who don’t want to let all their hair grow long or just can’t choose between two hairstyles.

Little Boy Bun with Braids

Little Boy Bun with Braids @styles_by_crystyleDon’t want those plaits to hang loose all of the time? A little boy bun is a solution. And those Allen Iverson inspired braids on top don’t only invest into an on-trend look of the hairstyle but also help to keep the hair in place and neat for a long time.

Tiny Braids for Thin Hair

Tiny Braids for Thin Hair @hairbymarkeviaBox braids for boys with thin hair can look this way: a braided crown plus long and tiny, without any extra twists but still edgy and stylish.

Two Small Braid Hairstyles

Two Small Braid Hairstyles @gees_stylesA two braids hairstyle on short hair of a little boy can be a challenge. But this idea of professional double boy braids with extra tiny side braids is a really long-lasting piece of art.

Fishbone Braids

Fishbone Braids @hairbynatouIf your little boy can withstand a couple of hours sitting, think no more and ask your hair stylist to make fishbone braids.

Reverse Braid

Reverse Braid @hairbyjosaeeAs old as the world and as simple as an ordinary French braid, reverse braids are always a good idea for little boys with long hair length.

Little Boy Braids with Fade

Little Boy Braids with Fade @blackhair_flair_prince_crownIf you want a cool haircut for your little boy that’s sharp and versatile, braids with an edgy skin or taper fade are what you need. Besides the fade variation, you can also experiment with the braiding patterns on top - for example, try twists like in the photo above.


Braids for little boys are the ultimate in stylish and low maintenance looks.Some of the hairstyles in this collection you can make by yourself, some braids for men will require professional help. The best thing is that both last for weeks and don’t require a lot of care and maintenance.Hopefully, you’ve found the win-win ideas of boy braids for your little boy in our gallery.

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