The Best Bowl Cut Hairstyle Ideas for 2024

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Updated 01-9-2024

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Shaggy Hair

Shaggy Hair

Shaggy hair doesn’t care. This bed head hair in the photo is one of the most favorite textures of short hairstyles fans. And no wonder: you won’t need any professional help to get your locks done – a brush and some spray is enough.

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Do you remember those 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s bowl hairstyles from your school photos?Incredible news: bowl cuts are back in a new, completely modernized style. Yes, mushroom hair popped out on the red carpet and on fashion week runways in 2018, but in 2020 it has transformed a lot growing into new cool haircuts for ladies trend.Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook are stuffed with gorgeous famous bowl cuts mixed up with vibrant hair colors and outstanding makeup ideas from Charlize Theron, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and other icons of style.Does this front page haircut need extra advertisement? Don’t lie - you already want it!

Best Female Bowl Haircuts

Best Female Bowl Haircuts @tristinmorrison

Bowl Cut with Bangs

Bowl Cut with Bangs @hairbygunnySince the mushroom haircut has been borrowed from the previous century, it requires some upgrade in the context of modern hairstyles tendencies. Pink color pop is the most popular of the ways. Just choose a suitable color for your appearance and skin type.

Fade Bowl Haircut

Fade Bowl Haircut @sweeney_todd.vaAnother way to add modern spirit to the old good bull cut is to fade it down at the neck. For such bowl cut maintenance, you’ll have to visit your hairstylist or barber regularly, as the fade must be clean and fresh.

Black Bowl Cut

Black Bowl Cut @hairpixelThis is a pretty classic grazing fringe look. The movement of a wispy fringe always invests in a light and feminine look. Try a black hue for your hair to accentuate the graceful glow of fair skin.

Modern Bowl Cut

Modern Bowl Cut @hair_slayerzDo you have enough confidence to rock something as crazy and eye-catching as this modern blonde hair bow cut? Creativity is key. Make people stare.

Short Cut

Short Cut @rafaelescuderestilistesJust a relaxed variation of super short bob hairstyles. With blonde highlights and messy texture, this bowl hairstyle is one of the most feminine short hair cuts.

Cute and Light

Cute and Light @thelaceyterrellUnlike most of the hairstyles above, this one is pretty basic and casual. Without any outstanding details, unbelievable twists, and vibrant colors. Just a simple image for a girl with a perfect fashion sense.

Long Story

Long Story @gofauxhawkyourselfWanna add some variety to the hairstyle your mom used to give you? The longer bangs on the sides are a game-changer that takes your childhood haircut up to a completely new level.

Pixie Bowl Cut

Pixie Bowl Cut @mashcoldhairIf you’re not ready for a traditional bowl that google keeps offering to you, consider mixing up the styles and try the pixie-inspired cut from the picture above.

Bowl and Bob

Bowl and Bob @cocofyeThe beauty and charm of this feminine bowl bob cut is everything you need for a killer look. Pay attention that the cut is not horizontal - it goes lower to the nape creating the framing effect around the face.

Fashion Bowl Cut

Fashion Bowl Cut @miriamhairmodelA short bowl cut with a scissors fade can be balanced out with a long V-shaped fringe in front. Extra texture and the deep burgundy over the top make a completely edgy vibe.

Shaggy Hair

Shaggy Hair @dinagreggShaggy hair doesn’t care. This bed head hair in the photo is one of the most favorite textures of short hairstyles fans. And no wonder: you won’t need any professional help to get your locks done - a brush and some spray is enough.

Chic Bowl Cut

Chic Bowl Cut @heathpool_sachiyoCelebrities adore this chic bowl cut variation - we can see it at fashion shows and on Netflix as well so often. Celeb hairstylists keep competing in the perfection of a short classic mushroom hair with a modern twist.

Textured Cut

Textured Cut @katiepdxhairPixie or helmet cut - whatever you call it, this cut always looks fresh. And thanks to its volume on top, it can be styled in lots of different shapes so that every face type can be balanced with it.

Bowl Cut with Undercut

Bowl Cut with Undercut @coupesdecheveuxoriginalesReady for crazy experiments? Start with a buzz cut sides and back, grow them into dramatic undercut with pretty long top hair. The main challenge is to give the crown this good volume. You won’t do without hair products, a round brush, and a hair dryer.

Curly and Messy Cut

Curly and Messy Cut @buzzcutfadeFor naturally curly hair, it’s quite hard to get a traditional bull cut look. It will probably resemble an undercut with a messy fun crown. All you can do to make it neater is to apply some gel or pomade and spread it with hands.

It’s in the Layers

Its in the Layers @haarminnaarRemember the legendary Timothée Chalamet bowl cut for the king? That layered cut transformed him from a party boy into a king. Indeed, the hairstyle can update your appearance completely. Wanna change? Think no more.

Blunt Blond Bowlcut Hairstyle

Blunt Blond Bowlcut Hairstyle @annelyilustuudioMeet one more 360 degrees above the ears mushroom cut without any twists. The contrast between the halves is the key element, so ask your barber to make the border line as edgy and sharp as possible.

Deep Part

Deep Part @worldsalonYou may not notice it from the first sight, but this long bob-bowl features a deep delicate side parting. A cool small detail that makes a big difference.

Shaved Bowl Cut

Shaved Bowl Cut @metalhair.sAnd this one is an option for those, who can’t decide and rock the bowl cut. If you’re not sure if the hairstyle’s gonna suite you, just bear it in mind that there is always at least one way out - a gorgeous classic buzz cut for beautiful girls.

Tapered Bowl Cut

Tapered Bowl Cut @daniellearcecomedyIt is not your average mushroom cut - only the shaved line from one side through the nape to the other side resembles the shape of it. But who says we can’t break the rules?

What Is a Bowl Cut

What Is a Bowl Cut@frazerwallacecutA bowl cut, a mushroom cut, or a bull cut is a hairstyle on the edge of short bob haircuts and pixie styles. It’s called this way because of its shape - extremely short on the sides and back and very long on the top, with straight bangs in front. It looks like you’ve put a bowl on the head and cut off all the hair beyond the bowl.Our mums made us get it for practical reasons, so no doubt it’s a versatile and low-maintenance style too. It makes emphasis on the facial features and adds up the extra volume on top.

How to Get a Bowl Cut

How to Get a Bowl Cut@janetjadentuckerGetting a bowl cut implies deciding on several key issues:
  • Would you prefer to have long hair throughout the top or a shorter version of the crop haircut?
  • Do you want to have a smooth fade and gradual transition from long to short at the back and sides, or you’d like to have this part cut short one length with scissors? (Spoiler: a subtle fade is almost an integral element of a bowl cut haircut)
  • Do you consider spicing up the image with extravagant hair color or an unboring shape of your short hair?
  • What about the texture and layers?
Believe us, all these small details make up a huge difference, leading to completely different short hair styles outcomes. In case you can’t come up with the answers to all the questions above, scroll down our gallery with pictures of cool, stylish, and sexy bowl cut hair cut ideas for women.Here, you can watch a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a bowl cut.

How to Style a Bowl Cut

How to Style a Bowl Cut @hairbysannamaariaThe images below will be a true bowl head haircut inspiration for you, but before let’s talk about different styling options for bowl haircuts.First of all, we have to remember that mushroom haircuts are making a fashion comeback from the 90’s so that they automatically go along with retro flannel shirts, high rise slouchy jeans, and chunky sneakers.This fashion dictates the bull cut styling tendencies too. The main trends are:
  • Messy and disheveled
  • Smooth and feathered (high-shine)
  • A bowl cut with thick sharp edges
  • Extremely bright colors
  • Bizzare shapes
To find out how to style, wear, and choose the ideal bowl cut for your hair type, face shape, and appearance, check out the best versions of the bowl cuts in our updated collection. You can also watch this short video guide.

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