39 Trendiest Blunt Cut Bob Ideas You’ll Want to Try

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Updated 04-20-2023

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Radiant Red Blunt Bob

Radiant Red Blunt Bob


Any color can play around with a blunt bob, so natural radiant red is not an exclusion either. With wavy hair, this long bob looks even more fun.

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Emphasize your cute face and release your inner rebel with the boldness of your new blunt bob cut. What does a blunt cut mean? Blunt bob hairstyles feature an edgy straight line at the ends - it can make a one length blunt bob cut or an asymmetrical A-line bob. The great news is that blunt bob hairstyles make a perfect match with any hair texture, type, and density. It adds more volume and texture to thinner hair, more definition and drama to thick hair, more control to natural textured waves or curls. Typically, blunt bob hairstyles go without layers. Thus, the blunt ends highlight the jaw area bringing a flattering strong look to women with oval, heart-shaped, and square face shapes.

Blunt Bob Haircuts and Hairstyles

Blunt Bob Haircuts and Hairstyleschrisjones_hairAll blunt bob haircuts ensure comfort and easiness in styling. Dramatic and angular, most blunt bobs are worn in simple straight hairstyles to put the focus on the perfectly cut blunt ends. However, it also allows to make a curly or wavy touch up with a curling iron, play with blunt or wispy bangs, add subtle highlights or extra shape with texturising hair products. With a blunt cut bob, you can make or break your style, so before you kick-start your hair experiments, let us help you with the choice for your next hair appointment:

Blunt Cut Bob for Fine Hair

Blunt Cut Bob for Fine HairhairfinderHave we already mentioned that a blunt cut bob is a surprisingly great way to give fine hair that necessary definition and edge? Thanks to the blunt cut, the ends look thicker than they actually are, and the short length allows for not weighing down the locks. However, for extra texture and volume, you can use a texturizing spray.

Blunt Pixie Bob

Blunt Pixie BobaheadhairmediaExtremely short pixie bob length is not typical for blunt bobs - but who will prohibit you to get it if you want it? This angled blonde bob pixie gets extra volume due to the blonde and black hair color mix.

Radiant Red Blunt Bob

Radiant Red Blunt BobnikcabralAny color can play around with a blunt bob, so natural radiant red is not an exclusion either. With wavy hair, this long bob looks even more fun.

Blunt wavy bob

Blunt wavy bobboazhairSubtle waves invest into soft blunt cuts, allowing the long hair to play with all its shades. The secret of harmony in this look is that the lightweight wavy voluminous hair is mixed up with the edginess of those blunt ends.

Long Blunt Bob with curtain bangs

Long Blunt Bob with curtain bangskovrigin_zhA blunt bob with bangs is another form of aesthetic pleasure. Middle parting, edgy ends, which are slightly curled with a round brush, and flawless curtain bangs that soften a face shape.

Textured Blunt Bob with Bangs

Textured Blunt Bob with BangsnikcabralThis versatile cut is guaranteed to suit any outfit you can ever come up with: from smart to casual, from glamorous to romantic and elegant. Give a soft curling iron touch to several strands and get this airy natural texture effortlessly.

Curly Blunt Bob with a Dashing Deep Side Part

Curly Blunt Bob with a Dashing Deep Side PartboazhairWho said blunt bobs are for straight hair only? Keeping curly hair blunt means getting an outstanding curly haircut with stunning body and volume. To keep curly blunt cuts beautiful, use a curling cream between the washes and visit your hair stylist for regular trims.

Blonde blunt cut bob

Blonde blunt cut bobmatthewjames.hairA blonde blunt bob will look even more intriguing with a dark root fade. This short hair style will look deeper than it actually is, which is another argument in favour of thin hair, which is looking for visual fullness in a blunt bob haircut.

Chic wavy bob with lavender-gray highlights on black hair

Chic wavy bob with lavender-gray highlights on black hairyaad_doyeonNobody can disagree that this lavender-grey hue looks just stunning! One of the trendiest colors of the year, it’s destined to spice up your long bob with blunt ends and subtle waves.

Side Parted Short Blunt Bob

Side Parted Short Blunt BobglamgirlgabiWith wispy bangs, you can easily switch the look of your chin length bob just by sweeping all the hair along with the bangs to one side. As for the highlights, they also add up to the depth and volume of the final silhouette.

Asymmetrical Blunt Long Bob

Asymmetrical Blunt Long Bobchrisjones_hairAlso side-swept but much more dramatic and gorgeous than the previous one, this long blunt cut bob is so charming. It looks like it costs a fortune, but the only secret is the healthy silky hair look and an appearance-flattering high quality black hair color.

Sleek Blunt Bob for Dark Brown Hair

Sleek Blunt Bob for Dark Brown HairnikcabralSometimes, all you need is simplicity and basic, understandable shapes. For such cases, just pull off center part, straighten your blunt bob, and add a bit of shine with a gloss hair product.

Black and Burgundy Style with Side Part

Black and Burgundy Style with Side PartkaypondsHere we go with a chic chin-length bob that is cut with asymmetry, angled to perfection, finished off with a blazing blunt cut and a side part. This blunt bob gives you an incredibly polished look, putting the hair away from your face.

New strawberry beige-blonde color on fine-hair bob

New strawberry beige-blonde color on fine-hair bobblazierhairdressingThe first thing catching your eye is that sophisticated strawberry-blonde color probably. However, those flirting wavy strands are exactly what makes this blonde bob stand out.

Superb Blunt Bob with Side Swept Bangs

Superb Blunt Bob with Side Swept BangsdornelesguiAnd here we go with our favourite side-sweeping method for making thin hair type look fuller and livelier. But it’s not only about the side part and bangs here. Flipped ends add up to this textured bob so much.

Bright Blonde Blunt Cut with Volume

Bright Blonde Blunt Cut with VolumenikcabralSometimes it’s not the richness of the blonde shade that makes a blonde bob really bright but the harmonious contrast with the darker roots.

Blunt Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

Blunt Bob with Side-Swept BangsnikcabralSoft and girly, wavy bob with bangs brings slight disorder and chaos to your casual look. Wanna have some fun today? Spritz some sea salt spray into your blunt cut and squiz the locks with the fingers a bit.

Ideal Blunt Cut for Thick Hair

Ideal Blunt Cut for Thick HairnikcabralGot thick hair? We’ve got a blunt trick for you too. How about adding a blonde hue to the lower layer of your hair? In this way, your blunt cut will look lighter and airier. Relaxed curtain bangs will also benefit the look.

Blunt Braids

Blunt BraidstheblackhairencyclopediaAnd this is probably the most unexpected idea in the blunt bobs gallery. But yep! You can rock a mindblowing short blunt bob with cool braids and beads.

Chocolate Brown A-Line Lob

Chocolate Brown A-Line LobboazhairThis long bob with bangs just goes to show that blunt bobs can adjust every single hair trend and coloring.

Minimalist medium straight bob for thin/fine hair

Minimalist medium straight bob for thinfine hairhairtalkusaThis minimalist short blunt bob with bangs requires minimum efforts to keep and style. Looking for a versatile hair solution? Grab this pic and head to your hair stylist.

One-Length Blunt Haircut

One-Length Blunt Haircutmatthewjames.hairA middle part, shorter length, blunt ends - your blonde bob needs nothing more or above.

Tousled Blunt Cut with Bangs

Tousled-Blunt-Cut-with-Bangsim.eulensteinThis short bob actually reminds a carefree French bob, which is meant to be messy. Why not mix the styles and try out this perfectly imperfect bob silhouette?

Chin-Length Braids

Chin-Length BraidsmistrudyA braided blunt bob can adopt braids of any type. Also, the length can be varied - you can even try an asymmetrical bob in such a braided interpretation.

Blunt Bob with a Chevron Undercut

Blunt Bob with a Chevron UndercutnikcabralLooking into shaving the nape into chevron undercut? And what about shaving the temples as well? Bold and dynamic, this longer bob will leave nobody indifferent.

Shaggy Blunt Lob

Shaggy Blunt LobhairolinesA shaggy blunt bob is fun. But if you add a pop of color to it, it’s gonna be a burst of fun! Especially, if you opt for trending pastel unicorn-inspired shades for your blunt cut bob.

Caramel Fade Blunt with Bangs

Caramel Fade Blunt with BangsnikcabralWhat makes a blunt haircut even more stylish and unique? Some blunt bangs and a delicate eye-grazing color game as well. No need to play big with the caramel hue - sometimes a brief touch at the ends is exactly what’s needed.

Blunt Cut Bob with No Bangs

Blunt Cut Bob with No BangsnikcabralOften, a blunt cut with a middle part asks for no bangs - and it’s a wise thing to do, especially if it flatters your face shape. Remember that a center part will emphasize the symmetry (and asymmetry) of your face.

Highlighted with Romantic Waves

Highlighted with Romantic WavesericchairstylistActually, a longer blunt cut bob wave silhouette is an option for every hair type. This is an idea of a softer, less dramatic look for when you’re dressed up in a similar way.

Short Messy Bob with Highlights

Short Messy Bob with Highlightschrisjones_hairBlunt bobs are manageable for any day and any style. Whether wearing jeans or a cocktail dress, a soft wave and natural looking highlights work magic together. By the way, blunt bobs like this will also flatter girls with round faces apart from other face shapes.

Accurate Rounded Blunt Bob

Accurate-Rounded-Blunt-BobhairfinderSuch blunt bobs are all-ages appropriate. Searching a bob for a young reserved lady or for a woman over 50? Either way, this chin length cut is a solution.

Side-Swept Curls

Side-Swept Curlsakira__satoHave we already said how gorgeous the curls are in combination with a blunt cut? Wanna enhance this effect? Switch the middle part to a messy side part.

Brunette Classic Bob

Brunette Classic BobnikcabralThe 90s bob is back and it’s always gonna be there for you. Blunt bobs with this vibe are just eternal!

Stellar Sew-in Blunt Bob Cut

Stellar Sew-in Blunt Bob CuttheglamshopbyshamaraActually, sew-in styles can also mimic any blunt cut. Try out a smooth chin-length blunt cut bob weave as an alternative to your natural curls.

Inverted Mid-Length Blunt Cut

Inverted Mid-Length Blunt Cutchrisjones_hairCan’t decide between the longer and shorter lengths? Pick both! And combine them in a fairly simple A-line blunt bob.

Blunt Bob with a Trendy Middle Part

Blunt Bob with a Trendy Middle Partgs.hairsalonIf you’re after a dramatic look, this is the perfect one length haircut for you! Boast your sharp, thick ends and straight glossy hair.

Short Red Cut with Cropped Bangs

Short Red Cut with Cropped BangsverityclarkehairOh, this red straight hair weirdo is for those who are after an edgy and unique style. Are you bold enough to rock it?

Blunt Cut for Natural Hair

Blunt Cut for Natural HairboazhairCurls make a completely different shape if you cut them blunt.

Jaw length blunt bob

Jaw length blunt bobhairfinderLet’s top this blunt gallery off with this cynically short and edgy style that will speak for you. Does this bob correlate with your personality? Just make a perfect match!


What is the difference between a blunt cut and a bob?

A blunt cut is a variation of a bob, which is cut into a straight line at the ends. Blunt ends are the main feature that differs blunt bobs from all other bob cut variants.

Does a blunt bob have layers?

A blunt haircut is a one-length cut without layers. The main idea is to make it look razor-sharp, without any softening elements.

Is blunt cut better for thin hair?

Thanks to the fact a blunt bob haircut doesn’t have layers, the ends look thick and full. The short bob length also guarantees your hair won’t be weighed down and look flat. Thus, blunt bobs are a go-to option for thin hair as it creates the visual illusion of more bulk.Looking for a chin-length cut that’s chic and trendy? One of these blunt bob hairstyles should definitely be your pick! Super stylish and edgy, blunt bobs boast a fresh and healthy appearance as well as their unstoppable spirit. Meant to bring your facial features to the scene, a blunt cut bob is suited to all face shapes and hair textures. Bring your hairstylist one of the photos from this guide and cut your hair blunt.

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