60 Beautiful Black Women Hairstyles to Try in 2022

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Updated 06-22-2022

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2.Black To Blonde Ombre

african american hairstyles black to blonde ombre


This is a look that is eye-catching and can be done on various lengths of hair. The fun thing is that you can change the blonde color easily if you get tired of it.

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There are a lot of beautiful black women hairstyles to choose from out there. At Hairstyle On Point, we are dedicated to finding the hottest looks for you to try out. From long ombre looks to short haircuts, we have been searching long and hard to make sure these looks are the ones that stand out from the crowd and look good on any woman regardless of age. Whether you're looking for new ways to style your curls, long waves, or braids, these are 60 of the most popular hairstyles for black women. Be warned, you might be convinced to get a cropped pixie or finally let those curls run wild and free. Would that be so bad? Disclosure: there are some products we feel so strongly about, that we can’t help but promote them with affiliate links. This blog post contains some of those fantastic products, and we may receive a small monetary compensation – at no extra cost to you – if you decide to check out these products we love.

Black Women Hairstyles for 2022

1.Smooth & Straight Long Locks

Smooth & Straight Long Locks @sa.ora_ This look is easy to get with a quality weave. We recommend using real Remy human hair for long lasting results. You can do a lot with smooth straight hair, so options are plentiful after your weave.

2.Black To Blonde Ombre

african american hairstyles black to blonde ombre @hairbykayc This is a look that is eye-catching and can be done on various lengths of hair. The fun thing is that you can change the blonde color easily if you get tired of it.

3. Short Curls

black girls hairstyles short curls @alliejaybabyy Curly hair is beautiful, but longer curls are not something we all want to deal with. This look is proof that super short curls are a fashionable solution.

4. Retro Marcel Waves

Retro Marcel Waves<@theglamourblueprint Flapper glamor is hot. The Marcel wave is a look we hope to see a lot more in the future. It can be worn long as well, so if you are growing hair out some, it is a style option to consider.

5. Kinky Curls Galore

Kinky Curls Galore @n.fatouu Length is up to you, but there is a lot to love about wild kinky curls. This volume is sure to get a lot of attention, and you can braid or put in an updo with ease.

6. Locks

black girls hairstyles dread locks @theracquelsimone Dreadlocks are a big commitment if done naturally but they are beautiful. Shorter locks can be fun. If you don’t have the length, then you can get hair extensions a lot easier than you once could.

7. Sleek Shoulder Length Bob

Sleek Shoulder Length Bob sleek shoulder length bob @cocoabutteredwomen This bob is cute and an elegant solution for those busy with work and school. It is a good length to add extensions, too if you get the urge to change up your look.

8. Braids

black women hairstyles braids @narahairbraiding This classic look can be done in any length you desire. If you lack the volume of hair, it is fairly easy to get a stylist to braid in more natural human hair for a thick look.

9. Big Curls

hairstyles for black girls - big curls @maritzaslan Lovely voluminous curls are feminine and fun. If you have longer hair, you can use heat or rollers to get this when you want. If you have extensions, then make sure they can take the heat, or you can get a weave that is pre-curled.

10. Hot Color Bob

Hot Color Bob @henrieviii Playing with colors that are out of the normal range of tones can be a lot of fun, and with the numerous types of semi-permanent and permanent dyes out there it is simple to do. Wigs can also accomplish this for you if you don’t want to process.

11. Long Blonde Hair

Long Blonde Hair for african american women @henrieviii Anyone can wear blonde hair, especially when you consider that there are many different tones to choose from. Blonde doesn’t have to mean entirely bleached out.

12. Undercut

black women hairstyles undercut The undercut is fun, and you can get a lot of designs in it if you want. For the best undercut make sure to be clear just how much you are willing to lose in length and how far up your head to go.

13. Faux Hawk

black women hairstyles faux hawk We love the faux hawk on men and women. This style can be done shorter or longer, but longer looks are going to require a bit more product and style time.

14. Half Up Half Down

black women hairstyles half up half down For managing hair during the day or evening, the half up half down look has a lot going on. This is a great way to show off hidden color or highlights. Try adding some fun embellished clips to enhance this look.

15. Shaggy Bob

black women hairstyles shaggy bob Lots of small layers create a stunning effect for bobbed hair. This elegant an easy to achieve style looks good on women of all ages. Hair tip: try using texture spray to enhance the shaggy effect.

16. Asymmetrical Long Cut

black women hairstyles asymmetrical Varying the length of hair creates texture and dimension. Asymmetrical cuts are the good choice for round-faced ladies and for calling attention to facial features.

17. Major Highlights

black women hairstyles major highlights Over the top highlights make a statement and a lot of colorists have more experience making them look really good. While this is not a cheap look to get at the salon, the results speak for themselves.

18. Opal Hair

black women hairstyles opal Not quite gray hair with pastel overtones is very popular at the moment. With a good gloss treatment, this look can be iridescent and pure hair magic.

19. All Natural Fro

black women hairstyles natural The Fro is a natural beauty basic. While some try to say this look is hard to manage, with the right conditioners and care, it can be a lovely look. If your hair is very coarse, a light relaxer can be helpful.

20. Twisted Braids

black women hairstyles twisted braids Braids are not all the same, and this look has the distinction of looking as much like curls as braids. Younger girls will love this but it is a timeless style so don’t be afraid to rock it.

21. Corn Rows

black women hairstyles corn rows There are a lot of ways to do cornrows. A good braider can come up with designs and looks that are real pieces of hair art.

22. French Braid

black women hairstyles french braids French braids keep longer hair under control during exercise or work and are pretty on top of it all. You can use hair gems or other accessories to add some extra fun to this look.

23. The Ultimate Wedge Cut

black women hairstyles wedge cut Wedge cuts are good for balancing out a rounder face. The stacked back means awesome texture, and you can even take it to another level with some creative design within the stack.

24. Stenciled Undercut

black women hairstyles stencil undercut This is a very hot look at the moment because it looks good and you can make it your own. Designs can be hard to do so leave this to a pro.

25. Chin Length Sleek & Shiny

black women hairstyles chin length Smooth and shiny hair always look good. Gloss treatments and ironing may be needed to keep hair this sleek. If using a weave, make sure it is Remy.

26. Side Swept Long Layers

black women hairstyles long layers Side swept looks are always sexy and perfect for a feminine look. Layers can be soft or for and edgier look, get them choppier.

27. Blunt Cut Bangs & Straight Mid Length Hair

black women hairstyles blunt bangs Blunt cut bangs draw attention to the eyes, and a mid-length cut means you have a lot of style options. Hair can be put up with ease or braided at times.

28. Pompadour

black women hairstyles pompadour The pompadour can be worn curly or straight, but it keeps its volume better with some wave and curl. The undercut section of your hair can be done a lot of ways, but very short is common.

29. Corkscrew Curls

black women hairstyles corkscrew Corkscrew curls are fabulous if a good line of curl defining styling products are used to prevent frizziness. This one of our favorite curl control products. This brand is formulated for women with curly hair.

30. Smooth Pony Tail

black women hairstyles smooth pony A smooth ponytail is a classic look that can go from work to the club and look fantastic with few touch ups. A straightening iron will help achieve this, or if you have naturally long hair, a keratin smoothing treatment will keep this look going for you.

31. Chocolate Balayage

bayalage The method of painting on custom highlights is a hot trend that is here to stay because of the beyond stunning results that can be achieved one each person. This can be tricky color so make sure to check out portfolios of a stylist before committing.

32. Lighten Up

black women hairstyles lighten up Lightening up your look doesn’t mean you have to go bleach blond. Coloring your hair a few shades lighter can make a big difference and look more natural.

33. Razor Scene Cut & Color

black women hairstyles scene cut These choppy cuts are very popular and are usually done to draw attention to the eyes. Hair is cut in a ton of different lengths. It can be a great cut to keep going home because you can keep layers trimmed with a razor comb.

34. Choppy Lob

black women hairstyles choppy lob The longer layered bob looks put together and stylish. Any stylist can get this look for you, and if you are handy, you can probably do it yourself with a bit of patience.

35. The Barely There Pixie

black women hairstyles barely there A very short look is daring, and no question low overall maintenance, but you need to be sure that you can take having hair this short. It does allow for easy use of wigs though so if you are a fan of changing your look a lot, there are benefits.

36. Short Razor Cut Bob

black women hairstyles short razor cut Razor cuts give amazing texture without a lot of styling in the morning. This is a cut that will grow out well and is a good length for adding in extensions at times.

37. Big Bun

black women hairstyles big bun This is a bit like the messy bun but more put together and well, just bigger! For those that have a lot of voluminous hair, this is the updo you need. We are talking to you gals with lots of gorgeous locks and curls that want an updo for the evening or work.

38. Smooth Red Lob

hairstyles for black women - smooth lob Red hair has a lot of range that people just do not realize. This dark red sleek look is one any girl will want to try.

39. Round Short Bob With Side Swept Bangs

hairstyles for black women - rounded bob Rounded bobs are hot, and side swept bangs does a good job drawing attention to your face and eyes. Keeping hair straight and smooth is the hardest part of nailing this look.

40. Choppy Blonde & Dark Brown

black women hairstyles choppy The streaky look is popular with just about all types of women now days and with plenty of good reason. You can have the best of light and dark hair beautifully blended, and it can even look interesting as it grows out and you have more of an ombre look.

41. Long Waves

black women hairstyles long waves Wavy hair gives you that curl looks without losing so much length or getting too voluminous. A curl defining styling lotion or spray can help waves look more pronounced and tame frizzies when humidity is a factor.

42. Very Long Hair

hairstyles for black women - extreme length Who doesn’t at least love the look of very long hair? The issue is you need to have some plan as to how you are going to make it manageable and not get in your way at work or play. Since you have so much length, there are so many artistic and beautiful ways to manage it. A large faux hawk braid can be stunning, and you can learn how to do it yourself online.

43. Long Loose Curls

hairstyles for black women - long loose curls Loose long curls are a romantic and fabulous touch to your hairstyle choices. You can do very beautiful updos with this choice, and for an edgy style, a few clip in colorful extensions can change up your look without a long commitment.

44. Loose Waves Above The Shoulder

hairstyles for black women - loose waves above shoulder This is one of the most popular black women hairstyles for those that want a shorter look and love beach texture. Bedhead makes a line of products that offer good holding power and texturizing capabilities for wavy looks. A little product goes a long way. Waves can look weighted down and greasy if you are using too much product.

45. Long Undercut

hairstyles for black women - long undercut Length meets fashion in this best of both worlds style. Stars such as Rihanna have often been seen with this style. Undercuts can provide a bit of mystery to your look because when hair is down, it can be hard to see what is laying underneath. Artistic designs are becoming more popular, and this is a fab way to express yourself by changing designs often.

46. Thick Corn Rows

Thick Cornrows for black women Posted on Instagram by @trlhairgrowthsystem Celebs from Nikki Manaj to Kim K to Cara Delevigne have pulled off these thick braids. We're picturing this summer style with giant-framed sunglasses.

47. Blonde Afro

Blonde Afro How can you not smile big when you look at these sunny curls? It's a hard look to pull off, and it's even harder on your hair. To keep bleached locks looking fresh and hydrated, use a conditioning product. Learn more about Trendy Afro Hairstyles for Women in 2022

48. Cropped Bob with Cornrows

Cropped Black Bob with Cornrows Just when we thought the half-up bun lost all originality, someone throws in cornrows and changes the game. This is one of the more unique black women hairstyles we have on our list.

49. Braided Bun

Tamera Mowrey braided bun Tamera Mowrey is never afraid to show off her long, braided locks.

50. Dainty Braids with Natural Waves

Chanel Iman Hairstyle Victoria's Secret Model Chanel Iman lets her hair loose every now and then, but these delicate french braids keep her locks from getting in her face.

51. Long and Sleek

Rihanna's long black hair Rihanna's no stranger to wigs and hair extensions. We're all about whatever it takes to get long locks, and this is one of our favorite black women hairstyles.

52. Half-Up High Pony

Beyonce Hairstyle Beyonce's blonde may not be natural, but we like it better than Becky's. Try using some fun hair ties to spice up your look.

53. Cropped Curls

Hairstyles for Black Women | Cropped Curls If you have natural curls and course texture, this cropped cut requires virtually no upkeep.

54. Layered Waves

Hairstyles for Black Women | Layered Waves Whether you're styling your natural hair, a wig, or extensions, layered waves are extremely versatile.

55. Curly Pixie

Hairstyles for Black Women | Curly Pixie One of Rihanna's most famous looks is her cropped mohawk with voluminous curls on top and shaved sides.

56. Half-Up Box Braids

Half-Up Box Braids for black women

Box braids can get heavy, especially if you have hair this long. Pulling into an elegant half-up style shows off the braids without worrying about them falling in your face.

57. Voluminous Curls

Voluminous Curls are great hairstyles for black women Rock these sexy, lucious curls on a night out. To get smooth, bouncy curls, straighten your hair with a flat iron first. Our favorite iron for coarse hair is the Platinum+ 1-Inch Styler. And then use a large-barrel wand to curl.

58. Small Braids, Medium Length

Popular Hairstyles for Black Women - Small Braids, Medium Length These braids are low-maintenance, lightweight, and super flattering. Watch this quick tutorial to learn how to best maintain braids and twists.

59. Kerry Washington Black Hairstyles

[caption id="attachment_9170" align="aligncenter" width="465"]Kerry Washington Hair Editorial credit: / Shutterstock.com[/caption] Kerry Washington is an icon when it comes to black hairstyles for women. We're loving her mahogany-colored highlights for fall!

60. Short Bob Black Hairstyles

[caption id="attachment_9174" align="aligncenter" width="465"]Rihanna Black Hairstyles for Women Editorial credit: / Shutterstock.com[/caption] Out of all of Rihanna's looks, this is one of our favorite black hairstyles for women. Use a hair gloss or oil for this smooth look.

Getting Your Ultimate Look - Black Hairstyles

Achieving a look that works best for black women hairstyles starts with looking at what matters most to you in terms of your hair. One of the best investments you can make is a pair of clip-in hair extensions, either to thicken and lengthen your hair, or to give you options after experimenting with a shorter haircut. Read more: The Complete Guide to Knotless Braids Trendy Brown Hair Colors and Brunette Hairstyles for 2022

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