50+ Best Short Tomboy Haircuts to Copy in 2024

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Updated 01-2-2024

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Side parting with the comb-over

Side parting with the comb-over


Side parting with the combover has a nicely put-together character: no contradictions, just simplicity and a noble vibe.

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A boyish haircut for women has been developing and evolving for so many years. Today, androgynous haircuts are a huge trend that is meant to emphasize your personality and character. If you’re looking for the most suitable tomboy cut for your appearance, remember that the perfect hairdo is the one you choose according to your face shape, hair texture in addition to your personal preferences. We are here to assist you in picking your very best tomboy hairstyle.

The peculiarity of the tomboy haircut

The peculiarity of the tomboy haircuttomboy_lifestyle_From gender stereotypes to a trend: tomboy hairstyles have done a long way from girls who were copying “male” manners, behavior, and image to an independent short haircuts fashion for everyone who likes the external features of the tomboy style.Tomboy cuts are believed to be easy hairstyles for short hair with no restrictions on the texture or thickness of your hair. A classic haircut in tomboy style is characterized by emphasized masculinity, carefree spirit, edgy look, and androgyny.A tomboy hairstyle is a pure manifestation of the sexual revolution and the fight for the right to any appearance and behavior. Such a haircut is popularised by numerous celebrities: Billy Eilish, Kristin Stewart, Pink, Miley Cyrus, Cara Delevingne…The Korean trend is also associated with a funky tomboy haircut these days, thus the hair length is not so significant anymore.An androgynous boyish haircut is not just a hairstyle - it’s a movement, which protests against gender identity and intolerance.

What are the most popular tomboy haircuts?

What are the most popular tomboy haircutstomboy_lifestyle_A classic tomboy haircut features straight bangs, short sides and back. It requires zero hair products and no or minimal styling. But if we dig deeper, there are some other rather popular tomboy haircuts:
  • Asymmetric haircuts (bob and pixie haircuts with diagonal cut lines, stacked back, or long bangs.)
  • Side parts
  • Wavy, tangled, and tousled cuts (they add volume and shape with little styling)
  • Tomboy butch short haircuts

Benefits of a tomboy haircut

Benefits of a tomboy haircutrahanzedman1When you manage to find your perfect tomboy haircut, you instantly get lots of bonuses:
  • short hair is low-maintenance
  • easy and quick styling since most tomboy hairstyles are messy and careless
  • versatile: works magic with casual and classic looks
  • a tomboy cut helps to emphasize facial features and balance the face shape
  • rejuvenates your image due to its lightness and free spirit
  • can add volume and texture to thin hair
  • looks amazing with different hair color experiments

Disadvantages of the model

Disadvantages of the modeliamllenny_Even a true hater of tomboy hairstyles can hardly find any downsides of this short hairstyle for all sorts of casual and fun events. Probably, the only issue that comes to mind is that you should always have a hair gel, hair wax, hair mousse, or a texturizing spray at hand if you wanna get a neat and fresh hairstyle. Also, those with round face shapes should pick the type of their tomboy cut thoughtfully so as not to emphasize the plumpness of the face.

Short Tomboy Haircuts and Hairstyles

Short Tomboy Haircuts and Hairstylesrommel.annaShort tomboy haircuts and hairstyles will come in handy if you’re up to a dramatic image change or just want to refresh your image, if you want to look a bit younger, if you’re a creative and lively person looking for experiment and adventure.Below, you’ll find a full range of options from a neat and collected look to a careless teeny weeny Afro tomboy haircut.Explore:

Shaved Sides Tomboy Haircut

Shaved Sides Tomboy HaircuthicoleyMany tomboy haircuts for girls feature either short-cut or shaved sides. This allows adding some edge and rebellion to the image. However, there are other pros: tomboy haircuts with shaved or faded sides visually elongate and balance the face shape, also, they balance the typical messy crown, making the whole hairstyle neat and on point.

Slick back look

Slick back lookrommel.annaJust for a change, you can consider sweeping your tomboy style back with a drop of styling gel and a comb. Thus, you can achieve a chic look or a simplistic basic image. If you wear big or bright accessories, you’ll direct the attention to them but if you don’t use them, the key point of your look will be your face, eyes, cheekbones, and lips.

Blonde Tomboy haircut

Blonde Tomboy haircuttomboy_lifestyle_Messy short spiky hairstyles go well with light and bright hair colors, including all shades of blonde. To style this spiky look, you’ll just need to spread some hair product between the palms and randomly disconnect your short hair with fingers.

Classical Tomboy Haircut

Classical Tomboy Haircutpoppy.naomiThis old hairstyle for tomboys is basic and versatile. It’s a recommended hairstyle for those with rectangular face or with traditional roundness of face shape. Lovers of a romantic style will probably be fond of this classic-fitting haircut.

Tomboy Haircut For Oval Face

Tomboy Haircut For Oval FacemichaelasrutkoIt’s incredibly easy to choose a tomboy buzz cut for a girl with an oval face shape - in this case, everything works magic. Thus, you should definitely try tomboy short female military haircuts at least once.

High Top And Shaved Sides

High Top And Shaved Sidescamilag.24Here is another way you can shave your sides with an edge. Sweep the longer top up and slightly curl with a round brush to achieve the perfect hairstyle from the picture.

Side part Tomboy hairstyle

Side part Tomboy hairstylelizadagsbergThere are two ways you can deal with tomboy haircuts for thin hair: either cut your hair extremely short and play with bright colors and creative elements or get layered side bangs with long hair and make a side part. Dark roots underneath the blond hair color will also assist in building the visual hair thickness.

Side-Combed High Top

Side-Combed High Topmaxumova_juliyaThis edgy tomboy pixie cut uses the same trick we’ve described above: if you sweep your short hairstyle to one side, you’ll get a cool volumized pixie that leaves nobody indifferent.

Wet Look

Wet Lookylenia94rinitiBesides sweeping your hair to one side, you can also add a wet hair effect by applying some hair gel and combing it through the crown. As for the sides, make a faded undercut - and voila: you have a low-maintenance tomboy haircut for round faces.

Platinum Tomboy

Platinum Tomboyiamllenny_Today, platinum blonde is the most popular hair color. Trendy short grey hairstyles are suitable for those with a cold skin undertone.

Asymmetrical Tomboy

Asymmetrical TomboyjentepaeshuyseCombine a side part with asymmetry in your tomboy haircut. If you have naturally curly and unruly hair, it’s also a great way to tame your entire head of curls and switch to a low-maintenance mode.

High-top fades

High-top fadesestefanyrnunessThe wavy texture on top gradually blends into bear skin-shaved sides. Looks dramatic and hot, doesn’t it?

Blown-out hairstyle

Blown-out hairstylepoppy.naomiIt’s not essential to build a sharp side shape - a blown-out and gently swept hair results in a natural tomboy haircut for everyday wear. This variation of a tomboy haircut makes a perfect background to put your face in the center.

Side parting with the comb-over

Side parting with the comb-overrommel.annaSide parting with the combover has a nicely put-together character: no contradictions, just simplicity and a noble vibe.

Short Tomboy Haircuts

Short Tomboy HaircutsofficialmarspShort haircuts are a solution for lazy heads: even if you ignore the haircare at all, your locks are highly likely to look cool anyway.

Pompadour Tomboy Haircut

Pompadour Tomboy Haircutloreta_shqiponjaPompadour hairstyles are not the type of hairdo you can rock every day. They take extra time, effort, and hair products, of course! But when you’re looking for something spicy and special, excellently done pompadour hairstyles are the right way to go.

Tomboy Haircut For Round Face

Tomboy Haircut For Round Facemaxumova_juliyaLow maintenance androgynous haircuts for round faces usually feature longer hair on top and shorter hair on the sides and back. Actually, this is the main secret of the right face proportions.

Masculine Tomboy Haircut

Masculine Tomboy Haircuttiffvny.jThe shorter you cut is the less feminine features it implies. Looking for maximal brutality? Go for a buzz cut. Trendy highlights for short hair and a sharp side shave design will personalize the hairstyle.

Messy Top And Shaved Sides

Messy Top And Shaved Sidespoppy.naomiTomboy short fluffy haircuts with bangs look playful and lightweight. Consider adding a bit of shine serum on long hair on top to get that alluring shine and gloss without weighing the crown down.

Tomboy undercut pixie

Tomboy undercut pixieingridelidawEdgy undercut short pixie cuts give you total freedom of styling on top. Sweep the hair back, let it fall on your forehead, spike up… tomboy haircuts for straight hair with an undercut are meant to switch your creativity on.

Chopped Bronze Balayage

Chopped Bronze Balayagemaxumova_juliyaFind a good hair colorist and dive into color experiments like this. Bronze balayage with silver shades takes a tomboy faux hawk for girls with short hair to another level.

Short Shag

Short ShagrainchmoUsually, a shag requires at least shoulder-length hair. But since tomboy hairstyles are meant to break all the stereotypes and bias, here we go with extremely short textured bob pixie that actually is a shag as well.


Mohawktomboy_lifestyle_Different interpretations of the rebellious mohawk hairstyle can also go in line with the tomboy trend. Both styles are soaked with the philosophy of freedom and equality.

Tomboy Pixie Haircuts

Tomboy Pixie HaircutsjossiiiePixie haircuts have always been on the edge of genders, so it’s no surprise all sorts of pixies qualify for this guide.

Long Top Curly Pixie

Long Top Curly PixiejhvlalouiseThick and wavy hair in this photo looks awesome in a messy hairstyle, which hasn’t gone out of hand. To control that unruly texture, keep the sides shaved short and neat.

Traditional Pixie Cut

Traditional Pixie Cut_dana_1998_A female simple undercut or a male basic style? In this androgynous haircut, the main focus is on longer airy bangs and slightly shaved temples. Avoid this voluminous bowl cut if you have a round face though.

Shaved Sides Pixie Cut

Shaved Sides Pixie Cutiamllenny_Looking for a change for your pixie undercut? Dip your locks into a cold ashy blond color and enjoy the update.

Pixie Tomboy With Fringe And Shaved Sides

Pixie Tomboy With Fringe And Shaved SidessinnersxintGet nostalgic with this 90s short haircut with a fringe, feathered texture, acid blonde highlights, and a modern twist.

Layered Blonde Pixie

Layered Blonde Pixiekirby_annaliseThis is not the way you expect to style those layers, right? But this is exactly the point of a tomboy cut! Take advantage of your layers to build a fantastic texture and shape on top of your head.

Funky Colored Pixie Cut

Funky colored pixie cutrainchmoIf going blonde is not enough fun for you, choose several colors (make sure they are suitable for your skin tone!) and mix them the way you like.

Tomboy Haircuts for Curly Hair

Tomboy Haircuts for Curly Hair_opalhaziza_Short curly tomboy haircuts save us from time-consuming styling, endless efforts to prevent the curls from frizzing, and even sweating on hot summer days.

Short Hair with Curly Top

Short Hair with Curly Toppoppy.naomiIf you’re not in the right mood for high and voluminous crowns, let your curly hair have rest on your scalp. Use some serum for a glossy effect.

Tousled Waves

Tousled WavesiamanaisabacheIf you don’t add layers to your medium-length wavy hair, you’ll get a square bob, which is not your goal, we bet. Such face-framing long layered hair in front will serve you to create an illusion of a more elongated face.

Funky Tomboy Hairstyle

Funky Tomboy Hairstylethe.darkozDon’t forget about the opportunity to grab your medium tomboy haircuts into a kind of ponytail or top knot. Versatile but stylish solution.

Messy High Top

Messy High Topiamllenny_Thick hair tomboy haircuts will hardly stand so high due to their weight. But if your hair is thin and lightweight, save this photo as a reference.

Silver Tresses With Dark Underside

Silver Tresses With Dark UndersideshmaaisDark curly hair with blonde streaks and emphasized facial features - can you find a look that is sweeter than this one?

Tomboy curly pixie cut

Tomboy curly pixie cutpoppy.naomiSplit your curly tomboy haircut into two parts with a central parting if you wanna change the image without cutting or coloring your hair.

Cute Tomboy Haircuts

Cute Tomboy Haircutslittle_xdemonTo complement your romantic outfit, check out these cute tomboy haircut ideas:

Piecey Fringe With Undercut

3 Piecey Fringe With Undercutrahanzedman1Mid fade with long hair on top is always a good idea. As for the piecey fringe, be ready to sweep it away from your eyes constantly since it might be rather irritating. But looks hot, indeed!

Asian Style Tomboy

Asian Style TomboyerisghoulA boyish Korean pixie haircut is not limited by a bowl slick bob haircut. Asian vibe is also about the colors, texture, and undercuts, for sure.

Blonde Tomboy Short Sides Long Top Female

Blonde tomboy short sides long top femaleiamllenny_This picture demonstrates how you can play with contrasting colors in your tomboy look: dark eyebrows and lashes plus snowy white cut make a breathtaking dance.

Tomboy Style For Thick Hair

Tomboy Style For Thick Hair__natze__Keep your round face thick hair tomboy haircuts medium length but not too long to avoid your heavy thick hair falling down and breaking the hairdo.

Bowl haircut

Bowl haircutiamllenny_Can we consider an updated bowl cut a Korean wolf cut for females? Who cares if the main rule of a tomboy haircut is NO RULES. The main secret is to adjust your favorite trends to the tomboy style basics and enjoy your unique personalized hairdo.

Frequently asked questions

Is it difficult to maintain a tomboy cut?

In general, androgynous tomboy haircuts are extremely easy to maintain due to their short hair length. However, the longer your cut is the more maintenance and styling it needs.

How fast will my tomboy cut grow back?

It completely depends on how quickly your hair grows, and how short you cut it. The average time frame is 6 to 9 months.

How can I get my pixie tomboy cut thicker?

Firstly, do regular trims to prevent the ends from splitting, which visually makes the hair thinner. Secondly, use styling products like a texturizing spray or a hair mousse. Thirdly, give your hair some texture with a curling iron or a hairdryer: an undercut short curly stacked bob will always look thicker than a straight hair bowl cut.

Can teenagers wear them?

Why not? Absolutely. You can help alter your teenage girl's short hair style with some color and shape ideas from this guide. Also, consider extra fun elements in a teenage tomboy haircut like sporty tomboy braids or a tomboy sidetails haircut.Tomboy cuts for females have been around for several decades and now have transformed into a huge trend for everyone.The modern interpretation of a tomboy cut has gone far from a standard boyish haircut - now, you can include lots of individualistic and catchy elements like an oblique, torn, or straight fringe, various hair colors, shaving in some areas. Now, the tomboy hairstyle is all about personality and uniqueness. Find your new look and get inspired with our new tomboy haircuts guide!

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