The Best Hairstyles for Round Faced Men

Published By Brooke
Updated 11-20-2014

Are You Struggling to Find a Hairstyle to Suit Your Face Shape?

 While we would all love the angular features of Ryan Gosling or the chiselled jaw of Matt Bomer (from the show White Collar), the sad fact is that 90% of men never will. BUT all is not lost; whatever your face shape there is some hairstyle dos and don’ts that will help make you look sexier than ever.

The characteristic of a round shaped face is that it tends to be equal in length in width, this tends to make the owners of said faces look cute and it can result in the softness of the jaw and cheekbones.



The most important thing to remember with a round shaped face is that you want to add height to draw attention away from the sides of the face. There are many different hairstyles that will suit men with a round shaped face, the best thing to do is to take these options to your hairdresser and ask which style best suits not just your face, but also your hair itself.


Three of the Best Hairstyles for Round Faces:


  1. Tall and Spiky Hair:

    The key in this hairstyle is that it balances the face out. The height of the haircut makes your face look longer, and the short sides draw attention away from the width of your face. Some round faced celebrities that have rocked this haircut, including Niall Horan from One Direction.

round face zac efron


  1. Short Back and Sides:

    Whether you go long and curvy on top, slicked back, or with an extreme undercut, the short back and sides always works for men with rounder faces. It elongates the face and gives the jaw line a more square appearance. This is a look that celebrities such as Elijah Wood pull off very well, and it gives him a much more of a chiseled edge than he actually possesses.




  1. Angular Fringe:

    If you are dying to have a fringe, then your only and best option is to go for an angular cut. This side swept style adds contrast to the wide cheeks, and this combined with short hair at the side will definitely make your face more angular and masculine looking.



Three Dont's for Round Faces:


  1. Straight Fringe: This will only accentuate the width of your face and make you look chubby.


  1. Length on the Side: Length on the side of the face will only make you face look wider, and draw attention to your cheeks.


  1. Centre Parting: It may work on some people, but a centre parting is more likely to widen your forehead and cheeks. Rather go for a side parting.



Finding the right haircut for the shape of your face is absolutely essential when looking at getting the newest haircut trend. Follow the guidelines in the article and you are bound to end up with a hairstyle that will complement your features, making you look sexier and harder to resist.

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