These Are The Best Hairstyles For Millennial Men

Published By Brooke
Updated 04-28-2016

There is no doubt millennials are some of the most fashion and style conscious generation we've ever seen. With the rise of social media in our society looking your best and portraying the image of yourself you want others to see is very important to this generation.

A sleek and modern hairstyle is one major way men in their 20's and 30's can upgrade their look. Here are just some examples.


Short sides are very popular for the modern man because it gives you a trendy and edgy style but also leaves room for several styles that can also look very classy.

The side part hairstyle is the best hairstyle for men that want to look great but also have a safe business friendly hairstyle that won't look too out of place amongst your peers.


Try a spiky hairstyle with a trimmed beard. Beards are a great addition to most modern hairstyles, they boomed in popularity and people thought they would be out of style by now, but men have really took to them and they don't seem to be going anywhere.


We discussed this hairstyle earlier, it's the evolved version of the ever so popular undercut. We've predicted it to be the most popular men's hairstyle.


Wanting to go very risky with your hair? Dye it all gray/silver. It's an amazing look if you can pull it off.


A tapered hairstyle is a classic barbershop specialty that is becoming ever so popular. Ask for a low taper and a long top to get a similar style.


From beards, man buns and to clean undercuts, all in all, millennial men love to look both classy and trendy with dozens of different looks to help them achieve their goals.

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