The Best Hairstyles for Men With Receding Hairlines

Want To Know How to Get the Best Out of Your Thinning Hairline?

 No one likes getting old. The aging process is perhaps one of the most depressing topics in our lives, and as men, the worst thing about aging is at some stage you are going to start losing your hair. Sometimes hair loss is not even linked to the aging process, and if you have somehow been bestowed with the receding hairline gene, then it can start as early as 19 years old.

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A receding hairline is something that you can fight; think comb-over and caps, or something you can choose to accept and deal with gracefully. The best thing to do for a head of hair that is starting to look a bit sparse is to get the right kind of haircut to not cover up, but rather detract from the obvious areas. Unless you are earning millions of dollars and can afford to get some sort of a hair transplant… cough cough Wayne Rooney.. Cough Donald Trump, then your best bet really is just to accept the inevitable and learn how to deal with it in the best way.


There are three main hairstyles that men with receding hair should go with.


  1. The Buzz Cut:

    Rather than growing your hair out longer, which will only accentuate how much less hair there is on the top of your crown, you should cut all your hair close to your head at the same length. This look is incredibly sexy and it helps to take attention away from your receding hairline, coupled with a bit of a beard- this haircut is hot as f*&k. The celebrities who it works for extremely well are Jason Statham and Daniel Craig, and these two effortlessly pull the look off, while looking absolutely smoking doing it.3ec14aefd968c038f07cd7b1ebb0f2e7 138d922a8752181983b86725fc20b055


  1. Close Cut With Top Texture:

    If your receding hairline is not bad enough yet to prompt the buzz cut, then getting a close cut with a slightly messy crown does the trick. This look is particularly delicious when the top of the hair is pushed forward into a small point at the front. This is a stylish look worn by the likes of Jude Law and George Clooney.8f286fd42d5b0d56abb3e11f0cb078d0 822793fe83551596bd26e06c61388b09


  1. Clean Shaven:

    While this may be the last resort to most men, a clean-shaven head can also be extremely sexy. If you are sick of trying the other looks or if your hairline is just too obvious, then this is the route to go. Bruce Willis made this look work for him, and it gives him an even more badass edge.

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The biggest don't dos for receding hairlines are:


  1. Comb-over:

    Just Don't


  1. Products:

    Too much hair gel will make your hair clump and reveal more of your scalp.800px-Hair_gel


  1. Long Hair:

    Long hair will not hide your problem, and will only accentuate how much your hair is thinning


Receding hairlines are one of the biggest fears for a man, but it doesn't need to be all doom and gloom. These three haircuts mentioned will go a long way to helping you embrace your hair and as celebrities have shown, these looks can be extremely dishy.

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