The Best Hairstyles of the 1990s

Published By Brooke
Updated 10-27-2016

The 1990s were not that long ago, so many people have an easy time remembering what things were like in that time period. This includes the type of hairstyles chosen, which many still wear today. There are a number of 90s hairstyles men today can still use any time they desire.

Short and Spiked

The 90s still had some long hair options, but many got back to short styles. The short and spiked look was one favorite choice. Countless men were seen cutting their hair short and spiking it up, often using gel to get it to hold in place for longer. Many kept the spikes short, while others opted for slightly longer ones.


Middle Part

The middle part was particularly used on teenagers, but several men opted for the look as well. Most would part their hair directly in the middle, and let their hair fall to each side. Some left the hair long, and others had it shorter. The common denominator was the part that stayed directly in the center of the head. Numerous popular TV stars were seen with the look, including Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Rider Strong.


Bowl Cut

The bowl cut was regularly seen in the 90s. This style was for medium length hair. It went all the way around the head at the same angle and length, resembling an upside down bowl. The hair typically fell right around a person’s eyebrows, sometimes higher or lower, depending on the length of hair the person chose to have.


High Flat Top

A popular African American style was the flat top. In the 90s, the style became more well-known for how high it could go. The high flat top can now be worn by anyone, as it just takes thick hair cut flat across the top after being styled upward. The style is more modern in the 2000s as men are buzzing the sides to help the style stand out even further.


Frosted Tips

Men dying or frosting their hair started by adding frosted tips. This meant lightening up the hair only on the ends that stood up, such as when the spiked design was used. Many used blonde to do this. Nowadays, men will add a variety of colors, including red or brown.


There are a number of 90s hairstyles men can still use today. Many men still do use these options, as it was not that long ago that the options existed. Hairstyles change regularly throughout the decades, yet many still hold dear the old styles that were once seen, whether on themselves or an older generation family member. The styles can continue to be worn for years to come as often as one sees fit.

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