Best Black Celebrity Hairstyles of 2017

black celebrity hairstyles

Celebrity hairstyles are always changing. It was hard to decide just which great black male celebrity hairstyles to highlight here. The guys on this list are always on the cutting edge of style and don't mind pushing the boundaries. Teamed with a great barber you too can get the look of your favorite stars.


Kanye West

black celebrity hairstyles

What list could be complete without Kanye West? As a designer of his clothing line and an award winning hip hop artist it is hard to believe that everyone doesn't know who he is. Kanye takes style seriously and chooses to keep his locks cut close and neat just like when he chooses to wear a beard. No doubt Kanye has the best barbers at hand no matter where he is.



black celebrity hairstyles

When Drake started trying to get into the better shape he unknowingly was set on the path of being the cause for a lot of black men to start growing beards. When Drake started showing his nicely trimmed close haircut that faded into his short and well-groomed beard, there was quite a stir among his fans. No doubt a lot of guys hoped that his style would benefit them.


Will Smith

black celebrity hairstyles

Over the years Will Smith has helped set the standard for black male celebrity hair. From his flat top and fades in the 90s to his cool close-cropped style now, Will Smith is always a trendsetter.  Now days Will usually stick to rounded close-cropped hair on top with a slight fade below that connects to his signature goatee and mustache. Will have never been much for larger beards, always keeping his cut short and neat and always trimmed to perfection.


James Harden

black celebrity hairstyles

This NBA star has long been known for his perfect natural beard and mustache. Harden has been growing his beard since 2008 and is not about to give it up. When asked what it would take to get him to shave it off he said it would have to go to charity, and he would need to raise at least $80K for the respective charities! James keeps his hair cut short but favors a longer style on top and a fade on the bottom. This style just takes some time achieve because of the beard growth.

Getting The Look

A lot of the styles above definitely require having a good barber on your side that understands exactly the look you want to achieve. Take the time to look at hair cutter reviews online and portfolios of their cuts. Remember that you get what you pay for. There is a good chance that the guy down the road giving $15 hair cuts is not going to take the time to do much more than buzz your head. A good cut is worth the extra cost and the time it takes to research who you are trusting your hair too.