Best Beard Styles Of The Year 2021

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Updated 01-2-2021

If you ask us, 2021 is the year of the beard. Whether you're looking to sport some light stubble or grow out a long, manly mane and beard, let us help you find the perfect fit. Check out the 12 best beard styles of the year!

Man Bun & Beard

Best Beard Styles Of The Year 2019 | Man Bun & Beard |
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2021 welcomes imperfections of all kinds, including your beard. There's no need to sport a flawlessly groomed 'stache if that's not your thing. From man buns to long, loose curls, we are in the midst of a season that is all for a tousled, texturized haircut and beard. However, this doesn't mean you should go full-fledged caveman and never groom yourself. You'll want to stock up on products that will thicken and texturize your locks, as well as keep your facial hair tame.

We recommend using a dry shampoo in between washes, as well as a texturizing cream after every shampoo. For your beard, use a beard balm or conditioner.

Disconnected Beard

Best Beard Styles of the Year | Disconnected Beard |
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We can't talk about beard styles without talking about haircuts, too. If you're going for a cleaner look, you've got to consider which hairstyle and beard combination will look the best. A full beard style like the one pictured will require a bit of maintence since it needs to blend into your haircut. With an undercut or a fade, be sure to show your barber a picture of how you want the top of your beard blending into your sideburns/haircut. (Or, bookmark this one for later!)

Full Beard and Mustache

Best Beard Styles Of The Year 2019 | Full Beard and Mustache |
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We'll call this beard style intentionally dishelved. It's far from perfect, but it's just messy enough that it looks manly and fashionable. If the low pony isn't your thing, be sure to check out these additional 35 haircuts for men with thick hair.

Salt and Pepper Beard

Best Beard Styles Of The Year 2019 | Salt and Pepper Beard |
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Along with full beards and man buns, 2021 loves a good salt and pepper hairstyle. There has never been a better time to sport gray hair as a man, whether you are 20 years old or 80 years old. It's as much of a fashion statement as it is a sign of aging now, so don't let getting older discourage you from embracing your God-given grays. And if you're not so sure about this beard style and haircut, check out these other top hairstyles for older men.

Long Beard and Short Haircut

Best Beard Styles Of The Year 2019 | Long Beard and Short Haircut |
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Long, full beards paired with short haircuts like fades and undercuts are one of the most popular men's hair trends of the year, and we can see why. It's a polarizing look, though, isn't it? When you see a grown-out beard, you expect to see shoulder-length locks, a man bun, or tattoos. But combining a fresh haircut with this grizzly look is nothing short of a fashion statement.

Thick Beard and Mustache

Best Beard Styles Of The Year 2019 | Thick Beard and Mustache |
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If you have thick, curly hair, your chances of growing a beard like this are much greater. But in order to maintain your facial hair, you've got to stay on top of grooming (here's 7 pro grooming tips to start!). You'll need a quaity pair of trimming scissors to stay on top of pesky mustache hairs that grow past your lip – or nose hairs that grow into your stache (it happens, we know). With a beard this course, it's also a good idea to add a beard and face wash to your stash, as well as a beard balm or conditioner to keep hairs from getting frizzy and unruly.

Designer Stubble

Best Beard Styles Of The Year 2019 | Designer Stubble |
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The "designer stubble" beard style is one of the most versatile looks that nearly any guy can pull off. It doesn't matter if you're rocking a man bun or a buzz cut, just a little facial hair helps add dimension to any face shape.

Goatee and Mustache

Best Beard Styles Of The Year 2019 | Goatee and Mustache |
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For a while, this beard style jumped ship, but we are starting to see the artsy, creative types bring it back to the spot light. From celebs like Johnny Depp to Brad Pitt, the goatee and mustache combo is classy and mature, but you can add a bit of edge to your look by rocking it with long hair or a man bun.

To keep your 'stache looking sharp, be sure to keep a beard comb on hand.

Sculpted Full Beard

Best Beard Styles Of The Year 2019 | Sculpted Full Beard |
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The beard and fade haircut will always be a match made in heaven if you ask us. You can't go wrong with a beautifully sculpted and well-maintained beard. But if you haven't mastered doing it yourself, check out our guide on How To Line Up Your Beard.

Barely-There Stubble

Best Beard Styles Of The Year 2019 | Barely-There Stubble |
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When you think "beard," you probably don't think of clean-cut Nick Jonas who's never been known to sport anything more than a 5 o'clock shadow. But what's the harm in that? One of the best-looking beard styles of 2021 is the "barely-there" beard, a light stubble that adds just a bit of definition to the jaw line and cheekbones without totally absorbing the face. This option is perfect for guys who aren't able to grow facial hair, but it works just as well for those who can but don't love the idea of hiding under a mountain of hair.

To keep your stubble maintained and consistent, use a pair of Wahl Magic Cordless clippers (they'll always be our faves).

Clean-Cut Beard

Best Beard Styles Of The Year 2019 | Clean-Cut Beard |
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Sporting medium-length stubble works for most men, especially when you keep it lined up and well-maintained. It's simple and under-the-radar, so if you're not looking to gain a ton of attention (if you work in an office, for example), this clean-cut beard style is the way to go.

Groomed 5 O'Clock Shadow

Best Beard Styles Of The Year 2019 | Groomed 5 O'Clock Shadow |
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The 5 o'clock shadown beard style doesn't need to look like you just rolled out of bed at all hours of the day. Lining up some light stubble with a fresh haircut is a perfect way to create a pulled-together new look.


Now that you've picked out which beard you like, let's find a haircut to finish off your new look.

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