Best Beard and Hair Combinations For 2017

Undercut and Beard

Beard and undercut

An undercut can help make thick hair manageable and easier to deal with in the summer months while still giving you some long hair versatility. The undercut can be worn very long on top or more moderate lengths; it is entirely up to the individual. As long as there is a long top and shorter bottom then you have an undercut. A lot of guys are keeping their beards less than 10 inches long that are choosing this style.

Fade and Medium Beard

fade and medium beardA fade can allow you to get creative with a stunning transition to your beard. This can look good no matter what the length of your top hair. A fade is a type of undercut but it takes it to a different level. This works well for guys that are comfortable with a more edgy look that attracts a lot of attention. These type of cuts can be very intricate and artistic if you want them to be. Expect to pay more for a style that is custom for you.

Goatee and Medium Layersmedium length and goatee

A choppy and shaggy cut reminiscent of the Beatles with a goatee can be a manly look that is easy to maintain and appropriate for any workplace. Layers can frame your face for a classy yet rustic look. Some are even choosing to let layers extend and fade down the nape of the neck.

Short and Messy With Light Beard

short and messy

The rustic look is definitely in but not all of us necessarily want the volume of hair required for some of the popular beard and hair combinations on the fashion runways. You can dress up this style a lot of ways such as parting your hair differently, spiking it, or creating textured waves.  A light beard can just be stubble from a few weeks of not shaving or a stylish goatee.