Beard Styles For Every Type Of Man

Beard Styles For Every Type Of Man

Beards are not only popular for one type of man. Any man can rock a beard no matter what look he has. Someone with an emo look is just as capable of sporting a beard as a lumbersexual. It just takes finding a style that works.

The Common Man

The common man can choose any style of beard he desires. With countless looks to choose from, there are a number of options available to suit each man's needs. A light beard is what many go for. It gives them a masculine look without being too overpowering. This is especially important for men with children who might enjoy tugging at the beard hairs.


The Athlete

The athlete usually does not want a thick beard because of his intense workouts and job nature. A thick beard will prove too hot and sometimes get in the way of what the athletic man is trying to accomplish. A beard on the lighter side is the best option for an athlete.


The Emo

Some men fall into the emo category, where punk rock is their music of choice and dark colors fit their clothing style. Emo men do not typically have beards, although they can. Those that do have them usually keep their beards a little thick, but not too long. Most do not want a beard to overpower the look they are trying to accomplish.


The Businessman

The businessman is known for being put together and slick. An unruly beard would not suit him well. Instead, a beard that is well-kempt and short  is a better option.


The Lumbersexual

The lumbersexual is a man who has a typical lumberjack look, often sporting a beard and plaid shirt. He also falls into the category of metrosexual, ensuring he is fashionable and in style with today's trends. The lumbersexual usually keeps a thick beard that covers the entire lower portion of his face.



The Older Man

The older man may have a beard full of grey, but he still wants to look stylish. Many older men choose to keep a full beard as long as they can.

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