31 Balayage Straight Hair Ideas to Spice Up Your Look

Published By Brooke
Updated 06-13-2022

Getting a balayage for straight hair and wearing it straight as well is the way to go for perfectionists in case your colorist is perfect too. The thing is balayage hair implies gradual color fade – and while on wavy or curly hair some insignificant flaws won't be noticed due to the hair movement, a straight hair balayage style requires a perfect blend from one hue to another without any spots or gaps on colored hair. Also, the shades should be chosen according to the skin tones and the client's hair color.
Indeed, it’s hardly possible to hide a flaw in color gradation on straight locks, so it's crucial to go to a professional if you want to get the perfect balayage hairstyle and wear it straight. Each mistake is attention-grabbing here.

Breathtaking Balayage Styles For Straight Hair

Breathtaking Balayage Styles For Straight Hair


Balayage for straight hair is not the same for mid-lengths, short hair, and long hair. Long locks are the cool factor of a beautiful balayage that is gradual and smooth. Shorter hair usually features high contrast between the dark base and lighter tips.
Generally, the balayage hairstyles imply just the right amount of extra color blended into the darker roots to achieve a natural-looking color dimension. However, in fact, there are numerous balayage options for straight brown hair: honey balayage straight hair, golden balayage, white balayage, caramel balayage straight hair, reddish tones brown hair balayage, partial balayage straight hair.
Why balayage hair has been keeping its popularity for such a long time? Probably, the most important thing and the key factor is that the balayage technique is surprisingly low-maintenance. No worries about the grow-outs – balayage highlights let your roots grow and look naturally!
Stop just watching those amazing golden highlights on celebrities and your friends – now, it's your time to give a new life to your straight strands and get into the spotlight!

Medium-Length Balayage

Medium-Length Balayageun.rooted

Honey caramel highlights on dark brown hair, straight from dark chocolate brown base to honey blonde medium length layered cut. The lighter your honey balayage on brown hair is, the more dramatic and bright this light refreshing style is.

Blonde Balayage Highlights

Blonde Balayage Highlightsmanegirljilly

Dreams about blonde straight hair come true even if your default settings are dark brown hair color. Coming through bleaching, you can achieve this light blonde balayage no matter what your hair is hardwired for.

Caramel Balayage on Straight Hair

Caramel Balayage on Straight Hairtaylor.your.hair

Sometimes, girls with long straight brown hair get bored with their style and that's the turning point when it's time to create. Balayage for straight hair in warm caramel shades makes the whole look rather soft and natural. Golden blonde highlights in the front visually emphasize any face shapes in the best light.

Blonde Balayage and a Money Piece on Straight Hair

Blonde Balayage and a Money Piece on Straight Hairhairbyparisleanne

Here is a similar balayage hair straight idea combined with a money piece like the previous one. However, this golden blonde balayage comes for mid-lengths. Here, most of the hair is preserved in its natural deep dark color, so it won't look artificial on girls with darker skin shades. Such caramel balayage for brown hair medium length is total fun and easy.

Delicate Purple Balayage Bob

Delicate Purple Balayage Bobhayleylewishair

You're totally misled if you think that balayage means blonde highlights only. In reality, any color can work as a refreshing agent for black straight hair. This delicate purple dark hair balayage straight hair long bob is the proof. Save this medium-length balayage hair idea and incorporate something similar during your next salon visit.

Light Brown and Icy Blonde Balayage

Light Brown and Icy Blonde Balayageluxehairstudioashleycross

This long blonde balayage straight hair with edgy razor-cut ends and gradual transition from light brown roots to icy blonde is a great way to go. However, bear it in mind that your hair color hue has to hang together with your skin undertone. No other restrictions exist concerning this platinum balayage.

Asymmetric Bob with Multicolored Balayage

Asymmetric Bob with Multicolored Balayagekawaicat_salon

And definitely, you can go as far as your creativity leads you. Thus, with balayage on straight hair, you're never limited to 1-2 colors only. Go for a rainbow if you're up to it! An asymmetric lob with a side part will look brand new if highlighted in this way.

Sunkissed balayage brown hair straight

Sunkissed balayage brown hair straightsamjwalshhair

Brown hair with blonde highlights in this photo is a representation of the most popular bronde balayage variation for long straight hair. However, its popularity won't diminish its low maintenance, versatility, and just a gorgeous vibe. Even such a non-contrasting solution will make a huge difference.

Silver balayage straight hair

Silver balayage straight hairivana.zalica

Silver and ash blonde balayage are amazing hair color ideas for shoulder-length straight hair. This noble color is so eye-catching that it has been keeping its top-trend position for many years so far. Medium-length balayage straight hair is a basic and simple but still so popular hair solution.

Walnut bronde balayage straight hair

Walnut bronde balayage straight hairb_hair_studio

Balayage on dark brown straight hair can become a challenge since the color of highlights can turn out to be far from your expectations. Indeed, it's not an easy task to go blonde from dark roots, so why don't you opt for a walnut brown balayage option instead? Light brown balayage is a perfect technique to blend your dark roots into lighter blonde ends, full of dimension.

Champagne Blonde

Champagne Blondekmedlin_hair

Do you know what the magic effect of balayage on thin straight hair is? This French hair coloring technique gives the essential depth and dimension to those fine locks, saving the whole look. Remember that bronde balayage is a commitment!

Honey Blonde on Short Hair

Honey Blonde on Short Hairbethanemlynhair

In this caramel balayage short hair straight technique, highlights are hand-painted or “swept” on the surface of selected sections of hair. Due to the honey blonde swept onto the surface of the hair, the effect is a rather natural sun-kissed glow, not strictly patterned like ordinary highlights.

Vanilla Blonde Balayage for Straight Hair

Vanilla Blonde Balayage for Straight Hairalyvia.tousledsalon

Save this light ash brown balayage straight hair idea for your next visit to your hairdresser. To keep your blonde highlights on brown hair straight from fading, wash it with cool water, minimize heat usage, schedule regular glaze appointments, wet hair with purified water before going in the pool or saltwater.

Chestnut Brown and Caramel Balayage

Chestnut Brown and Caramel Balayagestyledby_katie

And this pic is an awesome demonstration of the balayage on Asian hair. As you can see, warm shades like honey blonde balayage caramel balayage on black hair straight look rather innate. Make sure your dark blonde and light brown balayage for straight hair goes in line with your eyes and skin color.

Long Multi-Tonal Blonde Balayage

Long Multi-Tonal Blonde Balayagebalayagebymelita

Oh, that magic of unbelievably long hair! A dark brown blonde balayage straight hair like this is guaranteed to get more compliments than an average balayage bob.

Ash blonde balayage straight hair

Ash blonde balayage straight hairhairbysalah

This is one of the best natural balayage brown hair straight variations. Such a gentle dirty blonde balayage on straight hair is hard to recognize. However, it significantly adds up to the total look, refreshing the strands with ash-blonde streaks.

Rose Gold

Rose Goldhair_by_vivien

Never forget you've got an unlimited amount of balayage color options. Rose gold light brown balayage straight hair will make you stand out, indeed.

Long Dark Red Balayage

Long Dark Red Balayageplatinum_revival

Red balayage straight hair might look a bit odd, unexpected, or too bright, but who cares if this is exactly what your soul is looking for? Just go for it, no regrets.

Auburn Balayage on Straight Hair

Auburn Balayage on Straight Hairvolume_hair.dp

This auburn balayage with blonde strands is a bit less extreme solution compared to the previous one. However, despite its elegant and rather delicate vibe, it's still standing out. And one more thing about straight locks: you can always curl them with a curling iron for a change.

Brunette and Grey Balayage

Brunette and Grey Balayagehairbysalah

Oh, this brunette balayage straight hair style is an absolute love. No way it goes unnoticed no matter where you are. This is probably the most-wanted hair color brunettes are striving for.

Choppy Brunette Bob with Lavender Balayage

Choppy Brunette Bob with Lavender Balayagehairbydaynalance

Just short straight hair with highlights seems too boring. Lavender touch is not a big deal but still is a real game-changer. Sometimes, all the magic is about a catchy color accent at an appropriate place.

Mermaid Green Balayage

Mermaid Green Balayagebbshairboutique

For a careless tearaway or just a bright persona, we've got this mermaid green dark brown balayage straight hair idea. Sure, you can go for turquoise or blue instead, or even mix all of them – to your liking.

Rounded Asymmetric Bob with Cherry Red Balayage

Rounded Asymmetric Bob with Cherry Red Balayagejennys_salon

This layered bob with balayage on straight black hair looks exactly like a ripe cherry in mid-June. Juicy, bright, alluring, and sweet – who can resist this beautiful rounded asymmetric bob with cherry red balayage?

Midnight and Baby Blue Balayage Graduated Bob

Midnight and Baby Blue Balayage Graduated Bob


What if we add some midnight and baby blue to dark brown balayage on short hair straight style? We'll get this magnificent and enchanting graduated bob that looks incredibly authentic and unique.

Light Rose Gold Balayage Brown Straight Hair

Light Rose Gold Balayage Brown Straight Hair


We are used to seeing rose gold shades on light brown and blonde hair, but you can also adjust them to darker roots as well. This textured bob and pink-rose-gold balayage work magic for the Asian hair type.

Toffee balayage brown hair straight

Toffee balayage brown hair straightmarisatramirez

Turn your brown hair with highlights into a sweet candy with a toffee-shaded balayage. No way anyone resists the temptation to compliment your hair or, at least, ask why it looks so lively.

Biscuit balayage straight hair

Biscuit balayage straight hairhairby_maddieneary

Meet another sweet delicacy on our list of the most unique straight hair brown to blonde balayage solutions. These shades are total magic. If your natural hair color allows for these biscuit roots, it's a crime not to try out this fantastic balayage idea.

Lilac Frost Balayage on Straight Hair

Lilac Frost Balayage on Straight Hairthebangbangcollective

With lilac frost highlights, straight hair is meant to level up. It's an awesome tric for natural blondies who can easily get that gentle pastel lilac hue. Make sure your colorist is a pro and just go for it, girl!

Blunt Lob with White Blonde Balayage

Blunt Lob with White Blonde Balayagecharlotte.cole.hair

Probably, this long bob balayage straight hair solution is not a surprise for you, but we bet you can never go wrong with this well-tested style. Medium-length blonde balayage straight hair is the way to go if you wanna experiment with your image with minimal risks.

Choppy Bob with Bright Blonde Balayage

Choppy Bob with Bright Blonde Balayagehair_lounge_struwwelpeter

A choppy bob with bright blonde balayage is a great idea for older women who look for volume, thickness, and lux for their thinning locks. This is a win-win cut plus a win-win color combo.

Ash brown balayage straight hair

Ash brown balayage straight hairsymranbhogalhair

If this ash brown balayage straight black hair looks great on straight hair, it will certainly look fantastic on wavy hair as well.


Is balayage nice on straight hair?

Yes, absolutely. Irrespective of your hair length and texture balayage looks fabulous. However, remember that your stylist's skills should be advanced since the smallest mistakes can't be hidden on straight hair. Also, it's better to keep it at least shoulder length to allow for a decent smooth color fade.

What looks better on straight hair highlights or balayage?

Both techniques are meant to create a natural-looking hue. Still, the balayage style blends the colors throughout the length of hair giving dimension to straight hair. Classic highlights look more outstanding and bright, with a less gradual change from dark hair to the shades lighter.

How long does balayage last for?

Usually, it takes balayage hair 3-4 months to start fading slightly. The brightness and longevity of the color depending on your daily care products and using a purple shampoo. However, even at this stage, you can keep wearing the style without a touch-up. Meanwhile, traditional foil highlights desperately need refreshments every few weeks.

What does a balayage do to your hair?

Is balayage damaging to your hair? Does balayage ruin your hair? Since balayage is a kind of chemical processing treatment and implies bleaching in most cases, it can't but cause some damage to your strands. Still, most colorists use less toxic colorants and bleaches these days, and also include hair repairment procedures in the coloring procedure.

Have you chosen which style of balayage you want to adjust to your hair type? Hopefully yes as we've done our best to collect the most up-to-date and diverse gallery of balayage hair ideas for straight hair to any taste.
Create your unique image, try different tones, spice up that good old brown base with light shades in a flattering way.

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