44 Stunning Ideas How To Balayage Short Hair

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Updated 05-11-2022

From TikTok, Pinterest, and Instagram trends, from magazine spreads, and from TV shows, you can figure out one of the most long-lasting and versatile hair coloring technique – the balayage. But what you can see pretty much everywhere is that the balayage coloring is mostly associated with long hair. Nevertheless, there are so many beautiful balayage short hair ideas! And this gallery is full of diverse eye-catching short hair balayage solutions.

The technique itself involves freehand painting of dye or fading highlights on the hair that results in a seamless color gradation from dark roots to lighter or colored ends. As a result, you can get a natural sun-kissed look, add some depth and thickness to fine hair, and give a fresh touch-up to your thick brown hair. The only condition is to find the professional hands and eyes of a highly trained colorist since getting balayage done is a sophisticated process.

To experiment with your short hair color ideas, we’ve prepared 44 inspirational ideas for balayage short hair to feel like a celebrity:

Balayage Short Hair - introduction


Balayage for Short Hair

Does balayage work for short hair? Are you still asking?

We have a lot of proof for you that this hair trend works magic for clients with short hair, and mid-length hair, including bob hairstyles and pixie cuts.

On short hair, balayage hairstyles can range from very noticeable dark-roots-blonde-ends shifts in color to very subtle beach hair variations.

The color choice is also almost unlimited: from a high contrast balayage money piece hair to subtle highlights. Save the references from our guide and ask your colorist to give you an adjusted version that will match your skin tone and roots color.

Balayage for Short Hair


Blonde Balayage on Short Hair

Blonde Balayage on Short Hair


This black to blonde balayage on short hair demonstrates the nature of bleaching dark hair in this technique. Smooth gradation is achieved despite the high contrast balayage highlights. Be prepared that it may take you several visits to a colorist with a 3-months break to bleach blonde balayage on very dark hair.

Balayage Highlights for Long Bob

Balayage Highlights for Long Bobprettyinblonde_

Bright blonde streaks on a long bob create the illusion of a fantastic lightweight volume. To intensify this effect, you can also apply some texturizing spray to previously curled hair in order to get the maximum out of this funky and sassy look.

Brown balayage on short hair

Brown balayage on short hair


Foil highlights would never look so subtle and natural as this soft honey balayage ombre on an angular bob. Whether you wear it straight or wavy, this technique will accentuate natural layers and curves anyway.

Caramel Blonde Balayage on Inverted Lob

Caramel Blonde Balayage on Inverted Lobpalettesalonstudios

Short caramel blonde balayage is the perfect pick for the new season. Caramel color with a creamy blonde shade, and A-line cut on a shoulder-length bob work together to warm up your hairstyle. With curtain bangs and layers, such caramel balayage short hair will look cool on straight strands too.

Pixie Cut with Red and Blonde Balayage

Pixie Cut with Red and Blonde Balayagebazookaburgs

Do you remember how we told you that shoulder-length balayage hair is not the only solution and that a pixie cut is also an appropriate background for balayage highlights? No doubt, the fade can’t be as impressive and smooth as it is on long hair, but still not bad, huh?

Short Auburn Balayage Hair

Short Auburn Balayage Hair_ellascissorhands_

Save this photo as proof that blonde highlights and beachy waves are not the only way to go with balayage for short hair. This choppy bob brunette hair is spiced up with auburn red ends, giving this look a rebellious edge.

Brunette A-Line Bob with Face-Framing Highlights

Brunette A-Line Bob with Face-Framing Highlightshairby_michellesavic

A few metallic shades do make a difference! Here we see how dramatically this lob changes due to face-framing balayage. To achieve this discreet and even shimmery sparkling silver balayage on dark hair, all the highlights except the front strands should be tiny and thin.

Burgundy Balayage Bob

Burgundy Balayage Bob


Have some fun and experiment with sophisticated burgundy balayage highlights and red wine shades on top of your shaggy bob. These colors are especially flattering, especially against the dark base color.

Red balayage on short hair

Red balayage on short hairfriseursalonatmosphair

And here is another unboring idea of a major hair transformation by means of balayage coloring technique, messy layered waves, and outstanding red color.

Short Dark Hair with Blonde Highlights

Short Dark Hair with Blonde Highlights


When blonde hair color ideas are circling in your head but you’re a natural brunette with zero experiments in hair change, partial blonde balayage is exactly what you need. Subtle but expressive, such highlights on short brown hair require using a purple shampoo that helps prevent ruining that alluring blonde.

Ash Blonde Balayage Ombre on Dark Hair

Ash Blonde Balayage Ombre on Dark Hairstyledbyeduardo

The dimension and longevity you get with balayage highlights make this hair color solution such a time-resistant trend. Ash-blonde balayage stands against darker roots looks especially charming with the central parting and careless waves. The average retouch time for a similar short blonde balayage is between 3 to 9 months.

Shaggy Bob with Blonde Balayage

Shaggy Bob with Blonde Balayagehairbylc_

Balayage short dark hair will get a fresh vibe if you create extra volume and shaggy texture. Definitely, a shaggy bob with face-framing balayage looks far more gorgeous than an ordinary natural color bob for shorter hair.

Natural Brown Hair with Barely-There Red Highlights

Natural Brown Hair with Barely-There Red Highlightshiptall

It’s not only naturally sun-kissed strands that can create this “barely there” effect. This balayage is subtle despite the highlights are red highlights in it. Just look how gracefully red balayage highlights blend into natural brown hair color.

Black Hair with Brown Highlights

Black Hair with Brown Highlightslukeormsbyhair

It’s not only women with blonde highlights who can have all the fun. Here’s a fabulous mix of stand-out colors for brunettes mixed in brown balayage short hair. With light brown balayage highlights, you get all the virtues of this hairstyle with minimal effort.

Ice Blonde Balayage Highlights on a Soft Wavy Blonde Bob

Ice Blonde Balayage Highlights on a Soft Wavy Blonde Bobhairby_michellesavic

These beachy waves are full of ice and air. Such dirty blonde hair color ideas can either add texture and volume to thin hair or make thick hair more lightweight. To get this cute movement in your hair and avoid heat styling, you can try making a knot or two knots and wear them for at least 5 hours. After you get them undone, add some texturizing spray on top.

Chin-Length Bronde Balayage Highlights

Chin-Length Bronde Balayage Highlightsmyramagpiehair

Oh, this magnificent chin-length blunt bob with a touch of asymmetry, careless waves, and beautiful blonde highlights! This short haircut is an example of maximal balayage on a rather light base hair color. Warm and cool tones of blonde make this balayage unique and artistic.

Short and Messy Balayage Brown Bob

Short and Messy Balayage Brown Bobmadi.v.artistry

This short brunette balayage with A-line cut and honey caramel highlights is an option for casual outfits and occasions. Due to the edgy cut and the added texture, this style is a life-saver for girls with fine hair.

Golden Blonde Balayage for Short Curly Hair

Golden Blonde Balayage for Short Curly Hairurbanbloomcurls

And here is the picture for all curly girls who think that balayage doesn’t work for naturally curly hair! Here it works! Just as well on Afro curls as it usually does on straight hair. And it does make a huge difference to the dark brown hair, adding definition and highlighting the curls through gold hair dye ideas.

Dirty Blonde Hair with Balayage

Dirty Blonde Hair with Balayagedondyed

Dirty blonde is a popular hair color for short hair. Eye-catching and totally on-trend, this greyish-brown balayage with bangs works so well all over the dark brown hair. Also, balayage is a good way to hide or mask your naturally greying strands.

Subtle Honey Blonde Balayage

Subtle Honey Blonde Balayagehairby_kat_

These honey-colored, creamy highlights look too natural to be referred to as “balayage highlights”. But their existence is not meaningless: despite we can hardly identify the coloring, we can definitely notice the effect it gives – that soft edge added to shadowed roots leading to a more natural-looking lob.

Purple Balayage for Short Hair

Purple Balayage for Short Hairbeautybysammieyeo

This purple balayage with face-framing highlights is just breathtaking. 100% mainstream color nowadays is put on top of deep black hair. This balayage idea stands out in this gallery as a modern and trendy one.

Mahogany Brown Balayage for Short Hair

Mahogany Brown Balayage for Short Haircocoonshair_landshut

This is an example of just a tiny touch-up in case you got a thought that your short brown hair is boring. Just a small touch of honey will emphasize the rich and glossy brown color of your stacked bob and add a sun-kissed finish. It’s all about details.

Volumizing Balayage

Volumizing Balayageellebeauty___

This balayage on a long bob is highly-contrasting and volumizing. This color idea looks cheeky and sweet on ladies of all ages, on wavy, curly, and short straight hair. Choppy layers and a slightly tousled finish make the style quirky and modern.

Sleek Short Balayaged Hair

Sleek Short Balayaged Hairthekliniksalon

If you’re one of those straight-haired girls that often complain about their locks looking too flat, a blonde balayage from your hairstylist is the way to achieve that desired dimension. You can wear your balayage in a sleek flat-ironed bob, or give it some texture and volume with a hairdryer and a texturizing spray.

Short Shaved Hairstyle with Balayage

Short Shaved Hairstyle with Balayagemathilda_vackercs

And meet another pixie undercut balayage mixture. The daring, sexy, and a bit extravagant look of this asymmetric side shave with balayage touch-up will skyrocket your style to new heights!

Easy Dimensional Romantic Waves

Easy Dimensional Romantic Wavesdanipazhb

Impress the world with a dramatic change without changing the hair length – just incorporate some chunky sparse highlights. A kind of French balayage with random waves and caramel hair strands is a safe way to start your hair coloring journey if you’ve never tried it before.

Dark balayage short hair

Dark balayage short hairnatalie_lifeandcolour

When you feel that your dark bob needs refreshment, here is the way to go. To maintain this chocolate brown balayage, keep it healthy, long-lasting, and on point, use blue shampoos regularly.

Layered Dimensional Style

Layered Dimensional Stylesalonblissful_mesa

Not only can balayage short hair highlights add dimension and movement, but it’s also used as a well-tested tool to frame the face. Get inspiration from this subtle warm balayage with bangs and bring it to your life.

Blunt Cut Blonde Balayage Bob

Blunt Cut Blonde Balayage Bobmiaofmargate

Hey sweety, you better sit down as this lived-in blonde bob balayage with a blunt cut is just killing! It’s a perfect match for a confident, powerful, and wild lady.

Short Sun-Kissed Style

Short Sun-Kissed Stylelive_love_dohair

Balayage – or just add depth. This tricolor makes this mid-length cut so deep and rich. Ice blonde drops and dark blonde hair strands fall down the shoulders fading from dark brown roots.

Midnight Blue Balayage

Midnight Blue Balayagethemaneeventsalonandspa

The midnight blue and purple blend will come in handy for women with black bobs to make a change. Choose this shade only if your skin tone is cool.

Long Bob with Crimson Red Balayage

Long Bob with Crimson Red Balayagehairbysarahhelena

To maintain your reddish balayage highlights, wash your hair less often or at least cheat by using a shampoo and conditioner one day and just a conditioner another day. Also, washing your hair in cool water can help to keep the vibrancy of your red color.

Short Bob Platinum Blonde Balayage

Short Bob Platinum Blonde Balayagemakeupbyhlutea

Grey hair undoubtedly is another trend that doesn’t fade: models and celebrities are regularly rocking glorious grey shades on top of their hairstyles. Platinum blonde and greyish shades blend seamlessly into natural color, so it’s a win-win idea for a new balayage style.

Short Shaggy Rose Gold Balayage

Short Shaggy Rose Gold Balayagecarlieroehairstylist

Just like the red and pink balayage short hair, to keep the rose gold balayage, you should minimize your hair washes, use a color-safe dry shampoo, and a cool water when washing your hair.

Caramel and Chocolate Balayage

Caramel and Chocolate Balayagekeyslayshair

Not so natural, but with an outstanding statement. Why limit yourself to a solid hair color if you can pull a caramel balayage on black hair and get a very interesting dimensional style instead?

Royal Gray Balayage on a Lob

Royal Gray Balayage on a Lobhairby.chesca

Gray hair nowadays has become a huge trend. Thus, unless your flattering gray shades aren’t your natural hair color, you have to do your best to save the color. Grey should be washed as little as possible – maximum, twice a week. To support the neat look, better opt for a dry shampoo between the washes.

Shadow Root and Balayage

Shadow Root and Balayagesalon.nine

This soft honey brown and ash highlights add movement and contrast without looking too extraordinary or out of place.

Silvery Blonde Balayage for Medium Hair

Silvery Blonde Balayage for Medium Hairhairbysare_

If your natural hair is very dark brown, it’s better to go lighter and lighter gradually every 4-6 weeks, also maintaining the health of your hair. Indeed, it’s a big challenge to accomplish this silver hair on a very dark base. But the result is worth all the efforts.

Tri-Color Balayage on a Bob

Tri-Color Balayage on a Bobelle.mcm.beauty

How about a relaxing mermaid vibe on top of your short dark hair? Just another wonderful balayage idea for the summer season.

Warm Blonde Balayage Hair Idea

Warm Blonde Balayage Hair Ideahairextensionsby_carmen

Dark roots are blending into warm blonde creating a careless relaxed look.

Lavender Balayage for Short A-Line Haircut

Lavender Balayage for Short A-Line Haircuthairbynoora

Here is a unique creative balayage idea to perform on top of blonde hair with a drop of lavender hue. Not a long-lasting option, but still very outstanding!

Cinnamon Balayage Bob

Cinnamon Balayage Bobelbiutipr

Looking for a cozy and warm touch-up for your soft brown hair? Embrace some cinnamon lightness to add depth to your hair, and make your eyes shine.

Light ash brown balayage short hair

Light ash brown balayage short hairmorenamidhairstylist

For more contrast and extra impact, opt for ash highlights on top of dark hair. This look is all cool and classic – perfect for your busy office days.

Asian blonde balayage short hair

Asian blonde balayage short hairflossyhair.yadiramc

Besides creating the contrast between the roots and ends, in Asian balayage, you can also play with the contrasting skin tone and the highlighted facial features.

Tips for keeping balayage on short hair healthy

Tips for keeping balayage on short hair healthyflossyhair.yadiramc

The secret to amazing hair color in-between salon visits is all about maintaining the color at home and keeping your locks healthy. Here are some basic tips on how to keep your balayage on short hair shiny and healthy:

  • Hydrate. The main need is hydration – nothing new, just the essential for any hair’s health. Use a moisturizing hair mask at least once a week for maintaining color fresh for a longer time. Hydration will also prevent breakage.
  • Avoid Sun Exposure. For sure, you barely can avoid walking under the sun but what depends on you is using UV filters to prevent color loss and fade. You’ll get this effect with a protective leave-in conditioner or hairspray with sunscreen.
  • Avoid Heat Styling. Here the blow-dryer, curling iron, and hair straightener go. Try to minimize using these styling tools, and also always remember about applying a heat protectant.
  • Toning. There is no way to keep the color forever without toning it. SO, be ready to visit your salon once every 3-4 months for a touch-up.
  • Avoid Chlorine and Copper. These can be found in swimming pools. Chlorine and copper can turn your short blonde balayage into a green one.


Is balayage suitable for short hair?

Yes, absolutely! Balayage is NOT just for our young long-haired girls. It can be applied to all lengths of hair, even the shortest pixie cuts can benefit from the balayage hair trend.

When dealing with bobs and shoulder-length hair, frame the face by reinforcing the highlights around the eyes and chin.

And also remember that your short hair doesn’t set you free from the appropriate haircare routine to keep the color longer and retain moisture.

Can you do balayage on short layered hair?

Balayage will look stunning on short layered hair if the layers and the highlights pattern are in harmony. Also, adding layers to a balayage short haircut will double the dimension and texture, accentuating the playful curves of the strands.

How long does a balayage take on short hair?

Balayage is based on the highlights and the duration of the balayage coloring depends directly on the length and thickness of your hair as well as the intensity of the balayage highlights you prefer. On average, balayage on short hair takes from 45 minutes to 3 hours.


Summing up, we wanna emphasize something you’ve probably noticed by yourself in our gallery: the experiments with balayage on short hair can look even more diverse and spectacular than on long hair. Thus, this is an idea worth trying.

Remember that balayage requires a high level of your colorist’s expertise.

Make your hair natural, juicy, and dynamic, get the most of your short straight hair with one of these stunning balayage short hair colors.

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