26 Best Balayage on Black Hair Ideas Trending in 2024

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Updated 02-10-2024

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Balayage black hair with blonde highlights

Balayage black hair with blonde highlights_danielledoeshair

This hair solution involves the win-win trick: a delicate color gradation from a dark root to a blonde tone. Just the classic that always works magic and implies zero risks.

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With a balayage on black hair, you'll feel the gentle kisses of the sun and kick-start the summer season no matter what calendar date it is... or make it never end!Indeed, balayage is meant to bring those joyful and airy vibes of long summer nights, so windy and full of flavors. This sophisticated coloring technique transforms a flat dark hairstyle into a voluminous, texturized, and deep - with a myriad of dimensions and hues.Another upside of balayage hairstyles for black hair is that they bring life to boring tresses without any hassle with high maintenance. The only issue you might face is that it can require multiple sessions to get the desired color of highlights (but it's only about specific cases, like getting ice-blonde highlights on deep black strands.)Spill sunlight on your natural hair, and make it shine with sophistication and beauty by following one of these balayage on black hair inspirational pictures:

Balayage Hairstyles for Black Hair

Balayage Hairstyles for Black HairalexhairalchemistSo, why do we love balayage so much despite it requires special treatment to support the color and takes rather long to have it done?It is the variety of looks and color options you can achieve by applying the balayage technique. With balayage, your hair is like a tabula rasa for your colorist, and it's all about their skill, talent, and imagination what final result you get. Of course, the balayage for black hair should be also harmonized with the face shape, skin tone, eye color, hair texture, and length. Thus, eventually, you get a unique blend of your wants, needs, the colorist's vision, and skills resulting in a one-of-a-kind balayage hairstyle for you that is always personalized.The palette of colors is also diverse: golden and caramel, honey and cinnamon, milk chocolate and coffee, icy blonde and silver-grey, pastel pink, burgundy, scarlet red, emerald, teal... Every color can naturally blend into your dark roots thanks to the balayage technique.Just choose your vibe and into the magical worlds of the most magnificent balayage ideas:

Honey Balayage on Black Hair

Honey Balayage on Black Hairstudio787elitehairbydaliHoney lighting is one of the safest blonde options for dark hair since it won't force you to keep the cool tone of blonde with endless color support products. Also, you might not need to bleach your locks before if they are not deep dark.

Chocolate-Brown Balayage On Black Hair

Chocolate- Brown Balayage On Black Hairmiyuki.hairSo natural, almost invisible, but such a game-changer. Indeed, this black to subtle chocolate mocha brown balayage is a legend. This caffeinated and rather classy hair color will perfectly suit a brunette lady with dark eyes and a warm skin tone.

Caramel balayage on black hair

Caramel balayage on black hairjennyy.renohairrA bit more sun-kissed but also warm and cozy. Those sweet caramel streaks are meticulously sprinkled all over this long dark mane with carefree waves creating a wonderful multicolor summer fantasy.

Ash Balayage on Black Hair

Ash Balayage on Black HairandrewlovescolorAsh hair color is also among the latest fads, so all this balayage story could hardly do without this chic and stylish tone. However, in this dark hairstyle, the cool ash color only slightly influenced the brown streaks adding an extra undertone.

Auburn Balayage For Black Hair

Auburn Balayage For Black Hairlive_love_dohairThis dark hair with warm auburn notes is killing! The secret of this out-of-this-world coloring is the win-win mixture of caramel blonde and auburn waves with a dark root. But the best part is the health of the hair all over the length, which always makes a truly mesmerizing effect.

Burgundy Balayage For Black Hair

Burgundy Balayage For Black HairhairbykaylajonesThis playful dark hair balayage with purple and burgundy hues is meant for a girl deciding to play hard. The highlighted strands are extremely concentrated and juicy, effortlessly blending out of the dark base. To keep the health and shine of this beautifully bold look, color-supportive shampoo and conditioner are a must.

Pink Balayage For Black Hair

Pink Balayage For Black Hairgregga.laThe same can be said concerning this pastel pink tone that is ideally streaked through the dark hair to create alluring movement and lightness. This pastel pink has rose gold and ash brown undertones, which makes even this colorful mix look rather natural.

Silver Balayage

Silver BalayageeautifinderBoom! We bet you didn't expect to see a real hardcore shag in this collection. But here it is, in combination with a magnificent black to silver blonde color. The layers, bangs, and waves definitely give an extra opportunity to make a perfect color blend.

Platinum Balayage

Platinum BalayagedyeprettyyIt’s so rare to see a perfect cool-toned platinum blonde hair color on top of the dark base tone. But this edgy bob has more than nailed it! The framing strands are expertly lightened and toned to spice up this wavy black lob.

Red Balayage on Black Hair

Red Balayage on Black Hairlive_love_dohairThis hairstyle is an open fire! Wanna get tons of compliments on your hair color? Look no more. Especially flattering such black-red waves would be for girls with green eyes.

Icy Blond Balayage Highlights

Icy Blond Balayage HighlightshairpaintingqueenThis icy blonde color needs that purple shampoo on a regular basis to avoid even a hint of yellow and look like a natural blonde but with a twist.

Golden Brown Balayage

Golden Brown BalayagejuliethestylistUnlike the previous option, this hairstyle will require just a conditioner and a mask to keep the health of your shiny long hair. The color is absolutely safe for dark locks so you won't have to visit a salon for a long time.

Dirty Blonde Balayage on Black Hair

Dirty Blonde Balayage on Black HairlocksbylaurynAnd what about a dirty blonde balayage on Asian black hair? Looks light and stylish due to being expertly woven together by the hands of a genius colorist.

Hints Of Blue Balayage For Black Hair

Hints Of Blue Balayage For Black HairglenhewOh, these waves! Aren't they a hint of the ocean rather than just a hint of blue? This beautiful mid-length hairstyle is what dreams are made of, it's like painted with a brush, so smooth, so alive.

Subtle Purple Balayage For Black Hair

Subtle Purple Balayage For Black HairalexyaschairThe dark roots effortlessly blend out into subtle, barely-there deep purple strands to make the hairstyle unique. We would suggest you choose a color to your liking and start your hair color journey with this subtle technique from the photo.

Balayage black hair with blonde highlights

Balayage black hair with blonde highlights_danielledoeshairThis hair solution involves the win-win trick: a delicate color gradation from a dark root to a blonde tone. Just the classic that always works magic and implies zero risks.

Grey Balayage On Black Hair

Grey Balayage On Black HairindratanudarmaScroll up and compare this color with the previous picture. Actually, this cool silver-grey youthful take on granny hair is exactly what you're gonna pay for an arm and a leg! No warm hues, just a bold freezing touch on relaxed waves.

Emerald Hued Balayage For Black Hair

Emerald Hued Balayage For Black Hairbre_does_beautyIt's the one and only green balayage idea in this collection, so we've chosen the most sophisticated variation of green - the emerald hue. This is exactly how you can give a new life to your old good boring chin-length lob.

Rose Gold Balayage on Black Hair

Rose Gold Balayage on Black Hairhairby_marisela_06Despite all the fuss around those cool tones, rose gold is the option that never fails. This transition from dark natural tone to unnatural pink and golden peach undertones is flawless, which can achieve only a skilled salon colorist.

Subtle Light Brown Balayage on Black Hair

Subtle Light Brown Balayage on Black HairbravincreativeWhile talking about black hair it would be a mistake not to mention Afro curls and how they deal with this coloring technique. In most cases, Afro locks of any shape and length work magic with all sorts of highlights. Thus, here we go with a pretty sun-kissed effect of a light-brown balayage on top of Afro curls.

Teal Balayage On Black Hair

Teal Balayage On Black Hairhair_beauty_by_liz These long silky waves soaked with unnatural teal and turquoise colors are outstanding. The blend of colors is sure to look just as beautiful fading out as it does now in this photo.

Radiant Light Brown Balayage

Radiant Light Brown BalayagesaskiiahaircolourThis style focuses not on the brightness or uniqueness but on the beauty in simplicity. Just a radiant long style with subtle honey streaks.

Hazelnut Mocha Balayage For Black Hair

Hazelnut Mocha Balayage For Black Hairglamourby_melissaFreshly brewed hazelnut mocha - it sounds so yummy, and the voluminous hairstyle in the photo reminds of that taste. With a side part and extra volume at the root, this style is meant to turn heads.

Mahogany Highlights

Mahogany Highlightshairby.ambermarieThis warm-toned style is generously streaked with a distinctive mahogany brown, rose gold, and deep burgundy. Just another great style for a long wavy cut.

Dark Ash Brown Balayage on Black Hair

Dark Ash Brown Balayage on Black HairbehindtherosychairAdding extra dust and ash to your look will invest into your classy minimalist long style. This undoubtedly is the ideal style to create for women who like the natural dimension and are convinced that less is more.

Partial balayage on black hair

Partial balayage on black hairdavina.d.hairAnd another style with a light hint of a chocolate touch-up. Is it a hair dye or maybe the sun light effect?

How To Maintain A Balayage For Black Hair

How To Maintain A Balayage For Black HairanastasianicolemkeProbably, the first thing we gonna tell you is that if you're looking for a maximally low-maintenance style, opt for variations of brown or light-brown shades.With all other colors, you'll need to follow basic balayage rules in order to extend the life of your color.
  • Rule 1: Reduce your hair washes to 2-3 times a week. The less the better. To survive between the washes, use a dry shampoo. Also, you can try skipping the shampoo stage and using only conditioner sometimes.
  • Rule 2: Make sure all your hair products are for dyed hair. The color-safe shampoo is an absolute must.
  • Rule 3: Choose the toning shampoo, which is appropriate for your balayage color. Purple shampoo for all shades of blonde, blue shampoo for caramel and chocolate brown.
Remember this law of balayage: the more contrasting the color of balayage you choose, the more challenging and expensive the maintenance will be. So, going no more than 2 shades lighter is the safe zone for a low-maintenance natural balayage look.


Does balayage work on black hair?

Yes, it definitely works and looks gorgeous as you've already made sure scrolling down this gallery. Adding highlights to dark hair gives the brunette style beautiful depth and gradation. The only thing is that with dark hair, bleaching is more likely to be the first step of the process of achieving the desired tone.

Do you have to bleach black hair for balayage?

Since balayage requires lightening and you have dark hair, it's highly likely that having your dark hair bleached will be necessary. Most colorists now take proper care of the clients' hair before and after the balayage procedure to minimize the harmful effect of the bleach.However, in many cases, getting light brown, red, blue, purple, and some other colors of highlights is possible without bleach. If you're patient and can withstand several visits, you can even achieve light blonde hues on dark hair without bleaching.

How long does it take to do balayage on black hair?

On average, a full balayage takes from 3 to 6 hours. The time depends on the hair length and thickness, the color and type of balayage you choose, and the skills and experience of your hairstylist, of course.

Is balayage good for short black hair?

Sure, here are some stunning ideas for balayage short hair.


Would you like to try a balayage look? Do you have a grown-out balayage? Book an appointment with your colorist now! Balayage is guaranteed to be on-trend for a long time since everyone wants a natural beachy look without extra effort.Since you're likely to spend up to 6 hours at the salon with your colorist, here is another life hack for you: consider booking manicure, pedicure, or brow artists as well to spend this time in the salon with double use.

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