35 Auburn Hair Colors Perfect For Autumn

Published By Brooke
Updated 01-1-2023

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Red Waves

Red Waves


This bright red shade stems from an auburn base and looks absolutely gorgeous for fall.

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As fall settles in, it's time to start thinking about changing up your hair color to match the season. Out of all the hues of brown and red, this season, auburn is a must-try. From warm, subtle shades of strawberry to vibrant, bold colors of mahogany, there's nothing that shouts autumn more than a delicious auburn hair color.So, what better way to ring in the new season with our new Auburn Hair Color Guide? We've gathered 35 of our favorite shades to help inspire you this season.

Auburn Hair Color Ideas for Fall 2023

Chocolate Auburn

Chocolate Auburn@foilingbeautifulThis shade is perfect if you want something a bit more subtle. Just ask your stylist for Auburn undertones to spice up your chocolate locks.

Red Waves

Red Waves@tesseghairThis bright red shade stems from an auburn base and looks absolutely gorgeous for fall.

Dark Brown

Dark Brown@rockinlockssBlend auburn streaks with a darker hue for a more subtle look.

Ariana Grande Auburn Hair

Ariana Grande Auburn HairAriana Grande has been sporting auburn locks since her "Tattooed Heart Days," but it's finally coming full circle into 2023.

Light Auburn Balayage

Light Auburn Balayage@ohlucyyIf you have base hair color that's darker, lighten up your locks with a golden auburn balayage.

Purple and Black Hair

Purple and Black Hair@stylistricardosantiagoGo for hair color with purple undertones.

Dark Auburn Hair

Dark Auburn Hair@texasbalayageDark hair colors with auburn highlights work magic for any hair length and can be worn on straight long hair as well. The auburn ranges from dark red to light auburn warm undertones - thus, there is the right auburn brown hue for most skin tones. Balayage straight hair with auburn highlights will spice up your low-maintenance daily look.

Deep Auburn Hair Color

Deeper auburn hair color@srstudio_madisonBlack and dark brown hair requires specific auburn shades as a compliment. For darker shade roots, you can consider deeper auburn hair colors. Cherry auburn highlights, dark auburn highlights, burgundy auburn hair color, in other words, all sorts of a deep auburn hue are the options for a balayage on black hair.

Long Auburn Balayage

Long Auburn Balayage@harttofcolorBlending auburn brown balayage into your dark mahogany base will look like a dream. This subtle auburn hair dye gives a mysterious and sophisticated flair to brown locks.

Auburn Highlights for Short Hair

Auburn Highlights for Short Hair@salonsuppliesWho said that auburn highlights and balayage auburn shades work for long hair only? A skilled hair colorist will find a perfect way to set rich auburn hair colors to your medium hair and even a basic bob hairstyle.The main thing about the balayage short hair is to choose the right auburn shade that ideally suits your skin tone: warm skin tones can opt for all sorts of warm copper highlights, caramel highlights, red shades, and all sorts of rich auburn tresses; neutral skin tones work best with a bright auburn hue and light auburn hair color; cooler skin tones require a blend of hues, where blonde highlights, a subtle auburn color, and burgundy auburn hair are mixed together.

Long Auburn Red Hair

Long Auburn Red Hair@alex.mercedesssIf you have multiple shades of red in your hair, try styling it with soft waves to show off the different hues and add dimension.

Purple Auburn Hair Color

Purple Auburn Hair Color@byalexmkA choppy shoulder-length lob like this one pairs well with auburn.

Loose Curls

Loose Curls@hbb_extensionsUse a one-inch barrel curling iron to achieve these bouncy waves and give your hair some dimension.

Short Curled Auburn Hair

Short Curled Auburn Hair@ohlucyyThe end of the year is all about going a few shades darker, but we're loving this change of pace with a lighter hue of red.

Kate Mara Hair

Kate Mara Hair@Kate Mara is an icon for her Auburn hair color ideas (and her acting talents, too.) She's looking classy with her medium length hairstyle and slightly curled natural auburn hair color strands.

Soft Auburn

Soft Auburn@amandarunswithscissorsIf you aren't up for going full-blown rich auburn, try something soft like this romantic light auburn hair shade.


Strawberry@wellaeducationHow dreamy is this strawberry light auburn hair color? We're loving these fantastic warm shades of auburn color, pink hues, and reddish-brown hair on top.

Susan Sarandon Hairstyle

Susan Sarandon Auburn Hair color

Susan Sarandon never fails us when it comes to hair inspiration. This red carpet auburn-colored hair is one of our favorite hairstyles for women over 60, whether you've got auburn color locks or not.


Copper@_watchmepaintThis cool shade of auburn is great for ladies with paler medium skin tones. Dark auburn hair color plays with brighter auburn highlights, and this sophisticated fiery auburn deep shade makes the long hair grab all the attention.

Black and Red Bob

Black and Red Bob@hair_flair_xAuburn hair doesn't have to be soft by any means. This black and red hair bob is as bold as it gets. Brunette hair natural color requires a dark auburn hue. This dark auburn hair color idea won’t stand out too much but will definitely look charming.

Red Bob

Red Bob@cosmictologistTry auburn brown hair color if you want to test the waters with a classic red shade. It pairs well with an olive skin tone and green eyes.

Auburn and Black Balayage

[caption id="attachment_9844" align="alignnone" width="243"]Auburn Balayage Photo by @hailtothehair[/caption]Have your hair stylist paint your ends auburn for a natural, beautiful balayage.

Julianne Moore Auburn Hair Color

Julianne Moore Auburn Hair ColorOver the years, Julianne Moore has rocked the most gorgeous hairstyles for women over 50, including these long auburn locks.

Auburn and Dark Brown Hair

[caption id="attachment_9843" align="alignnone" width="298"]Auburn and Brown Hair Photo by @Rachel.paramountsalon[/caption]Pop some auburn into your dark brown base for a do that is full of dimension.

Warm Auburn Hair Color

[caption id="attachment_9867" align="alignnone" width="226"]Warm Auburn Hair Photo by @hairbycarolelynn[/caption]If you want something a bit more subtle, play around with warmer shades this season.

Vibrant Copper

[caption id="attachment_9866" align="alignnone" width="246"]Vibrant Auburn Hair Color Photo by @maayanbirnstein[/caption]Make a statement this fall with a vibrant auburn hair color. Keep in mind, this shade will fade quickly so be ready to take on the maintenance.

Auburn Hair Highlights

[caption id="attachment_9848" align="alignnone" width="240"]Auburn Hair Highlights Photo by @hair_by_dolovac_concept[/caption]Instead of going dark, blend some lighter red tones into your auburn hair for a bold new look.

Light Auburn Lob

[caption id="attachment_9849" align="alignnone" width="266"]Light Auburn Lob Photo by @headrushdesigns[/caption]One of our favorite looks of the year is the lob hairstyle, and it pairs perfectly with this hair color.

Auburn Mahogany Hair Color

[caption id="attachment_9850" align="alignnone" width="229"]Auburn Mahogany Hair Photo by @hailtothehair[/caption]We're melting over this deep mahogany hue.

Auburn Ombre

[caption id="attachment_9851" align="alignnone" width="243"]Auburn Ombre Photo by @Rachel.paramountsalon[/caption]Brighten up your locks with auburn ombre.

Auburn Waves

[caption id="attachment_9852" align="alignnone" width="300"]Auburn Waves Photo by @hairbycarolelynn[/caption]When you add a shade of red to your brunette hair, it automatically creates beautiful dimension, making your hair appear thicker and more voluminous.

Blonde Balayage

[caption id="attachment_9853" align="alignnone" width="229"]Auburn with Blonde Balayge Photo by @Rachel.paramountsalon[/caption]Not sold on the whole auburn hair color idea? No worries. Adding just a touch of red with some blonde balayage.

Jessica Chastain Hair

Jessica Chastain Auburn HairWe can't all be blessed with a head of gorgeous red hair like Jessica Chastain, but we can sure can dye ours to look just like it. The actress has always been an inspiration for beautiful hairstyles for women over 40, including this adorable curled bob.


[caption id="attachment_9854" align="alignnone" width="253"]Chestnut Auburn Hair Color Photo by @Rachel.paramountsalon[/caption]One way to get a more natural auburn shade is to go for a blend of chesnut and brown.

Scarlett Johansson Auburn Hair

Scarlett Johansson Short Red HairScarlett Johansson's hair is flawless, whether it's this bold shade of red or her usual blonde bombshell.

Is auburn hair hard to maintain?

Hair with auburn highlights and deep auburn hair might be tricky to maintain, especially when it comes to deep auburn and bright shade of auburn since the red pigment fades out faster.Also, you should know that dark brown hair with auburn highlights will keep the tone for a longer time than a blonde base.However, with proper care and treatment, you’re guaranteed to wear auburn hair and auburn highlights with shine and dignity.

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