Amazing Skin Fade Pompadour by James Beaumont

From time to time we like to showcase the works of amazing hairstylists. We stumbled across James Beaumont's instagram and fell in love with his amazing work. Check out our favorite, the Skin Fade Pompadour and his explanation on how to achieve it!

skin fade pompadour 2

Q: What would you name this hairstyle?

A: It's a skin fade pompadour with an angled fade

Q: How do I ask my barber/hairstylist for this haircut?

A: That's difficult to answer, I would say pompadour with straight angled fade from the front receding point to lower back, grade 3 on highest point of fade! Or if you say snap this picture and show your barber a lot of people do this lately and it's the easiest way.

Q: What products did you use to achieve this hairstyle?

A: Products I used: Keune Matt effect wax from the men's range for a good natural looking hold then applied a little Keune men's high shine around the perimeter and edges of the fade to give a natural shine.

Q: How do I achieve this hair color?

A: Getting technical about color: I used bleach highlights at the front then blended with another colour 7.43 copper golden medium blonde then blended to an other color towards the back, 6.4 dark copper to add depth. This is using Keune tinta colour.

skin fade pompadour haircut skin fade pompadour unstyled pompadour