Amazing Pompadours, Quiffs and Undercut Hairstyle Inspirations

Published By Brooke
Updated 02-4-2015

If you're planning to get a trendy hairstyle for 2015, you've got to go with a dapper looking, volumized modern looking hairstyle. We've gathered a number of amazing pomps, quiffs and undercuts to inspire your next haircut!

A pompadour is generally recognizable by the high volume brushed up front of the hair.

A quiff is a mixture of the 1950's pompadour and flat top, it's very similar, also having a brushed up front but it's unique in the way the sides and back can but cut.

An undercut is quite literally paraphrased as short sides long top, many different styles of the undercut exist. Take a look at our gallerys! Undercut hairstyles.

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