A Look Back: 1920s Hairstyles to be Remembered

Published By Brooke
Updated 08-18-2016

The 1920s brought a lot of big changes for the world, including the way in which many did their hair. Several styles for men that were used in the 20s are being brought back today. This is a great way to honor and remember the people of the past that helped make the world the way it is today.

Center Part

The center part was used frequently in 1920s hairstyles. Men would part their hair directly in the middle, and let it fall to either side. Most kept their hair short during this time while men today opt for longer locks.


Slicked Back

A typical 20s hairstyle men wore was the slicked back look. It kept the hair pushed back and out of the face easily. It also appeared to be more sophisticated, which is why many chose it for special events and gatherings. Many men today slick back their hair in order to achieve the same effect. It is a classic look that will never get old.


Matted Curls

Curly hair was not well-favored in the 1920s. Straight hair was the talk of the town. For this reason, men would matte their curly hair in an effort to make it appear less frizzy and out of control. Tamed hair had to be achieved back then. Oil would help matte the curls down and keep them in place throughout the day. Curly haired men today can achieve the same look by wearing a hat over their curls. Oil hair care products are also available to keep the curls down more.


Combed Back

Another style that pushed the hair backward was the combed back look. Men with thinning hair often chose this style as a way to cover the thinned spots by brushing more hair backwards over them. Only a small amount of product was typically used in this look, while the slicked back style used a lot more of it. Just a little bit of oil could go a long way in making the hair stay back correctly.


Short and Wavy

Many opted for the wavy look. This hairstyle was kept short with just a few waves. It often made the hair appear like there was regular hat use, as it kept the hair pushed down and in waves, rather than straight and parted properly. Countless men choose this hairstyle today. Longer waves are usually the desire with the look now though.


Hairstyles have changed dramatically for men over the years. A 1920 hair style is far different than the type of looks men wear today. Looking back at these styles, men can discover what it was like to be back in the 20s, and perhaps find a style to inspire them.


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