8 Reasons Why You Need to Start Growing a Beard Now

Beards can be an amazing feature on guys for many reasons. Here are 8 reasons to push you towards the beard life!

1. Beards Protect Your Face From The Sun's Harmful Rays


beard in the sun

2. Beards Keep You Warm in the Winter


winter beard

3. Beards Allow You To Rub Your Chin Whilst Appearing Wise


cool beard

4. Beards Make You Look More Aggressive and Intimidating


old guy beard

5. Beards Make You Look Older


6. Beards are Elegant Yet Rugged

classy beard

7. Ladies Love Beards

ladies love beards

8. Beards Signal High, Healthy Levels of Testosterone , a Healthy Immune System and Healthy Facial Hair Receptors


healthy beard

Ready to start growing your beard? You need to check out what beard styles are right for you!