6 Modern Ways Men Are Pulling Off Longer Hairstyles

When it comes to long(er) hair, it becomes a touchy subject. Some men absolutely love their long locks and others can never imagine themselves having their hair longer than a few inches. One thing is for sure, having longer hair doesn't have to be boring anymore, here's 6 ways guy that prefer long hair are styling their do's.

1. The Bun


The man bun is one of the biggest perks of having long hair. Seriously, who doesn't want to look like a modern day samurai?

2. The Half Braid


We found it very interesting that guys are starting to incorporate braids into their hair for a more sleek modern look, we absolutely love it!

3. Medium Waves


Having long(er) hair doesn't always mean shoulder length or more. Medium longish hair is making huge strides in men's hairstyles, styles like this are quickly catching on.

4. Braids & Shaved


Looking for a super risky style to try? This hairstyle with shaved sides and braided top has potential to make you look very unique.

5. The Viking


We have the modern day samurai look with man buns so it's only fair we get the modern viking look with long hair and a big beard. Another great look.

6. Au Natural


Some dudes look great just letting their natural hair be free! Try the 'au natural' and see if it's right for you.