50 Ridiculous Haircuts

Published By Brooke
Updated 12-8-2021

Hairstyle trends come and go. Some are more sophisticated than others. While some of these ridiculous haircuts are absurd, others might work in the right setting. Don’t let us tell you how you should wear your hair. The world will notice your self-confidence if you’re not afraid to flaunt a crazy style.

Bright Sideburns

Bright Sideburns


Got sideburns? You can dye them with bright colors. Show off the dye job by slicking the lower part of your hair down and sweeping the top section up with volume and texture. The shape and the colors will turn heads, and you can always wear your hair down without hiding the color.

Rolled High Beehive

Rolled High Beehive


If you want an ornate hairdo with a breathtaking updo, make tiny fluffy curls, loop 1-inch sections of hair individually, roll and secure them underneath with hairpins, building the height and shape as you move up the length. Cans and flowers are just one of the options – you can play with the design and accessories as much as you want.

Fire in Hair For Men

Fire in Hair For Men


We're not quite sure what to call this. Maybe the fire-scale look is popular on some other planet. When you see this from farther away, it probably looks much better. It’s like an impressionist painting. However, this is an example of how texture might work for you in the right setting with color.

Bumblebee Stripes

Bumblebee Stripes


You can probably reproduce this style yourself. There is nothing blended about this highlighted look. Solid chunks of red color are perfectly spaced for a bold and buzzworthy head of hair. This is a strong look that might be ideal for your sense of style.

Advanced Bubble Pony

Advanced Bubble Pony


Can't find an accessory? Use your hair to create a crazy bubble ponytail updo variation like this one. You'll look like a gift that's ready to be unwrapped with no extra accessories needed.

Braid Undecided

Braid Undecided


Can't decide what type of braid to create? Make them all. Just place a rubber band between each section. This is a fun and interesting look, and it gives you a chance to practice your braiding technique. A uniform braid might look a little sleeker, though.

Large-Scale Dreadlocks

Large-Scale Dreadlocks


This style just looks painful. Rock the dreadlocks – the messier, the better. However, you'll probably have to shave your whole head to get them out in the end.

Put A Ball On It

Put A Ball On It


Accessorizing your hair isn't anything new. Still, this Christmas tree-inspired short layered bob with Christmas tree decorations might look a little silly.

Blown-Out Bouffant

Blown-Out Bouffant


What's worse than one ridiculous haircut? Two of them. This one is a little too tall to realistically last all day. It’s a little like the popular pompadour, but we’re hearing a lot of ‘80s music in the background.

Side Bang Mohawk

Side Bang Mohawk


Maybe if this Mohawk was a little more faded, it would just be cool. The transition looks a little too much like fringe for our liking. The blunt edge along the side would look amazing if it were more tapered.

Truffula Tree

Truffula Tree


Thing one and thing two called. They want their hairstyles back. The man bun is popular these days. Some people love it, and some people hate it. This version is a little too splashy for our liking.

Extensions Gone Bad


When you can't afford to pay for extensions at the salon, just tie a ring into the back of your head. You can hang the rest of your hair off of the ring and remove it when you want to return to your shorter cut. This look kind of freaks us out. It looks like something important is missing.

Fuzzy Wuzzy Was A Bear


This mullet forgot the part about business in front. This might compete with Trump’s hairstyle as one of the most ridiculous haircuts ever.

Triple-Layer Trifle


When you can't decide how to color your hair, just divide it up. Layer it like a sundae. Make sure to heavily spray those enormous curls. Don't forget the cherry on top, though.

Bedhead Gone Bad


Even celebrities have bad hair days. This is a dramatic take on the messy bun. Rihanna normally has beautifully styled tresses, but she must have just rolled out of bed.

Helmet Hair

This haircut certainly has smooth and sleek going for it. It looks like you'd have to make friends with your round brush and hair dryer to pull this off.

Mohawk Extreme


You'd need to be in a place with no wind and no humidity to have success with this style. Maybe it would work in outer space. It’s incredibly impressive. You can put up your own Mohawk or Liberty spikes if you have the time and the skill.

Lady Mullet


We are fans of short, choppy hair. We want to love the edginess of this style. We just can't get over the contrast from the front to the back. Maybe if the fringe in the front was just a tad softer or the layers in the back were straighter, this haircut would work better.

Colorful Mouse Ears


Earth to whoever is listening. This one has great color, but the style is tough to pull off. The space ears look like antennae, especially with the crazy hue. If you have the right attitude, you can probably wear this style, however.

Black-And-White Braid


One side of the hair is jet black. The other side is pure white. There's definitely a Cruella De Vil vibe going on here. It’s bold, and the braid emphasizes the contrast. However, this has to be a tough color scheme to keep up with. Once the roots grow in, you have yet another color to deal with.

Viking Chic


Do you get some kind of prize if you can recreate this style? The hair itself looks like some kind of trophy.

Circle Of Fun


This style will have your mind going in circles. It transforms your head into a giant pacifier. You’d have fun at a picnic, though. You could use the hoop to toss beanbags through or to make a target for Frisbee golf.

Woolly Beehive


Can't get your beehive to stay up? Tie your hair around a ball of stuffing. You can make friends with the sheep.



A rose by any other name isn't always a rose. Although this one is rich with beauty, it's a little over the top. This looks pristine now, but imagine what it might look like at the end of the night. This hairstyle probably doesn’t lend itself well to a night of dancing. With a few hairs out of place, it probably just looks like a giant knot on top of the head.

Fierce Braids


You'd probably have this look in this face too if your hair was pulled this tightly. The combination of braids and softness is like an art form. However, it doesn’t look very comfortable.

Under The Sea


The scalloped edges of this design belong somewhere on the sand. It’s so stylized that it no longer looks like hair.

Cone Head


How long would your hair have to be to build it up this high? Don’t even get us started on those shoulder pads.

Horse Hair


This is certainly a horse of a different color. The artistry is quite skillful. We’re just not sure we’d want this on our heads.

Most Complicated


It must take more than ten fingers to weave these complicated braids. There’s something soothing about the repetitive pattern, though.

Reverse Buzz Cut


Haven't you always wanted eyes in the back of your head? This gives a whole new meaning to the term two-faced. We wouldn’t want to be standing behind this guy; we would have the strange feeling that we were being watched.

Helicopter Head


Take off on a hairstyle journey by adding propellers. Just don’t spin them if you don’t want your hair to end up in a knot.

Creep Factor


We’re ok with spiders. We just don’t like thinking that they might be stuck in our hair. At least you wouldn't see the spider on your head unless you looked in a mirror.

You Say Tomato 


I say tomahto. However, it's also possible that this is a strawberry. What do you think?

The Lizard


“I would like a rainbow-colored chameleon on my head,” said no one ever, except maybe this guy.

Hat Head


If your hat is always leaving an indentation on your hairstyle, flaunt it. Just cut outside of the boundaries of the hat and voila. You never have to worry about it ruining your hair again.

The Violin


Forget boho style. This is the perfect updo for a music festival. Make sweet music with your hairstyle.



Weave yourself a basket. Just do it on your head. This hairstyle has a beautiful sculptural quality. It doesn’t look very convenient, though. It doesn’t even seem like this basket would be useful for holding anything.

Poofy Mullet


If all you see in the mirror is the front, why bother styling the back? Spend all of your time getting the front as meticulous as it is in this hairstyle.

Ride The Wave


The style and the color have inherent allure. It's just not a very practical look. In fact, it doesn’t look like it uses any hair pins to stay in place.

Rollers In Your Hair


It looks like this woman forgot to remove the tools that she used to create this style. It also looks like she used quite a lot of different tools. Some of them might have been power tools, actually.

Whale Spout


This crimped yellow monstrosity is exploding off the top of this guy’s head. Do you think he notices?

Beard On Top


Too bad you didn't have this haircut in grade school so that you could fool all the teachers into thinking you were doing work while you were napping. Why isn’t this considered one of the top short men’s hairstyles?

Pineapple Style


This cut is enough to make you want a piña colada. If you want a more permanent solution, you can just bleach your buzz cut.

Vampire Pixie


The short bob gets edgy with a gelled widow's peak. Don’t let the wind get to this haircut, or it will completely lose its edge.

Hair Tapestries


These hair tapestries are actually a really cool alternative to those hair wraps that look like friendship bracelets. They’re really colorful, and they don’t look that hard to apply if you have help. We're just not sure how you'd get them out without chopping off your hair.

The Perfect Pouf 


Get your hair to stand on end with the perfect amount of teasing and a few bottles of hairspray. We can’t believe this was a style worn by school-age girls. Who has that much time to do their hair before the bus comes?

Heavy Metal


Ouch. There's not much more to say. Imagine how heavy this would feel on your head. We don’t want to know what would happen if you spent too much time in the sun.

The Literal Rat Tail


As if a regular rat tail wasn't bad enough, this one is enough to make you scream.

‘90s Grunge


Remember when it was cool to look like you never showered? Even the hottest celebrities were doing it.

Back Fringe



Excuse me, sir. You missed a spot. This cut would be great if you tend to forget to put sunscreen on the back of your neck.

The Bottom Line

A new haircut might take some getting used to. However, if your stylist gives you one of these ridiculous haircuts, you might be allowed to ask for a free shave.

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