50 Of the Greatest Mohawk Hairstyles for Men

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Updated 06-6-2017

All radical hairstyles make a statement. One of the most unmistakable extreme hairstyles are mohawks. According to Wikipedia, the mohawk hairstyle is named after the indigenous Mohawk people, Native Americans who lived in the northeastern United States.

However, the hairstyle was worn by ancient people far before that. The mohawk has a wide variety of variations today. It can be worn long and spiky or shorter and more subtle. Let’s explore some of the different creative iterations of this hairstyle.

Traditional Mohawk Hairstyle

Traditional mohawk hairstyles

Although the mohawk itself isn’t particularly conventional, this is perhaps the most traditional version of the style. Smoothly shaved sides and a narrow hawk define the template for this hairdo. The hair is spiked using plenty of product. This style doesn’t hold its appeal if it starts to fall.

Taste The Rainbow Mohawk Haircut

Taste The Rainbow Mohawk Haircut

This cool Mohawk has spiky layers that are distinguished by their rainbow colors. Each section is clearly separated by its own place in the color spectrum. The mohawk is thick, with the longest layers in the center. This allows it to be styled in different ways when you’re not wearing it as a mohawk. The layer underneath is buzzed and dyed platinum.

Cornrow Mohawk For Men

Cornrow Mohawk For Men

This braided mohawk can be done with cornrows. This style is pictured on a man but would look equally fashionable on a woman. A wide section at the top of the head is braided into cornrows that can fall freely over an undercut. When the tiny braids are gathered into a ponytail, they create a mohawk-like shape at the top of the head.

Short And Curly Mohawk Fade

Short And Curly Mohawk haircut With Fade

This subtle mohawk is more pronounced at the back than on top. From the front, the style looks like a short afro with a mohawk fade. The profile view shows the defined hawk that extends past the hairline at the nape. This is a great way to tame frizzy hair.

Brad Pitt’s Hawk

50 Of the Greatest Mohawks

Regardless of whether you thought this was a great style on Brad Pitt, it shows that just about anyone can pull off a mohawk. This one is more subtle, with length along the top and the back and a short buzz cut above the ear.

Long Viking Mohawk

Viking Mohawk hairstyle with long hair

Long hair can be tamed into a mohawk fairly easily. You don’t have to spike the ends to create this look. Slick the hair back and let it fall like a ponytail down the back of the center of the head. A full beard sets off the Viking look.

Braids And Buns

braids and buns mohawk hairstyle for long hair

If you have longer hair, you can braid the sides along the scalp. Secure them in a small bun in the back. Bring the top section up into its own version of a man bun for height that resembles a mohawk but can return to its regular long style at a moment’s notice.

Jared Leto Sidecut

50 Of the Greatest Mohawks

It doesn’t take much to keep your hair spiked when it’s thick and not too long. The clean sides match the length of the beard.

Two-Toned Curls

50 Of the Greatest Mohawks

The fade and the roots are dark black. The tips of the hair are bleached platinum. The contrast is unexpected.

Perfectly Waved

50 Of the Greatest Mohawks

A tapered fade, a sharply edged hairline and a structured wave at the front of the head create a cool hawk. The wave is echoed in the shaved sides design on the side of the head.

Shaggy Variation

50 Of the Greatest Mohawks

If Elijah Wood had a mohawk, he might look like this. A varied length keeps this from looking too perfect. Long sideburns can extend into a chin-strap beard or be shaved at the jawline.

David Beckham Fauxhawk

50 Of the Greatest Mohawks

It’s no coincidence that Beckham’s hairstyle is often a topic of conversation. He is creative when it comes to switching up his ‘do. His messy fauxhawk is easy to maintain because the sides aren’t cut too short. It just looks shaggy as it grows out.

Low Mohawk With Artistic Fade

Low Mohawk hairstyle With Artistic Fade

Different lengths contoured in the mohawk fade create beautiful imagery. The shorter length of the mohawk is easy to keep up.

Feathered Mohawk

Feathered Mohawk hairstyle

Blend real with illusion with this feathered hawk.

Hipster Hawk

50 Of the Greatest Mohawks

A medium-length haircut can be combined with an undercut and a heavy beard for this fashionable look.


50 Of the Greatest Mohawks

It’s easy to put some product in your hawk and brush it back. This will keep it in place, showing off perfectly tapered sides and an impeccably groomed short beard.

Upscale Upsweep

50 Of the Greatest Mohawks

To get this style, leave a few inches of length at the top. The sides can be buzzed or faded. Use hairspray to get the height that you need. Brush your hair up gently as you blow dry it into position.

Faux Pompadour Hawk

50 Of the Greatest Mohawks

Justin Bieber has had several variations of a faux hawk. This pompadour has tapered sides, so it looks like a fauxhawk.

Top Knot

50 Of the Greatest Mohawks

If you have a medium-length mohawk, you can gather the ends into a bun at the crown on those days that you just don’t want to deal with it.

Reverse French Braid V Shape Mohawk Hairstyle

reverse french braid V Shape Mohawk Hairstyles

We can’t decide if this style is complex or simple. In truth, it’s an elegant way to pull off long hair and a hawk. We love how the back is shaped into a V.


50 Of the Greatest Mohawks

It’s impressive that no hair had to be cut for this style. It’s softly sculpted into a mountainous creation that’s pretty awesome.

Short Mohawk With Close Shave

short mohawk hairstyles

This may be the easiest mohawk of all to maintain. You don’t need any product on the short hair if it’s thick enough, and you can shave around the hawk yourself.

Blue Flat Top

50 Of the Greatest Mohawks

The bright blue at the top of this flat top captures your attention just in case the hairstyle didn’t.

White And Fluffy

50 Of the Greatest Mohawks

This hawk looks so soft that you want to run your fingers through it. However, that would probably make it fall, so keep your hands off.

Eggplant Spikes

50 Of the Greatest Mohawks

This dark purple tone looks great on black hair, and the textured spikes look soft, not harsh.

Taper Fade With Sharp Upsweep

50 Of the Greatest Mohawks

This ‘90s version of the mohawk leaves a few inches of hair at the top. The hair is longer in the front than in the back, and the sides taper gradually.

Bleached Afro Mohawk For Men

natural afro mohawk hairstyles for men

A natural afro has lots of curly volume. It easily retains the height of a mohawk. Bleach the ends to bring more dimension to this look, which blends structure with natural ease.

Curly Geometric Mohawk

Curly Geometric Mohawk hairstyle

Take the afro mohawk one step further by carving a geometric design in the undercut. If the hair is long enough, it can be gathered at the top for a slightly different look.

Short Mohawk with X-Pattern

Short mohawk hairstyles with X-Pattern

A very short style gets some of its interest from the slightly longer length at the top. The rear view may be the most stunning, however. An “X” is shaved into the fade, with each segment of negative space perfectly tapered.

Landing Strip

50 Of the Greatest Mohawks

If your hair is very short, you can create a mohawk shape by keeping the center buzzed a little longer than the sides. Use product to bring the hair together, or leave it as is.

Cool Mohawk With Highlights

Cool Mohawk hairstyle With Highlights

Add a bold streak of color into the front of your mohawk for a fun look that grows out well.

Undercut Comb Back

50 Of the Greatest Mohawks

Keep the hair at the top fairly long, and buzz the underside. You can flop the hair at the top of the head over to the side, or direct it toward the back for a fauxhawk.

Caesar Hawk

50 Of the Greatest Mohawks

The Caesar haircut is a classic. It involves pulling short hair down the forehead to create a line that mimics fringe. Traditionally, a Caesar haircut has longer sides. However, create a Caesar mohawk by keeping the sides short.

Crisp Pointed

50 Of the Greatest Mohawks

For a polished look, keep the hawk relatively short and straight. Spike it up, bringing the ends together at the center.

Liberty Spikes

50 Of the Greatest Mohawks

This punk look takes time, patience and lots of product to achieve.

Widow’s Peak Mohawk

Widow’s Peak Mohawk hairstyle

If you have a receding hairline or a widow’s peak, turn it into a mohawk instead of hiding it. Cleaning up the edge makes this style incredibly sharp.

Thin Hair Mohawk

Thin Hair Mohawk hairstyle

If your hair is thin, it may not stand up well if it’s more than an inch or so long. Keep it cut short, but razor the ends, and leave the center longer for texture that stands on end.

Extremely long, spiked mohawks can be complicated to maintain. If you don’t want to spend lots of time on your hair, go for a subtle hawk that can be styled in a variety of ways. The shorter you shave the sides, the easier they are to maintain. Just buzz or shave them yourself periodically. However, a sharp contrast between the sides and the length of the hawk can make it look less professional. If you can’t show up at the office with a hawk, consider a less dramatic style.

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