50 Cool Undercut Hairstyles for Women in 2020

Published By Brooke
Updated 02-9-2017

The undercut is not just for the guys! These fabulous photos of female undercuts will have you on the phone to your stylist in no time at all. This hot trend is easy to get, and it can help you make your hair more artistic and manageable at the same time.

The undercut is ideal for those that want some edgy style that they can also hide at times. If you are a working girl, then you may have a dress code that prohibits some styles so the undercut may be the answer you are looking for. No one has to know what is under that cute bob of yours.

1. Aliens Undercut Design for Womens

Female Undercuts Aliens

Your love of the extraterrestrial can be shown with this far out undercut. Extra aliens are optional, and we could see how you could add some color to this undercut.

2. Beach Waves

Female undercut hairstyles Beach Waves

This classic feminine wavy look gets an edge with the undercut. Ladies with very thick hair should consider an undercut as an alternative to getting rid of the overall length of hair they love.

3. Black Hair Bow

women's Undercuts for long hair Black Hair Bow

This super cute bow is ideal for those of us that love bows but constantly lose them. This is a very bold undercut that is done on the side so not for those that want a look that is easy to hide at times.

4. Long Black Fade Undercut Design

Female one side Undercuts hairstyles for women Black Long Fade

This very long major undercut takes a lot of weight off the thickness of the model's hair and allows for an edgy look that can be easily hidden by combing hair over. The design around the ears and temple may still show a little, but it is subtle enough for most anywhere.

5. Afro Undercut

Female Undercuts Blonde Afro

This look is a unique take on the mohawk. The design around the ears creates a balance between the bright blonde color and height of the look. Since the color is so light, it would be easy to play with temporary colors.

6. Tiger Stripes

Female Undercuts Blonde Tiger Stripes

This is a very short and daring look, but you have to love the pattern. This undercut takes it down to the skin and the contrast between light yellow blonde, and the brown undercut parts are striking. Just make sure you are ready for such a short look as it can take some time to get hair back after such a short cut.

7. Blue, Green, Black

Female Undercuts Blue Green Blackl

If you are fan of jewel tone hot colors, then this undercut is something you are going to love. The extreme length on top and the rainbow effect are not so hard to achieve with carefully applied color. Top hair should be bleached first and then colored for bright looks.

8. Silver Blue Bowel Pixie

Female Undercuts Boy Style

This is an odd cut, but if you are looking for a very different take on your pixie cut, then this is one to consider.

9. The Boy Undercut

Female Undercuts for short hair Bowl

This is the classic basic undercut that a lot of guys get but it can show off the beautiful face of a woman as well, and it can be had at any barber with ease.

10. Continued Tattoo Undercut

Female Undercuts Continued Tattoo

If you have an interesting neck tattoo, then you might consider using and undercut to extend the design like in the gorgeous example above.

11.Crop Circle

Female Undercuts Crop Circle

This phenomenon inspired design is stunning when combined with two-tone hair.

12. Crown Braid Undercut Hairstyle

Female Undercuts Crown Braid

With this look, you will always be in your crowning glory. When unbraided there is also enough length to style a multitude of ways. You could also add ribbons or another adornment to this look.

13. Faith

Female Undercuts Faith

Showing your respect for your religion is common in undercuts. No matter what your faith, you could use it to inspire your hair design.

14. Fall Color

Female Undercuts Fall Color Undercut

This is one of the more colorful undercut styles on the list and will get a lot of attention. We are intrigued by the combination of color and different lengths of the hair.

15. Flower Swirl

Female Undercuts Flower Swirl

This super short mohawk look is given a feminine edge with the swirling flowers. While it can be difficult to add in details of more complicated flowers, you can use any flower ti inspire.

16. Girl Next Door Bob Undercut

Female Undercuts Girl Next Door Bob

This undercut is going to be very visible, but it is a look that is a good transition from a shorter bob to an undercut. The waves are pretty.

17. Heart Line

Female Undercuts Heart Line

The heart and beauty of life are what it is all about with this exciting undercut.

18. Heart & Swirls

Female Undercuts Hearts

This is an eye-catching undercut because the swirls make you look longer to figure out the overall intricacy of the design.

19. Hieroglyphs

Female Undercuts Hieroglyphs

This tribal mohawk looks pairs well with feathered earrings, and the off purple hair color makes you look twice.

20. Kiss

 Female Undercuts Kiss

This has to be about the girliest mohawk you can get, but you have to admire the fun of it.

21. Leaves & Swirls

Female Undercuts Leafy Swirls

What do you see in this design? This is a look that draws you in and makes you think for a few minutes.

22. Small Heart

Female Undercuts Little Heart

While the actual size of the undercut section is large here, it is safe to say that the heart is a subtle yet sweet touch that makes it just a bit different.

23. Dreadlock Undercut

 Female Undercuts Locks

Locks can be very heavy and hot, especially when they get this long. An undercut looks cool and can make wearing locks more comfortable.

24. Undercut Curly Pompadour

Female Undercuts Long Curly Pompadour

Curly hair can sometimes leave its owners at a loss as to how to control it. The undercut reduces the volume and creates an interesting and more manageable look.

25. Long Mohawk Style French Braid

Female Undercuts Long French Braid

Wearing your hair braided just got a lot more interesting with this pirate inspired tribal look. Taking the plunge to have that much contrast may be hard for some ladies but look at the lovely results that can be had!

26. Loose Waves & Braid

Female Undercuts Loose Waves & Braid

This is a look that combines several in one. Braiding can be done a lot of ways, and you can add in hair gems, leather laces, or other accessories to change it up.

27. Lotus

 Female Undercuts Lotus

The Lotus design is popular for its peaceful meaning and beauty. The symmetry looks good on an undercut as well.

28. Moon & Circles

 Female Undercuts Moon Circle

The crescent moon and circles are somewhat mysterious and very intriguing as a result.

29. Platinum Curly Swirl Pomp

Female Undercuts Platinum Curly Pomp

The top of this look has such a big swirl to it, making it stand out from other curly looks. The bottom undercut part is down to the skin, providing a huge contrast.

30. Pottery

Female Undercuts Pottery

We call this a pottery design because it reminds us of the look on some ancient pottery. This is a good look for fans of the tribal style.

31. Long Black To Red Wavy Undercut

Female Undercuts Red Black Long Undercut

The dark to deep hot red look is popular for a reason. This undercut has a lot of contrast, and the side sweep softens the overall look a lot.

32. Red Blonde French Braid Hawk

Female Undercuts Red Blonde French Braid Hawk

If you can’t decide between long and short and love the beauty of braids, then have a look at this interesting take on the mohawk.

33. Bright Red Tapered Hawk & Geometrics

 Female Undercuts Red Geometrics

An impossible to miss geometric design that puts someones face front and center.

34. Sterling Blue Scallop Cut

Female Undercuts Scallop Lace

This look almost looks like a scalloped cap at the bottom. The lines of the look are simple, but the overall effect is far from simple.

35. Shooting Star Undercut

Female Undercuts Shooting Star

We love how this bold undercut makes you follow the lines as it the star is flying away. Stars are a very popular design for undercuts because they have simple lines that look fantastic.

36. Simple Pastel Contrast

 Female Undercuts Simple Pastel

This is just a simple v line undercut but the rainbow of pastels on top provides such a fab contrast. Pastel colors are popular right now but require a lot of lightening before the pastel colors to get a visible effect.

37. French Side Braid Blonde Slicked Back Undercut

 Female Undercuts Small French Side Braid & Light Blonde

This is many looks in one that is for sure! The braids provide a more beautiful line between the shorter and longer parts of this look.

38. Square Within Square

Female Undercuts Square

This looks like many squares within another square. The two-tone ombre look is another hot aspect of this cut.

39. Asymmetrical Squiggle Bob

 Female Undercuts Squiggle Bob

This Bob is a stunning example of what you can get with a good bob cut.

40. Gothic Swirl

Female Undercuts Swirl Bob

This look is bold and going to put your hair in the spotlight. The taper from longer to shorter is very pronounced.

41. Top Locks

Female Undercuts Top Locks

For natural girls with a lot of very thick locks, this undercut lets you have the best of creative undercut style and keeping long locks under control.

42. Tribal Bliss

Female Undercuts Tribal Bliss

The symmetry and shapes of this design make it simply incredible.

43. Red Ginger Tribal Two Tone Undercut

Girl Undercuts Tribal Red

The fire colored top of this look makes for a very amazing tribal look when combined with the lines of the undercut.

44. Bottom Tribal Swirl

Female Undercuts Tribal Swirl

This tribal swirl is basic but adds a lot to an otherwise plain longer hairstyle.

45. Feather & Birds

Female Undercuts Feather & Birds

This Native American inspired look is breathtaking. The birds flying from behind the ear create a unique look and the attention to detail on the feathers shows that this was done my a true hair artist.

46. Hidden Star

Female Undercuts Hidden Star

Where did it go? For those that want a more mysterious look, there is the partial star undercut with shaved sides.

47. Long Black

Female Undercuts Long Black

This is a very light undercut in that it only goes a few inches up he back of the head. It does show that you can get a neat design without doing a very heavy or large undercut if you like the look but don’t want to cut off a lot of hair right away.

48. Purple V

Female Undercuts Purple V

For those with thick hair that they like to spice up, this simple V style combined with a long purple and black top piece is the solution they need for hot style.

49. Star Flower Ponytail Undercut

Female Undercuts Star Flower

This large flower design will have you wanting to wear your hair in more ponytails and bun because why would you want to hide all that beauty? This is an intricate look that requires a talented and experienced hair cutter to get right.

50. Sterling White Slanted Lines

Female Undercuts Sterling Glory

While this undercut is just done with slanted lines that converge, the overall look is attractive and the darker hair when combined with the sterling white color truly jumps out at you.

Planning Out Your Undercut

An female undercuts requires cutting some of your hair very short which can be a bit intimidating, especially for those that have never had short hair. Luckily you can see that some of the examples above actually cover only a small lower portion on the back of the head.

A lot of undercut styles are easy to hide if you find that you don’t want the shorter hair showing or change your mind about your look in some way. In this respect, they are not all as risky as some haircuts that stand out no matter what you do with your hair.

Starting with a small design and stepping up to a larger undercut is an excellent choice for those that are struggling with the decision of what undercut to get. If you have thick hair, you may go for a little bit more off the bottom initially.

Color can completely change the look of your undercut so you should realize that you have a whole world of temp color or glitter that can be utilized to add some extra glamor or fun when needed. The designs we have shown you are great but don’t be afraid to use them to create a look that is entirely personal and unique to you.

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