5 Sought After Wedding Hairstyles for Men

The wedding day is one of the biggest days of a man's life. He is embarking on a new journey with the one he loves. Finding the right hairstyle for the special day is all part of the planning process. The wrong cut could set a negative tone. It is essential for the groom to look through a list of hairstyles and carefully choose the one that is best for him on his big day.

Short, Straight, Casual

The short, straight, casual look works well for any man on his wedding day. It is simple, yet still looks stylish. The right amount of gel will hold a few spikes in place to give the look a bit of an edge.

Mens Wedding Hairstyles


Tousled and Textured

The tousled and textured wedding look is ideal for men with curly hair that they want to tone down. It can be cut down first, leaving a bit of thickness at the top. A little bit of mouse can be put in the hand and tousled through the hair to give it the finished desired look.

Mens Wedding Hairstyles

Slicked Back

The slicked back look takes minimal effort, yet provides an elegant look. It is an ideal hairstyle for a wedding or other formal event. It can be paired with an undercut to make the hair stand out even more.

Mens Wedding Hairstyles

Side-Swept Blowout

The side-swept blowout is ideal for men with thick hair that want to show off their longer locks. The hair should be completely washed and conditioned prior to the blowout. It then requires a blow dryer to work its way through the hair from roots to ends. This will give it the windblown look. The hair should be combed to the side while the dryer is being used in order to get the side-swept look. Otherwise, it is more likely to be backwards or sticking up.


Left Long

Some men have long hair that they want to show off at their wedding. Rather than cutting it all off to fit the mold, men with long hair can let it all hang out. A slight side-part is ideal to help give the top portion of the hair some volume and make it appear a bit more formal. This works well for men with medium or long hair that want to keep their length for their wedding day.

Mens Wedding Hairstyles

Hairstyles Weddings see need to be chosen carefully. What to wear and how to style his hair are two of the main jobs for a man on his wedding day. The right style will set the appropriate tone for the day and make all the wedding pictures turn out great. From long hair left down to a casual, short look, there are numerous styles offered so each man can choose one that best fits his personality.